It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I am finished…

moving the year 2006 over to blog spot.  Those are really the only posts that I care to keep from spaces.  It has been a very sad undertaking but one that I wanted to do.  2006 chronicles the last months that I spent with Jim.  I do have this feeling that spaces will end up getting rid of our previous years.  I am very seriously considering posting only to my blog spot in the very near future.  It has been a great joy and comfort to me to have found so many faithful friends on WLS.  I love you all.


  1. Beth, I have been reading the retro posts. Today's had me in tears. I can tell you honestly that even though I didn't know Jim, I will never forget him -- or the slouch hat in the truck. The hat in the words to even describe. How lucky you both were to have had each other for all those years. Most of us never find a mate who blends with us so well, or marches to life's drum with us so well, or stands with us or loves with us so well. What a wonderful wife you were to him and what a wonderful husband he was to you! Even though the retro posts were hard to do, it was a good thing and will live on forever for the rest of us, too. Thank you for that, sweet Beth. We love you, too.
    xoxoxo always

  2. I too was in tears reading your retro posts. I'm sure he is happy you've moved out as he wanted you to and movin forward with your life. I am so happy for you that your daughter is close to go shopping with and so much more. I do hope the volunteering at the hospital pans out for you. Have a great evening Beth. Big hugs to you.

  3. I have WLS to thank for meeting you Beth. I too am thinking of strictly blogging here exclusively. I am glad you were able to transfer your posts here. They chronicled an important and difficult time of your life. I wasn't a part of windows at the time so I am reliving this with you and the others.
    I want to thank you Beth for being a loyal friend. I acn always count on you and I will always be a loyal follower of you and your blogs.
    Thank you my friend.

  4. After reading through your posts I feel as if I knew Jim, Beth, especially since my boonie hat is hanging right beside me. I'll never look at it again without thinking of Jim.

    As for WLS......... Sunday I backed up all my albums and blogs to an external hard drive, deleted everything I had posted, closed my space and my Hotmail account. What really set me to wondering was the notice that popped up telling me my account would remain on the server for 270 days.

    I'm here on Blogger, WordPress and Face Book as well so I'm not hard to find if people are looking for me. Many of the wonderful people I met over there have started following one or the other and more are joining each day. Life goes on, even without Spaces.

  5. Beth
    Your page looks great and i love your pic's and like the others I will be back to read your blogs
    Take care

  6. I remember all of these from when they happened. It was such a hard time for you and for many of us too. I shed many tears along with you.

    Good thing you have these here, you never know what Spaces will do with the old posts. Better to be safe than sorry.

  7. I think it's all been said by your loving friends Beth, I left a comment against one of your older retro posts...I felt so moved by it..
    You know how I feel about WLS and the changes, and I couldn't agree with you more...I'll keep both as I said, but try and run them together.. Being elastic eh?.lets hope I don't snaaaaaaap!!
    Mind you, if I was longer I would be so fashionably slim!!! xx

  8. Thanks Beth for your kind comment.. I think of you daily and send up a prayer.
    The WLS will always hold a special place in my heart because of those who I met there. Yourself included.
    I am glad I can find you here and to have seen a comment it made my day!! xxox♥

  9. YEs I felt the same way too.. that is why I always copied my blog entries in another place a the same time. You just never know and I sure didn't want all my words gone in an instant. No matter WHERE you are SIS we WILL FIND YOU!

  10. I'm here if you decide this is the only place to be...


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