It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Friday, October 18, 2013

Chilly Friday…

It was Cold this morning when I got up at 40 degrees.  It has warmed up to 46 right now.
I was out this morning for some errands and to check a couple of garage sales.  I had my winter coat and gloves on and the heater going full blast in my car.  Last stop was Wal*Mart where I got the things I needed to make my fruit cakes.  I  have been debating whether I even wanted to do that this year.  The candied fruit and nuts have become so expensive and that gave me pause for thought too.  And then I thought, I can’t take it with me (money) so go for it.  So tomorrow I will be making fruit cake.  I can see the shudder on some of your faces right now.  lol  I love homemade fruitcake though and I have been making it for many years.  Usually the first week in October and then soak it in rum for a couple of weeks before eating.
My Own Fruitcake recipe
Through the years I have devised a recipe that works the best for me. Don’t even read the recipe if you don’t like fruitcake. 
•3 cups flour
•2 teaspoons baking powder
•1 teaspoon salt
•1lb of candied red cherries (cut in half) add more if you want
•1 lb of candied green cherries (cut in half) add more if you want
•1lb of candied pineapple(cut in chunks) add more if you want
•1 box of golden raisins
•2 cups of walnuts broken
•2 cups of pecans broken
•1 cup margarine or butter (softened)
•1 cup white sugar
•1 cup brown sugar
•4 eggs
•1/2 cup applesauce
•1 small jar orange marmalade

Preheat oven to 275 degrees. Spray 3 or 4 medium size loaf pans with cooking spray. Line bottom of pan with wax paper, then spray again.
Stir together the flour. baking powder and the salt and set aside.
Cream the butter, sugars, eggs and applesauce together with the marmalade. Add the flour mixture, then fold in the fruit and nuts. Make sure you are using a very large bowl.
 Pour into prepared pans. Decorate the tops with extra cherries, pineapples and nuts. Bake for approximately 2 hours. Check for doneness after 1 and 1/2 hours depending on the size of pan you are using.

Cool, put in a tin container and soak with golden rum and do this every week until time to eat it. Keeps months in the fridge and is just as good frozen.

Have a great weekend.  Stay safe and be happy!!


  1. my mother-in-law loved fruitcakes. and her mother made them, too. eek!

  2. Beth, I have tweeked your recipe ...just a bit..once the cakes have soak in the rum...throw the cake out and drink the rum.:):) Honestly your cakes sound so good. I once upon a time, when I was young and had little money.(not that I have tons of it now)....made those fruit cakes from a recipe off the box of Kellogges corn flake crumbs...Took a lot of time and money...and tasted like the nasty thing on earth..PU wasted my money. I know your fruit cakes are nothing like that...I just wanted you to know others have tried. Hope it doesn't snow there too soon. I was cold all morning till I tried to wear a sweatshirt to the store...Got too hot. Enjoy your weekend. xoxo,Susie

  3. I sure would like to BUY one of these. It may be too labor-intensive for me. We LOVE fruitcake!

  4. Sounds good Beth, love the thought of the pineapple added. Hope you have a good weekend - Hugs Nita

  5. That's chilly. It's probably about 80 here, which is not too bad for us at this time of year.


  6. Oh Beth this is so funny that is the exact same recipe I already use and I love it, I do not soak it in rum but I am sure that makes it better:) I have decided not to make it this year you are right it is very expensive this year. I used to make three batches and freeze it now I am lucky enough to have a BIL who loves to make and give it so it works for me:) Take care HUGS B

  7. Hi Beth, your fruit case does sound good. My mother used to make one with applesauce and it was very moist and good. I haven't made it in the past 20 years because neither my husband nor daughter, nor son-in-law like it, and we don't entertain any more like we used to. Christmas is creeping up on us. I finally got my act together and published a post on my blog - not Mario's.

  8. It is getting chillier here in Montreal as well, Beth...that fruitcake sounds divine!

  9. I grew up with my mom and grandma making fruitcakes and I like them. I used to bake them because my husband loved them. I haven't baked them in years now. Enjoy yours!

  10. Don't take this personally Beth but I'm not a big fan of fruitcake. Now if it was cheesecake, well now you're talking.

    Beth the weather has been just perfect. It hit 70 today. It will change next week but I'm not complaining this has been a wonderful stretch of weather for the last 3 months.

  11. I'm here to say it is delicious!!!

    By the way, it was in the mid 50's here and getting down into the 40's tonight. xxoo

  12. I love fruitcake and have my own recipe, too. I would love to try this!

  13. My Jim loves Fruitcake but I have never tried to make it. I just bought it. This sounds like something I might try, but probably not this year. So I copied it. Thanks, Beth. Bertie.

  14. So many of my blog friends are having cold weather. I remember you making your fruit cake last year. My mother and I always loved fruit cake but never did make our own, like you do. She would make German Chocolate and Japanese Fruit Cake (which was a spice layer cake with coconut icing). Don't overdo tomorrow...I know your home will smell wonderful.

  15. So glad you enjoy making fruitcake. Cook fall days are the perfect time for baking. Enjoy the weekend.

  16. That looks a lovely recipe. I make a fruit cake similar to yours through out the year to eat, it also does for Christmas.
    I have an internet friends who for years sends me a small fruit cake from Canada, which he has done for many years...rather costly is the postage but her Christmas Cake is soaked in Rum like yours and it's delicious.

  17. Sis it sounds wonderful..I did see the prices of the fruits and you are so is very expensive to bake them now. Just me but I think I would be making small ones to go around and make the recipe go farther..Saw that your CARDINALS won and will go to the World Series.. I know you are one happy woman today!! Congrats.. hope it is a great series. COLD and rainy here too.. yeeechhh :-) Prayers for a continued complete recovery for you..XOXO

  18. I have never had a fruitcake in my life. I have always been too afraid to try :)

  19. Gosh I have meaning to cook one of those , something always crops up and I get way laid. Recipe sounds good though maybe I will try this , adore fruitcake .
    Hugs Sheila x


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