It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Too hot for man or beast…

It is hotter than a firecracker today.  The heat index a while ago was 106.  The heat index reading for tonight remains at 98 – 103.  The dew point is in the upper 70s.  Of course we are under a heat advisory.  I ventured out this morning for a little while but that was it.  I did stick my head out the door to get my mail this afternoon.

Speaking of getting your mail in a mailbox, that is something new for me.  My husband and I had a post office box always.  It just was a handy thing to have as we both worked full time jobs and we could always pick up the mail at our convenience.  Now I know the approximate time my mail will be here.  My regular carrier is a lady that seems to walk 90 miles an hour.  She is here at 1:48 PM each day give or take 5 minutes one way  or another  When a substitute person delivers it has been as late as 5:30 PM.  I have decided that I like my mail delivered to my door.  Now the postal service is wanting to eliminate Saturday mail service.  Hey, please don’t take away Saturday delivery, I like it!

I am contemplating the need to clean this place again.  Seems I am too busy running around to spend much time doing that.  I need to purchase a new sweeper as mine will not stay upright since I used it the last time.  It actually fell down on my foot which was not a very nice thing to do and it elicited a few not so nice words from my mouth.  Now I have to decide where to go to purchase a new sweeper.  If I were closer to Sam’s I would go there.  As it is, I am thinking of closing my account there because it is located in Peoria and I don’t want to fight the traffic there.  So I have K Mart, Walmart, Bergners or Sears to choose from.  But not for the next few days as it is going to be very hot for the next few days.

I hope you all are sitting in front of the AC enjoying a nice tall cool one.  Stay safe and be happy!!



  1. I have not gone outside. Opening the door for the dogs to go out was enough for me. I cannot believe the dew point and the high temps. Stay inside and forget the cleaning for now. I had a post office box and hated it. I like the postlady that comes here. I see they want to raise the stamp price again too! Some days I feel like your sweeper...LOL! Stay cool.

  2. I see Toodie beat me over here, lol. I was at her spot just a little while ago! Yeah, Beth, as I said at Toodie's, the weather is exactly the same here, and that is miserable.

    I love my mailman, and yes, I have a mailbox that looks like an envelope right on the front door. What a blessing that is, especially now in the heat. Oh gosh, that sounded really selfish. I feel terrible for my mailman even tho he's in one of those little mail carts. Those things are not airconditioned, ugh. You'll never believe what his name is: Earl. When I first saw him, I was standing on the front porch last July, the day before Mom died, and I was crying. This little guy comes up with the mail and says, "Ohhhhh, what's wrong??" I told him and he looked so sad. Then he said, "It's my first day. My name is EARL!" Omg, I broke out in laughter. I thought he was kidding but he wasn't. Lol, at least it got me laughing. (you do know the tv show My Name Is Earl, don't you?)
    You can bet I'll never, ever forget his name. Besides, he's a sweetheart. I chased him all the way up my street in Dec. to give him a Christmas present, lol. He was sooooo surprised!

  3. sheesh, i need to proofread. The porch and meeting earl was August 5th. Man.
    I don't even know why I'm correcting that since it doesn't even matter. What a day.

  4. I'm close to my ac. It's a 30 plus year old unit and it's still cranking. We still have around 4 days of this heat and humidity left. Fall is begining to sound pretty good right about now.

  5. Our favorite mail carrier was always at our house by 11:30. She was the best. She's had lots of health problems and we've had substitutes. With those, sometimes our mail doesn't arrive until after 4 or 5, just like yours. Hate that.

    I'm so glad we're not having the kind of heat you're getting down there. Take it easy and stay inside your cool house.

  6. WOW, that's a little too much sunshine! Maybe you can just sit at home with the AC and order your sweeper from or instead :)

  7. I'm hesitant to speak up but our dew point is at 48 and the humidity is down to 34%.The high for today was only 90 and it's already falling off quickly. last night we even had the windows open as the temp dropped to 62. Weather guesser says to enjoy it while we can because the heat wave is coming back by week's end.

    Regarding the defective sweeper, I'd be tempted to open the front door and teach it to fly.

  8. It'[s good and hot here but you have us beat this time. Tomorrow however, we'll be even at least as far as the high 90's are concerned. I think by Friday the added humidity will be there and then...Katy bar the door.
    Had to laugh at Toodie's remark up there.

  9. Man Sis I bet that stuff is headed here tomorrow. Don't have to go out so happy about that, was out in it today all afternoon. Whew I am thinking about getting MORE of my hair cut off again.. even as short as I have it it feels long.Now that is HOT! Stay cool and don't work too hard now.. remember..100 years from now no one will care if you cleaned your house or not!
    Take care Hugs

  10. Hi Beth
    Wont tell you what it like here, as im about to put the heater on, Hope it cools down for you soon
    Take care

  11. HI BETH, hope you are managing to keep cool. just read your full blog here, could not on spaces. There are a couple of other people there, apart from kerrie, that I dont want to lose touch with, concerned about kerrie, hope she is okay - I am just going with the flow at the moment and posting in both places - havent done so yet today, but when I get home, at amanda's now, I will pop at least a hello on. take care in that heat, I am putting extra clothes on today, it has really cooled down here and is quite wet too. hugs - nita


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