It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Up and at ‘em early today…

I had to have fasting lab work done today so I was up at 6AM and went over to the hospital to get this done early.  Then I went by and picked up my daughter and she went with me to have breakfast at Ernie’s.  A little hole in the wall restaurant that is packed solid every day with regulars.  Quite an assortment of people; an excellent people watching place.  I think Jim and I ate there once quite a long time ago.  Definitely not a four star place but the food is good and it is cheap.  Very easy to tell the regulars as they shouted hello from all over the room as someone they knew came in.  I give it an OK rating but not someplace I would frequent on a regular basis.
Then we went by Kroger and I picked up soft shells and seasoning to make tacos one night this week.  Oh shoot, just typing this I remember that I forgot to get sour cream.  If I am having tacos I want some sour cream on there, plus I don’t like the hard shells.  What trivia, huh? but then I knew you would all be interested in the fact that I like sour cream on my taco.  lol
It is gearing up to be another hot, sticky day.  According to the weather on the scanner, probably the hottest day of the year so far.  That means I am through running for the day and will stay inside for the rest of the day, hoping the AC keeps working.  Yesterday I had to have a workman come as I had a wet spot on my hall carpet.  Turned out to be that the tray from the air conditioner was stopped up, so I had to wait without the ac for a couple of hours while it was fixed.
And that is it so far today.  I will watch TV and eat today.  I have around 30 commercial free movie channels on my cable so there is plenty to choose from.  I love the Retro Movie Channel as it is all old movies which are my favorites.
Stay cool!!


  1. Glad you are nestled in out of the heat. Stay cool!

  2. Beth I am sick of the hot and humid weather. I am actually looking forward to the fall. Kroger was rumoured to be one of the companies that was going to buy the company that I work for or at least part of it. They don't have a presence here in the Northeast. I'm glad it didn't happen. Kroger is one of two companies that is bigger than my company. The bigger they are the worse they are. Just ask General Motors then ask Toyota.

  3. If you're going to get up early like that might as well make a breakfast date out of it for sure. We've got some pretty good food at our hospital cafeteria problem is I usually don't have much of an appetite when I'm over there.

  4. DANG! I am making them tacos tomorrow night and I already saw I forgot the shredded thank goodness after seeing this I will put sour cream on the list too. Thanks Twin! ;-)


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