It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Rae!

My sister…

My friend


You are the one I can call anytime, day or night,

and you will be there for me.Apr13 06 004

You are the one who understands where I’ve been,

Where I am and where I am going.

You are the one who’s laughed with me,

cried with me and always, always

stood by me.

You are my dear and loving sister…

my very precious friend.

~ Renee Duvall~




  1. Happy Birthday Rae. You are a precious sister to a precious women, your sister Beth. I think the world of her and I am glad I have come to know of you. Have a happy day and do something just for you.

  2. Happy Birthday TO You.... Rae
    (I'm not singing it...honestly, that noise you can hear is not my voice,.. ;-)....)
    Rae sounds like a soul mate, Beth, a friend like that is a wonderful gift...x

  3. How absolutely beautiful, touching, and from the core of the heart this "card" to Rae is. Happy birthday from me, too :D I think you both have your real presents for an entire lifetime - each other.
    And look at you two up there in the photo. It's apparent in your faces that you already knew all of this. Beautiful women, beautiful sisters.

  4. I wish Rae a very Happy birthday and many more. You are very blessed my friend.

  5. Beth! I'm so glad you found me because it allowed me to find you too!
    A very happy birthday to your sister too. I hope she see what a beautiful message you've left for her.


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