It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Monday, July 12, 2010

It’s Monday again…

and soon another week will be gone.  It amazes me how fast time  goes.  I need to get better organized so that I can make better use of my time.

I have been busy today.  This morning I did laundry for a couple of hours and made a trip to County Market and Kroger both.  I really didn’t need anything but I ended up spending quite a chunk anyway.  I bought such good things as coffee (which I don’t drink anymore) to paper plates and pancake mix.  Then after I got home I realized I have no syrup so I guess that means another run to the store tomorrow or the next day.

My WV sister is coming to visit me for a week in September.  I can hardly wait.  We are eating breakfast at home and then the rest of the day we are eating out.  We are going shopping in the big mall in Peoria and we will definitely eat at least once at Grumpy Pete’s. Also Texas Roadhouse, Olive Garden and Red Lobster is on the menu.

It is hot and muggy out today and as the week progresses it is to get even hotter.  As long as the air conditioner keeps cranking I am in good shape.

The new OSF Children’s Hospital in Peoria opened last weekend.  It is a $280 million  hospital and is the largest children’s hospital in downstate Illinois.  Now that it is opened the Gonna Let It Shine commercial is not playing on TV anymore.  That is OK because I still have the song playing in my head.

I was very happy to hear that Debs and my friend P are on their way back to England now.  God speed!

Stay safe and be happy!!



  1. Wish I was there with you two! (when the time comes).

    I'm going to both those links..Grumpy Pete's and the Big Mall.

  2. Leave me at American Eagle and Macy's...pick me up later.

  3. I hate shopping these days, I spend money. LOL! Is it Pat that's gonna visit?? Sounds like fun and alot of eating out. No cooking is great!

  4. I got so tickled when you said you bought more than you went for AND that you bought coffee that you no longer drink -- HAHAHA, I'm with you, Beth! Last week I went for ONLY a little thing of Jet Dry to make my shower cleaner and ended up with a $98 bill. Amazing. Darn that Kroger anyway for having such good stuff.
    Great news about the Children's Hospital opening and also about your sister coming in Sept. Tell me, are you going to invite us all to celebrate with you? I'm ready for those restaurants and heck, I'll even treat!

  5. @for Toodie, it is my sister Rae from WV that is coming to visit me.

  6. It is so much fun when sisters come to visit Beth. I know that . Take all the time with her you can. Sounds like your in for some fun and lots of it. Shopping and going to each . Really doesnt get better than that. Stay up late and watch movies or just read.
    Have a wonderful rest of the day.
    I have done alot today and now catching up.


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