It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mundane boring day…

not really, I just liked the sound of that.  It has been staying unbearably hot with miserable humidity.

Thunderboomies all around. So far this evening the heavy rain has missed us.  The heat seems to be widespread this summer covering most of the states including Canada.  It will be snowing here soon enough so I will grin and bear it.

Now this is boring!  My WV sis wanted to see what my Kroger store and surroundings looked like, so all of you except sis, close your eyes for a little bit.  I didn’t realize till I took this picture that it is open 24 hours.  Not that I go out much after dark anyway.  ;-)





OK, you can open your eyes now.  It has started thundering and lightning again.  I have started to expect a thunderstorm each day and I just keep right on with what I am doing.  So far the power has only flickered a few times.

I had my niece over for supper this evening, green beans with new potatoes and bacon and pork tenderloin sandwiches.  I got the tenderloin at Kroger this morning.  It was already breaded with some kind of parmesan cheese coating.  It was delicious so I will have to watch for that in the store again.  I really would like to know how it was done.  I fixed it according to directions in hot oil and none of the breading came off.  Next time I think I might fix it in the oven spraying the pan and top of the loin with cooking spray.  Too hot to turn the oven on today though.

Wow, just re-reading this post I bored myself.  LOL  I hope you all have a lovely Sunday.  Stay safe and be happy!!  That is a direct order from me to you.



  1. I'm sure not bored!! And we are fellow sufferers with the heat and humidity.
    Your supper was a heckuva lot better than mine except for one thing. Mine was 2, count 'em 2 THICK huge tomato slices as large as a saucer each...sliced from one of the 6 HUGE tomatoes brought to me this morning by that man that fixed the dryer for me the other day. AND a big box of tommy toes!!! I had 2 sandwiches, each with a thick 3/4th of an inch probably, slice and mayo. OH yum!

  2. ....I'm scared to ask what tommy toes are, and I'M Southern just like Carole! I hope "tommy" had clean feet ;)

    Beth, your post wasn't boring to me, either. I should take a pic of my Kroger and compare. I love that store!
    It was 105 degrees here today and the index was MUCH higher at 115. Just going out to fill up the water dishes of the birds, etc, had me swimming in my own sweat. Today I counted 10 refills of all the bowls. The monks are becoming very territorial of the food and water and it's funny as the devil to watch them try to intimidate some huge bird, but they run at them nevertheless. I even have a woodpecker hanging around all day now. I looked out the back door this morning and there were 2 monks sitting on the porch and looking up at the window like, "Well? Are you bringing the food or what?"

    Alright, I've typed my fingers off today (as you'll see on my notes on Toodie's), so I'm calling it a night and glue myself to the tv.
    PS/ Don't EVER think your blog is boring. NEVER.

  3. Hi Beth,
    I sure love that beach picture you have at the top. Is this Hawaii?

  4. What the heck are Tommy Toes and why are the Monks at Jenny's house? LOL!!! Your supper made me hungry. Sounded good! We don't have ah Kroger but we do Have Bob's downtown an WallyWorld. Such weather everyone is having huh? I'll take it one day at ah time. Your posts are just fine my friend. Have a nice Sunday!

  5. Gerry, the beach in the top picture was taken in Hawaii last October when my brother and sister in law went there on vacation. I believe it is the same beach where Elvis filmed Blue Hawaii.

  6. We're having pork tenderloin for supper tonight...done on the grill. No Kroger's around here either. Not sure if they've ever been in Wis, but it looks like a nice new store. Seems like the stores that are open 24 hrs are usually much nicer. Hope that's true with yours. We've been having some very nice weather up here, so I won't say a word about the H-E-A-T. Have a great Sunday.

  7. Dear Beth , Your not boring. I sure love it when you add photos to you blog also. Last night I was watching the news about the heat wave thats hit the US and parts of Canada. Were going away for a few days and its hot where we will be but nothing like the states. Stay cool.
    Im eating potatoes , carrots and onions out of my graden but not beans yet. I have yellow and green planted. They all in bloom still and growing . I dont think I have had such a nice garden. It could use some rain. We will be finished the hay tonight and the second crop is growing . What a blessing from last years drought.
    Well I wrote you a blog. Have a wonderful night.
    Hope it cools a little. Love your background here also.
    Hugs xoxox

  8. HI there Beth,
    Just been staring at the Bay photo, that sandy beach and the waves caressing the shore...
    Now that is food for the soul...
    and don't ever, ever stop sharing, it's a talent in itself. What people don't appear to realise is that the connection is there, through mind to fingers, blog to eyes, heart to soul, an uplifting experience, to touch each others lives in this way, don't you think?


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