It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Monday, August 30, 2010

Too much of the Emmys last night…


Well, it's Monday morning,
And the sun is shining
In my eye that is open
And my head's a-spinning
I was a part of the party and
I can't stop thinking,
I had too much of the Emmys  last night.


I watched the Emmy Awards last night starting with the pre award show right till the end.  The gowns the women wore were beautiful all except for a few.  One in particular stands out as being especially awful.  That was the blue gown that looked like it was made of plastic with the cone front, reminiscent of Madonna.  All in all it was a pretty decent show.  Most of the winners were from shows that I don’t watch.  The award for leading actor in a comedy series went to Jim Parsons.  I love the Big Bang Theory so I was happy about that.  I was very happy that Betty White was recognized for her many talents.  I hope I am that filled with life when I am 88.  Heck, I am not that filled with life now and I am a way lot younger than that.  LOL

I don’t have much time to spend on the computer this morning as I have another doctor appointment at noon.  Lunch will be late for me today.

I hope this is a good week for us all.



  1. I didn't watch the Emmy's. Instead I tried watching a ball game and I wasn't too successful at it. That's ok my team lost.
    Who doesn't like Betty White?

  2. Ms Beth is a poet! I just love your Emmy poem. I may catch the highlights of the big Show the day after but, I've usually had enough of the live event by the end of the, "welcome to the the Emmy's" comment.

  3. We sat out on the deck swing last night as it was beautiful out. We came in at 11pm. We didn't know the emmies were on. Boy we are out in the boonies eh? LOL! May your doctor visit be good and you treat yourself to a lavish lunch. Love Betty White!

  4. I didn't watch them either, but wish I would've seen Betty White. She's a favorite of mine from way back when she was in Mary Tyler Moore Show. I'll watch ET later to see all the fashion hi-lites. Have a good week.

  5. Hope your appt today goes okay for you. Mom and I watched too I wanted to see my Fav George Clooney get the Bob Hope award. I think the best part was the musical opening. That Jimmy Fallon is amazing..So happy for Betty...they never can give her enough kudos in my opinion.. she is TOPS!! Take care and Stay Cool!!

  6. I don;t watch hardly any TV as I have said before..and last night it never even came on..not even for her! I was reading, she was sleeping. Or was she reading and me sleeping? Any way, two important things to do. :-)
    Have a good lunch girl! xox

  7. That blue gown was just terrible... she looked like she had blue cones on her boobs... what was that girl a thinking???

  8. Believe it or not I didn't watch even one moment of that. Lovely is usually the one who checks such things out and she was sleepy after we spent the day entertaining my daughter on her fifteenth birthday.

  9. Just stopping by to say hello Beth. Hope all is well. Have a good rest of the weeks.
    Dianne :)


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