It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Good morning everyone…

it is another warm day in the heart of Illinois.  The kind of a day I will long for this winter when the wind is gusting about 60 miles an hour and there is 10 or 12 inches of snow on the ground.  Right now though, I am rather bummed out on hot and sticky.  In spite of all of that, it is a great day to be alive and I am very glad that I am.
I had a nice surprise with my doctor visit yesterday.  If you have been following my posts for the last few years you will know that I raved about my kidney specialist at home.  I said he was the handsomest doctor that I had ever come in contact with.  My new doctor is mid 30s, handsome and very nice.  I was patted on the shoulder and called ‘honey’ numerous times.  My checkup was good and I don’t have to see him for another year.  God is good as has been proved to me over and over through the years.
I have been to Kroger this morning and stocked up on the specials.  I think I have enough Charmin to last for a few months.  LOL  My daughter is coming by to pick me up in a few minutes and we are going to Firehouse Pizza to check out the pizza there.
I have been in touch with old friends at home.  Jim’s best friend has been undergoing radiation for cancer and he seems to be in remission now.  My friend in the nursing home is doing well and is making a bit of progress.  Thank you said by all in prayers.
I hope this is a good weekend for us all.  Stay safe and be happy!!



  1. i am so glad you moved there Beth. You are happy, doing well, have daily contact with your daughter and personally I like that Dr. too. He isn't extreme aside from the great news on your renal health..but knowing he isn't making you come back so frequently etc. That is such a relief.

    So glad to learn your good friend in the nursing home is actually making progress. You're right, God is so good to us who believe and know Him.

  2. Hi beth, have commented on this blog on live spaces, but just wanted you to know I am still following you on here. may have not said that it is good news about your renal health, got carried away by thoughts of the handsome doctor - Also the happy comments between you and Kerrie, it is good to hear you both sounding happy - hugs - nita

  3. Great news from the doctor. My new doctor at the VA is a nice guy, easy to get along with and I don't have to pry answers out of him when I have questions the way I've had to do with other doctors.
    The heat is on here but the weather guessers are saying a cold front moving this way, bringing predicted highs around 80 for the weekend.....after the severe thunderstorms forming ahead of the front pound on us this afternoon. I guess last night's boomers were just a rehearsal for the real deal today.

  4. Dear Beth, how good to hear from you today! I'm so glad to be able to follow you here now. It sounds like things are going well for you and I couldn't be more happy about that! It's about 77 here right now and I think I love that better than any other kind of's just perfect. Enjoy your company and pizza, that sounds fantastic!

  5. Beth you are so happy where you are. Great you had a good check with a new young man. (smile) and he knows what he is doing and treating you well. Glad you dont have to go back for awhile.
    Your page is very striking with the blue lake.
    We has pizza tonight. We love it also.
    Have a wonderful weekend.Hugs

  6. Yup, summer's been here long enough and now it's time to think about fall. I won't think about will be here quick enough. Have a nice day.


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