It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Friday, July 9, 2010

You can never go home again…

Who was it that coined that phrase?  Bittersweet was my 220 mile round trip today.  First off to the bank to finish closing out my accounts there, then down to the gas station to fill up the car.  On down the street to my old beauty parlor.  Sherri that I trained from her graduation from beauty school to cut my hair exactly as I like it was on vacation.  Sitting in one of the chairs was the librarian who was crabby most of the time.  You would have thought we were bosom buddies the way she gushed over me.  First words out of her mouth was my gosh, you have lost so much weight.  Then on down to the pharmacy where my friend Sandi works so that I could give her a hug.

Then on down to drive past my old home, thus the phrase, you can never go home again.  The yard was filled with weeds and clover, my perennials were overrun with weeds. Below you will see a picture of the area where Jim and I had our garden. 



Actually made me sick because I took such pride in my flowers and yard.  I can’t wait now for the beans to start falling for them.  ;-)  I hope the tree has bumper crop.  Enough of that.

Marcia and I went on to the cemetery.  There were several flower arrangements that weren’t there when I moved in April.  This means a couple of my friends have taken flowers there for me.  We cleaned that all up and put the new flowers there.

Then on 10 miles south to the credit union where I closed some accounts and made arrangements to transfer some IRAS.  Then to Arbys for a sandwich and back home here where I went to the credit union to establish a new account.

All in all it has been a very tiring, somewhat sad, day.



  1. I must agree with bittersweet. I am so sorry you had to see that. But know like your old neighbors that when you lived there it was beautiful! Yes, I do understand your wanting a bumper crop of beans this year! Chin up my friend knowing nobody can do what you have done! let's eat some ice cream!

  2. hi beth, thinking of you, guess it must have been a pretty heart wrenching day for you - hugs-on the positive side, you have a lovely new home, much less work and your family close by. but that doesnt stop you being sad for a little while and you are allowed to be. hope you have a nice weekend. love nita.

  3. Just goes to show you how long I was out of touch in WLS. Gosh, Beth, I didn't even know you'd sold your house (goodbyeeeeee bean tree!) Well, I know that feeling you had driving by it. Same on my side. My "old" house was so beautiful and kept up to a T. Then I drove by only 6 months after the sale and saw 2 broken windows, the yard a mile high, an old rusted car, and on and on. I actually cried and haven't been by since. Ok, so I'll wish the lake snakes on them, lol, and for your old house and new owners: "May the beans of a 1000 trees grace your roof, sidewalk, and every step you take. That'll teach you for not keeping it the way our Beth did."
    You know I'm not envying you for the rest of all the paperwork that has to be done. Same here and I feel somewhere between swamped and overwhelmed but I'm knuckling down every day and as Curtis says, "git'n 'er done".
    Sending BIG hugs your way, Beth. YOU are terrific. xoxoxo

  4. It must be so hard and I am sorry for how you are feeling. My heart goes out to you. Hang in there Beth.You will be okay.
    Hugs Dianne :)

  5. I know how you feel about going home, Beth. We try to make it home a couple of times a year, mostly to visit Mom. There are so many changes each time we go, mostly my old haunts being torn down to make room for more condos. Mom is getting on in years and once she passes I don't think I'll be making that trip anymore. There won't be anything left back there for me. Maybe that's what drives me to shoot as much of the old familiar places as I can. I'll always have the memories and the photos.

  6. Ah Beth that had to have been bittersweet but you did what you had to do. Still it had to be tough moving away from all those memories.

  7. My thoughts are with you..TC.. Hugs.

  8. I sure got a taste of that my Twin, when I revisited my old home place when my sister-in-law passed away three years ago. Nothing was the same..not the house we lived in, not the street itself. My schools were gone including the high school. We went to see Daddy's grave, my brothers, sons and me, and my oldest brother keeps it looking good. It is always heart wrenching to see all of your fond memories only in your mind and heart many times, and not there physically. But it's also a reminder-- and not an unhappy one, that this is temporal, passing and so we look onward to a new life to come.

  9. Oh I never try to go back till years later. The worst is always the gardens and yard that the care is not given. That why here at my ranch I think will have have to die cause the thought of it possible all dieing or getting over grown just hurts too much. Especially when you planted it all and spent years for it to mature. I know that one day I too will not be able to keep up with the work. Don't want to think of that either. Yes it's tuff going back...

  10. We lived in another place for a few years. Its took me along time to go by I missed it so much and when I did I saw it all run down or running down. I was in tears. I know how you feel Beth. I waited awhile and then did go back. We have a quarter of land we and just sold the house as an acerage so I had to go by to get to the field with dinner. Im used to seeing it now and home it was for me and the memories I have will stay forever. I had my two little ones in that house also.
    Hope your doing better

  11. I think without wrenching feeling still it hard to going back to see your old home...
    it most of yourlife spent with your loved ones.
    Me too all the time gave me heart ache BUT still go back to have looks for my memories...
    hope time goes by better place where you lives now ..that make you easy for you....
    Big Hugs,


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