It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I saw what Toodie saw…

when I got up this morning I saw laundry and dishes to be done and it was sprinkling rain.  I ignored everything and went on up the dreaded highway that I don’t like  because I had an appointment with my insurance guy.  Had to get my policies all in order.  My daughter went along with me.

I found out that I have enough life insurance to be taken care of after and enough left over so that my kids can throw a gigantic bash.  Funny when I mentioned that to the insurance man he thought it was funny but my daughter did not.

After we got home we stopped at Grumpy Pete’s for lunch.  Fried chicken, BBQ  chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, noodles, meat loaf,hot rolls, some kind of soup, salad bar and brownies.  Of course I didn’t try it all but what I did try was delicious.

Tomorrow my daughter is going with me and we are finally going to put new flowers on Jim’s grave.  I hope the rain has cleared out by then.  I am taking my camera along so that I can take a picture, hopefully of the toilet that my friend Sandi told me had been put in my old garden area with a ‘humorous’ saying on it.  I would like to stop in and say hello to a few people too and then on down the road 10 miles to the south to take care of some business.

It is dark outside again and the forecast is for more thunderstorms.  It rained off and on all day long yesterday.  At least my car was clean this morning.

I hope that you all are having a good day.  I hope that you all in the east are about to be rid of the miserable heat that has been hanging around for awhile.



  1. It's not quite as hot as it was up here Beth bit it's still quite humid. I'm keeping cool happily running my AC and electric bill up. You had fried chicken I had fake eggs and toast. Your meal sounds better.

  2. Hi there Beth,
    I hope the weathers fine for you visiting the Grave tomorrow. Do you stand and talk?.I do, to my mother and her parents, they share the family plot. It's quiet there, with a large old tree, and it's sweeping branches almost protecting the site, and it leaves the mind open to 'share' .. and yes, at least your car was clean this morning... you made me laugh, thank you!!
    I'll look out for the toilet photo soon. xx

  3. Hey, I see it, too....the laundry and cleaning to be done, that is. Trying to turn a blind eye and ignore it for now.
    When you named off the lunch menu, I thought that's what you actually had yourself! Lol, glad you clarified that. Althoughhhhh, you know who could have downed the entire thing, don't you? Curtis. Lol. And we'd be seeing pics and hearing about how he "over-ated" again. (He'll kill me if/when he's sees this)
    Guess what. I came out of my hair appt (super short pixie) and within 5 seconds it started to RAIN! I was so excited and people were standing there and yelling out loud, "LOOK, LOOK, RAINNN". Well, that grand excitement lasted 5 minutes. I got home and it was all over the local news on tv, lol. A 5 minute rain.

  4. Hot, hazy and humid here, Beth but the weather guesser says a weak cold front is moving our way and it may bring desperately needed rain tomorrow and Saturday. We have our fingers crossed.

  5. It was around 90 here today, but I like it. I was inside an air conditioned building most of the day though.

  6. Hope your day went well Beth, and the weather held out for your visiting the Grave and looking up old friends. (don't forget to post the toilet picture)
    Have a great week-end, and bye for now..x

  7. I got caught up some and turning ah blind eye to the rest ;-) I think the big party bash was cute...even though. Have a good time visiting the toilet in your old garden and well count your blessings my friend. You are doing so well. Hugs!


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