It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Monday, August 2, 2010


I was reading the Book of Matthew in the Bible last night and I reread a poem that my sister Chris had written on her birthday, April 28, 1990.  She sent this to me by mail and I have kept it  for over 20 years and I reread it from time to time.  She titled her poem ‘Life.' ’  Chris died in April 2000

The years go by so fast,
I’m always looking for something better.
I’m getting older every day,
Still wondering will the good things
and easier times come my way.
The ones I saw but didn’t see,
Somehow I don’t think they will ever be.
They seem so close and so near,
So I’ll try, and try again.
To no avail I think of all the wasted years…
All of the laughs, and all of the tears.
But life must go on,
So on I went.
Yesterday, I was young and strong.
Tomorrow I will be old and bent.
~~ Chris ~~  April 28, 1990


  1. It was touching to my heart to read this...written with the earnest desire to know what is next and will it be all she hoped. And written with the sure knowledge of the human condition. I especially like the lines:

    Still wondering will the good things

    and easier times come my way.

    The ones I saw but didn’t see,

    That is the human condition she wrote about so eloquently.

    I'm so glad you let us into her thoughts just this little bit. It was a pleasure.

  2. I can see why you keep this poem in such a special spot. It's very beautiful and touching.

  3. I was very happy to read your sisters poem..
    And every word she wrote has a beautiful word.
    Big HUgs,

  4. Hi, Beth. You are so sweet and dear. I came over to blogspot this evening to post a note for a blogger on Curtis' page and then I read the comments on mine. That was so good of you to post that note yesterday to me. What timing, you know? Mom's birthday is/was today, the 4th, and the 6th will be the first anniversary of her death. Add Curtis to that and it's hard, just like you said. You are right, I know, it will get better, it just takes time. I sure would like to find that button that makes things normal again though. Thank you so much for thinking of me, sweetie. That helped in itself.
    xoxoxo and I'll see you in a few weeks

  5. Beth this is so beautiful and thank you so much for sharing this and some of the words I wont forget. Hope you well my friend.


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