It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Childhood Doesn’t Wait

Childhood Doesn’t Wait

~ by Kathie Davis~

I was sitting on a bench

while in a nearby mall,

When I noticed a young mother

with two children who were small.

The youngest one was whining,

"Pick me up," I heard him beg

but the mother’s face grew angry

as the child clung to her leg.

"Don’t hang on to me," she shouted

as she pushed his hands away.

I wish I’d had the courage

to go up to her and say…

"The day will sneak up subtly

just as it did with me,

When you can’t recall the last time

that your child sat upon your knee.

"Like those sacred, pre-dawn feedings

when we cherished time alone,

Our babies grow and leave behind

those special times we’ve known.

"So when your child comes to you

with a book that you can share,

Or asks that you would tuck him in

and help him say his prayer…

"When he comes to sit and chat

or would like to take a walk,

Before you answer that you can’t

’cause there’s no time to talk,

"Remember what all parents learn

so many times too late,

That years go by too quickly

and that childhood doesn’t wait.

"Take every opportunity

if one should slip away

Reach hard to get it back again,

don’t wait another day."

I watched that mother walk away

her children followed near,

I hope she’ll pick them up

before her chances disappear.


I have some good news!!  My niece in West Virginia called me a few minutes ago.  The young mother that we asked you all to pray for had another test done yesterday.  She and her husband got the results this morning.  The new diagnosis shows muscle tears in her shoulder.  My niece asked me to thank  all of you from her personally for this young mother and the prayers you said for her.  May God Bless you all.

And from me, Stay safe and be happy!!







  1. oh my goodness! what a terrible scare they had! i am so glad the result is better, but that was most cruel!

  2. i have read this many times in the past, i was a wise mother, i think....well prepared for motherhood!!

    this is so true for so many moms, i don't look back with any regrets!!

    so happy that young mother received good news!!

  3. I so need to remind myself of this. Happy New Year my friend.

  4. That is a nice poem, Beth. I'm happy to hear the mother will be just fine with time.

    YOUTH is when you're allowed to stay up late on New Year's Eve. MIDDLE AGE is when you're forced to.  OLD AGE is when you are in bed by 9pm.  From my house to your house,  "A healthy and joyous 2014." 

  5. Hi Beth, how very very true. Good to read as a grandparent too. Good about your nieces friend. Happy New Year and Hugs Nita

  6. Beth, I wish you a wonderful new year. This poem says what I feel in my heart. I have many regrets of how I could have been a better mother, but I hope that the sweet memories my children have will outweigh my faults.

  7. It is a wonderful news about your niece's friend. I tried my best to be a good mother. I am sure I made some mistakes and I am sorry for them.
    Happy New Year to you.

  8. Happy New Year
    Peace & Happiness.

  9. May God bless you during 2014, Beth.


  10. Whew! That is a relief and certainly good news. Love the verse you posted too - it's beautiful. Happy New Year Beth. I hope it's a very good one for you.

  11. Happy New Year Beth. Love that poem. HUGS B

  12. Wonderful news about the young mother! Great poem, Beth! Thank you for posting it. Happy New Year to you and yours! xo Nellie

  13. Happy New Year Beth. Lovely poem and very true. See you next year.

  14. So many times I've seen exhausted young mothers juggling the demands of small children and wanted to assure her that in the blink of an eye those clinging, small hands would be grown and gone. Your post really hit home with me. Have a wonderful New Year, Jan

  15. Oh that is such good news. Prayers are listened to, but I know you already know that. : )
    Great poem. I'm so glad that I enjoyed my young children and have many happy memories. It saddens me that my daughter must have forgotten all those times because now she no longer speaks to me.
    A very Happy New Year to you and may this coming year see you happy and healthy, my friend. Thank you for your kind comment. : )

  16. Happy New Year to you, Beth. A pretty poem!

  17. The poem is a good one, and so true.
    Pleased to read the lady is clear. That is good news :)

  18. Reading your poem made me wonder if \i was a good parent, I know I loved my two girls as fiercely as any mother, but sometimes on reflection I see a bit of selfishness here and there, and often wish I had the chance to go back to their childhood and try a bit harder. I am glad the mother had happy news,keep well.

  19. I love that poem it is great and oh so true, and it makes me think about what type of mum and nanna I am


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