It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Comfort Food..

The term "comfort food" refers to simple, familiar food that is usually home-cooked“  according to Wikipedia.  We all have our special comfort food.  Mine is macaroni and cheese.  I prefer it baked in the oven but I will even settle for Kraft mac’n’cheese from the familiar blue box.  In fact Kraft mac’n’cheese was the only thing I could  cook when Jim and I were first married.  Jim was a very good cook and between him and my Betty Crocker cookbook I learned how to cook.

After the trying day I had yesterday I felt like I needed some comfort food..  Not just a little, a whole lot of it.  So I carried myself over to Kroger and bought the blue box.  I then proceed to fix it  and 3 ears of corn on the cob and had a comfort feast.  I ate half of the macaroni and cheese and half of the corn.  YUMM!! Not only was I comforted, I was full too.  LOL

Listed below are the top 25 comfort foods and the recipes compiled at

Apple Pie
Baked Beans
Banana Pudding
Beef Stew
Brisket Pot Roast
Chicken & Dumplings
Chicken Pot Pie
Chicken Soup
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Corn on the Cob
Fried Chicken 

Green Bean Casserole
Hot Dogs
Ice Cream
Macaroni & Cheese
Mashed Potatoes
Potato Salad
Pumpkin Pie
Shepherd's Pie
Tomato Soup
Tuna Casserole

I hope you all get to have some comfort food this weekend.  For some reason I am not hungry for any more mac’n’cheese for awhile.


  1. I can understand the need once in awhile for comfort food. I am glad you got your fill. Mine is buttered macaroni in ah bowl since I was little. Great list there. Have a good night Beth and ah great day tomorrow. I'm root'in for ya.

  2. Oh my gosh.. so much comfort food.. yummy. Mine is chocolate..I know you understand me hon.. and it is so nice to know..that you do..that is a comfort in it's self.. And I know you know all the emotions I am feeling..Thanks for being there for me.. Take Care of yourself..hugs

  3. .....I'm slinking right out the door because mine is anything edible.
    Beth, you know that Banana Pudding? To me, the ONLY one that does the trick is the one off the back of the Nilla Wafers box, lol. Yes, comfort food comes from all sorts of places, doesn't it.
    I am getting a wild hair yen for mac and cheese now. Look what you started, lol.

  4. Here you are! I've had trouble finding people here, but love your site with all its pics. Will try to "follow" you, if I can find the right buttons!

  5. Oh I see several of my favorite comfort foods on that list. Now if you will excuse me I have to eat a very uncomfortable salad so I can have a cheeseburger later on.

  6. I have my favorites too. All carbolicious! Meatloaf of course, mashed potatoes, buttered corn, baked beans,. boiled potatoes with baby carrots and onion..all boiled in broth. There's no tellin' what people love.
    Hope I didn't interrupt the comfort fest last night and by the way, I had to drive with the sunblock AND a thick towel doubled over, on my left arm! :-(

    Ate the whole tomato a few minutes ago. :-)

  7. Just about everything on your list are on my favorites lists, lol. I really go for dark chocolate of course. Just about any kind of potatoes. I think chicken and dumplings is no.1 though.

  8. Can I include Blueberry Pudding Cake in your list? There's nothing like good ol' home cooked comfort food, but I will pass on the tuna casserole.


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