It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What a dream…

Oh what a dream I had last night

I sat up in bed, shaking with fright.

And I also was moody.

You see, it must have been Toodie.

I dreamed I had cut off my hair

And that should never be.

Cause you see, my hair is

Already as short as Jamie Lee’s.

Seriously, I did have this dream last night and it woke me right up.  I have been having an awful time finding a beautician that I like.  Finally last week I got one that gave me a halfway decent haircut, then I had to go and cut it all off in my dream.  I can remember once cutting my own hair.  That was when my daughter was a baby and I had long heavy hair.  My daughter cried with colic all of the time and I didn’t have time to take care of my hair properly so I chopped it off really short.  I kind of liked it so I have kept my hair pretty short now all of these years.

My visit to the new doctor Monday was disappointing.  I met another doctor who equates himself with God.  Mid 30’s, arrogant, and condescending.  ‘Nuff said about that because I don’t want to raise my blood pressure so early in the morning.

Yesterday was uneventful (I am thankful for that).  Today I am doing laundry and wondering if I am interested enough to do some housework.  Nope,  didn’t think so.

I need to run next door and check on my laundry.  When I get back I will come and visit you all.



  1. I read with interest about the Dr. visit and the younger Dr. with his condescending attitude. For years now, I have read that the older you are, the more likely you are to be treated with some form of disrespect from health service personnel. Down right rudeness..condescension, being ignored..talked over..and treated as if they were lacking in most ways. I think that must have some truth to it as I have read and heard many times about seniors being treated like that.

    Thery cannot think forward and realise that their turn os coming. Oh, not in the health field as they are known there but in all the other for example..people on transportation services, you name it.

    No, I personally have experienced NONE of these things at least to date. I'm a repeating what I have read and heard.


  2. I was referring to doctors etc when I used the word "they" in the next to the last paragraph., Poor sentence organization.

  3. Sis...I agree with Carole these young doctors have a longggggggg way to go to become any kind of a good doctor until they LEARN that we are PEOPLE and not just a diagnosis and they are NOT GODS.. sheesh.. wishing you good health..and a great day!

  4. I didn't know my self given haircut effected you so. Didn't mean to give you a nightmare. As the saying goes round here 'good enough' doesn't hold true to a city bigger than this bitty city.
    Now you should not have had to experience that young punk doctors attitude. I feel bad for you as I felt awful at KC with that new doctor saying what do you want from me? DOH! Get another doctor and when you call ask if the doc treats seniors with respect. Put them on the spot! Hey, I'm doing laundry too! Sheets right now. Let's take ah break!

  5. Hey Toodie I'm doing sheets too! Let me rephrase that I'm washing sheets as well. Oh wait this is Beth's blog. Oh Beth I certainly agree with you about young ones in the medical profession. Actually my doctor, who is younger than me is fine, but the periodontist (probably spelled wrong) I went to was a pompuus twit. He told me I should pull all my lower teeth out when I had one loose tooth and it would only cost about $6000, I so much as told him to go fry his glutious maximous. My regular dentist took the loose tooth out, cut off the root and put it back in bonding it to the surrounding teeth. My out of pocket expense? $19.00 plus change.
    Did you eat a lot of candy before you went to bed?

  6. My mom used to have very long hair but also cut it short and has never gone back since. I've never had long hair a day in my life but I expect that's not too surprising. I know I like low maintanence on everything so why should that be any different? Sorry about the doctor being such a poop...sometimes patients get lost in the shuffle and that's just not right...we're not cattle for goodness sake!

  7. I really am bothered also by a Doctor that wont listen or just heards what he wants too. I have a new one and glad I do.
    My hair is long Beth and dont think it has been this long since I was 16. I think I just need a trim and going to keep for a while longer.
    and have a beautiful day tomorrow.
    What Caorle said. I didnt know that about Drs.

  8. Hi Beth, Hope you had a good day inspite of the nightmare, and your experience with The Dr. Hopefully you will get a good nights sleep tonight, free of nightmares.
    I am getting very sleepy. Been a long day for me as I cleaned two houses today. Take care Beth and thank you for commenting on my blog.
    Hugs Dianne :)

  9. I have been trying to grow my hair long for 35 years now. At least it is now to my shoulders. I was one of those people who would look in the mirror and start cutting my hair cause I couldn't stand it. Yes I cut my own hair. Never been happy with the way others cut it. I know my own hair and how it works. I am finally happy with it also. I have very curly hair and bought one of those cermic hair straightners. Boy I love it. Don't have to touch my hair for days after doing that. Meet you at the next blog..


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