It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The day is…

flying by and I have been busy.  It is 35 days on the countdown to Spring.  It was 10 degrees when I got up but the temp has risen to 27 degrees right now.

Tomorrow  (Valentine’s Day) is my daughter’s birthday.  Since snow is in the forecast for tomorrow we went out to lunch a day early to celebrate.


We went to the Olive Garden in Peoria.  You can see that Peoria hasn’t received quite as much snow as we have.


We both had that lovely chicken soup that has the dumplings in it.


We each had an appetizer.  Mine was parmesan breaded risotto.  My daughter had meat ball appetizer.  Those things were huge.  I didn’t take a picture of her appetizer.


We both had parmesan crusted chicken served over bow tie pasta with mushrooms and peppers in a delicious sauce.  Needless to say we each had a lot to bring home.

I hope those of you in the south are not being hit too bad by the storm.  I just talked to my sis in WV and they got 5 inches of snow but the temp has warmed up there and it is melting rapidly.  I am waiting impatiently for the snow here to melt rapidly. Note that I did not say holding my breath.

Have a blessed day.  Stay safe and be happy!!




  1. Hi Beth.. hope the snow melts fast. Looks like your visit to Olive garden was yummy. Stay well and warm. Prayers always for you XoXo

  2. Snow, another four letter word. lol Good looking lunch you had there. Happy Birthday to your daughter.

  3. Happy Birthday to your daughter. It has been years since I've eaten at Olive Garden. Your photos have made me so hungry! Hope you have a nice evening, Beth.

  4. Olive Garden ! Yum.
    Happy Birthday to your daughter.
    We are in Orange County NY and we had about fourteen inches snow. Good thing I had shopped earlier this week.
    Stay warm !

  5. Happy Birthday to your daughter. It's our anniversary too. I love the Olive Garden, and perhaps we'll go there tomorrow evening.

  6. I haven't been blogging for a month and the first thing I want to comment on is your blog décor.....LOVE IT! So cheery!!!

    What delicious looking food!!! I have only been to the Olive Garden once. My kids gave us a gift card when it opened here. It was a little high priced for us then....still had two kids at home. We went to Fazolis instead. But that food looks so good, I might have to talk Hubby into trying it someday! So glad you had a sunny day with your daughter, even though the skies were grey!

  7. How nice to have a mother/daughter day for your daughter's birthday. And Olive Garden does have delicious food. I hope your snow will begin to melt quickly. But each day we are closer to Springtime. Bertie

  8. We have so much snow at home that I really hope it melts slowly, or we will have a flood at home for sure!

  9. Happy birthday to your daughter!! And the Parmesan breaded risotto looks amazing.

  10. Hi Beth - Food looks good, glad you enjoyed - Hugs Nita

  11. That chicken dish looks good. It is well presented.
    Snow yesterday and snow tomorrow. Another snowstorm to drive through! ARRGHH!
    Sorry. Let me compose myself.
    There that's better.
    Uh, did I mention that there will be more snow?


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