It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Update for Dee…

My niece is improving slowly.  Please remember to keep her in your thoughts and prayers.  Thank you.
Such a beautiful day today, sunny and high around 80.  Just a perfect summer day.  Reminded me that fall is just around the corner and then winter.  Last year the snow began early in November and seemed to me like it snowed every day until the spring thaw.  ;-) A slight exaggeration perhaps, but not far off the mark.
I had a fleeting thought about buying a new car but I can’t see having a new car and it having to sit out in the weather all winter.  So I will just wait until it becomes a necessity.
The price of gas is down temporarily and that is good news.  I don’t have to fill up nearly so often now that I don’t have a 60 mile round trip every time I have to grocery shop or go to the doctor.   I do miss having the post office and pharmacy just 3 blocks away though.
I have found a way to get the landlord’s attention.  I was not happy with the hallway wall and my back door was peeling paint.  So I took pictures and took them over the property management office this morning.  This afternoon I had someone come by to look at both problems.  It was determined the door needed to be replaced and they will fix the hallway.  However, I am not holding my breath.  lol


  1. Beth I am glad to hear your niece is improving and I pray she has a quick and complete recovery sooner than expected.
    Glad you had a good day.
    Dianne :)

  2. Good to hear she's improving. She's in my prayers. It was a nice day and should be for a few more days here. Lows into the 50's, nice open window sleeping.Hope things get fixed soon for you.

  3. I've managed to get behind in my reading Beth. Our prayers going up for Dee.

    I don't know what the rental laws are like out there but, having once worked for a property management firm, I can tell you that here any property repairs brought to the landlord's attention must be addressed in a timely manner or the renter can legally withhold rent payments until repairs are made. The photos are a great idea!

  4. I missed this Beth..I read the older one on Spaces.

    I like the way you handled that. Perfect. There is a Home Owners association there? Hope so.

    I leave my car out all the time as I have no choice but it is fine.

  5. Good to hear your niece is improving. Hope the landlord gets the problems fixed before they get worse. And don't let them forget about the problem. Glad you're having such nice weather. It's about time.

  6. I'm happy about your niece. I too am pondering purchasing as new car but not until next year. My car is still in good shape and has been reliable. It's a beautiful day today after several days of rain but it was needed.

  7. So glad to hear your niece is improving. Will keep her in prayers.. Hugs Carrie


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