It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Thursday, August 26, 2010

75 Glorious beautiful degrees…

this Thursday.  I am thoroughly enjoying the last few days we have had this week. It is a good thing too because the 90 degree weather is back for the weekend.

I have been to have my hair cut, then grocery shop at Kroger, then Marcia and I went out for lunch. It is just wonderful to be out in the sunshine when the weather is like this.

It is expensive being close to a major grocery store as every time I am bored I get in the car and head out to grocery shop.  My freezer is full and the cupboard is full and I rarely cook.  I stocked up today on Lean Cuisine at $2 each, buy 4 and get one free.  I do cook either on Saturday or  Sunday.  My daughter and son in law stop by to eat with me a lot after church and this gives me a reason to cook.  Otherwise that is really the only decent meal I eat each week other than when I eat out.

I have noticed the geese do not like to graze (is that what you call it?) after the grass is mowed and it takes them a few days to come back afterwards.  They are really packing on the pounds, in preparation for winter I guess.

Finally Comcast is getting some competition here in town.  iTV3 is starting here.  I have checked them out online and a representative came to the door the other day.  I am not overly fond of Comcast because when one thing goes out they all seem to go out.  It takes forever and a hundred years to get help when you call them and then you spend half an hour  poking this and that in the modem.  Very disgusting.  Comcast does have one thing I like though, when you have the TV on and the phone rings, the telephone number and caller ID scroll across the bottom of the TV screen.

I am not in the mood to do housework.  I have had my 30 minute workout this morning plus a nice long walk.  I always park in the boonies when I go somewhere so that gives me a reason to walk.  When Jim was alive we had to park in the handicap parking because he was unable to walk but a short distance.

I hope the weekend to come is a good one for us all.  Get out and enjoy the fact that you are alive and the air that you breathe is free and you are able to speak your thoughts without fear of censorship.  Man, I love the USA  and I am so proud to be an American!



  1. I tell ya I love this cool stuff to pieces.. Mom and I both have enjoyed getting out and
    just breathing the nice cool air. Sounds like you had a wonderful day.. : )

  2. Grocery shop when yer bored? Maybe that volunteer thing you were talkin about might help. The weather is beautiful and having the windows open ah few days an nights is heaven.

  3. I try to avoid the grocery store so I'd probably hit a dept. store and that would cost big too. Yes, the weather is great right now. It could stay that way for a very long time.

  4. I'm like Terry...department store. Costs are even worse there. :-) I have enjoyed this wonderful weather too. It got to 89 today but the humidity was that made it just fine.

  5. hi beth, that is a neat idea about the t.v. and telephone calls, like that. we are now saying goodbye to summer I think rain, rain and more rain, although it is needed some say, it is still quite humid during the day but cool in the evening and early morning. have a brilliant weekend, do you go to church with your daughter and son in law? oh and have you tried the lamb dishes yet? hugs - nita.

  6. Everyone around here goes to the local WalMart when they're bored or it's raining outside. At least you can get your exercise walking all around the store! Just leave the checkbook at home! Glad you guys have had a break in your hot weather. It is predicted we will be having cooler weather today---in the '70's too but a little warmer this weekend. Enjoy! I'm headed to the tennis courts this morning!

  7. Your weather sounds pretty like ours.
    I had comcast once and that was enough. Same goes for DirectTV. I have had DishTV for 3 years. I haven't had a problem. The installer was very professional. Arrived when he was supposed to. Did his job and left. Hear that DirectTv?

  8. I guess we broke records for heat while we were at the cabin now we come home to a cool complaints on my end! We have had excellent service with Bresnan which deals with tv, phone and cable internet serice. It's a pain to have service you're not happy with.

  9. You really have been busy . I too would be going to the store and alot.
    I do love to shop sometimes.
    Its been hot but today its cooled right off and I can not believe I saw some geese heading south yesterday. . I told them to come on back here.
    Have a great weekend.

  10. We're enjoying the same glorious weather and I wish it would last but we're in for a warm up the first part of next week. I actually had to close the windows last night because it got downright chilly!

    Comcast is getting a lot of flak in the Roanoke area and people are switching over to Cox in droves. Down here we don't have much choice; CenturyLink and Dish Network (what we use) or ridiculously high priced Jet Broadband. We had Cox back home and I loved it.


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