It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What’s in the newspaper today…

to begin with, I found that I did not win anything in the Lottery on the little lotto, lotto or mega millions.  I just wasted 3 dollars which I could have used to purchase a doughnut which is just as well because I sure don’t need a doughnut.
That said, now to go to today’s news.  The jury is still debating into the second week trying to decide the fate of Blagojevich.  The longer they take the more afraid I become that Blago and his hair are going to get off scott free.  Skeletal remains appear to be that of a missing 2 year old Arizona boy.  This story is heartbreaking as I can’t imagine how anyone could harm a precious child.  There are fugitives loose and the search for them is ongoing in Montana and Canada.  Obama signs jobs bill to halt teacher layoffs.  Not sure about this.  Chinese landslide toll rises to 700.  This story makes me very sad.  Actually, there is very little in the paper today to make me feel good.  I have tears in my eyes when I read the news from Afghanistan.  I think this war has gone on much too long and I am reminded of the Korean and Viet Nam wars and the needless loss of life on both sides.  I pray everyday for peace on earth, that all wars would cease and all nations could co-exist in a peaceful manner.  Never happen in my lifetime, but I always have that hope.
Another hot sticky day here.  We had thunderstorms again last night with big thunderboomies.  The heat is wearing on my last nerve, but will it be any better this winter?  I am waiting to hear the wooly worm forecast for this winter as that is just as accurate as any weather forecaster.  lol
That about sums it up for today except for saying hi to my son in law Mike as I think he reads this every day.  Is it my turn to treat for supper Friday night??


  1. It sure makes me glad we aren't yet near Yellowstone for our vacation. It doesn't do much for me to think that a murderer and his accomplice are running around. The rest of the news in the country...bleak as ever...thank God we don't have to be afraid of evil tidings. It's a hot one today and I have a funeral to attend today then church mid-week service tonight...I'd say my day is spoken for.

  2. Good morning Beth. The news is always bleak, guess it sells. I wish a cold front would drop down and cool our sizzling behinds. Hang in there kiddo, have a good day.

  3. Hot, hazy and humid here, as well. I agree with you about the news, especially the war. So many lives lost and I fear it's all for naught. As for Blago, I say send HIM to Afghanistan....and leave him there.

  4. And now for sports. It's a slow day in the sports world. All I have is a partial score. Detroit 2.

  5. Here it's horribly hot, high 90's..horribly humid so a feels-like of 106.
    I still read the papers with only one topic skipped each day while reading and muted on the TV as quickly as I can hit mute. Other than that it is just as you said..bleak and depressing. Not likely to get any will get worse.
    I already blogged on the other blog and in such a bad mood I probably should not blog on mine here in BlogSpot.
    BUT..hugs, Twin.

  6. I don't enjoyed read such a dark side an article on the news paper then yet I still read it LOL!
    Hope the all troops pull back from Afghanistan
    that the politician yours & mins)are talking about but when?
    it should be acting not talking? we got sick of hearing about that.
    Take care,

  7. Morning Beth,
    No one should ever get away with hurting a child, i hope they send him to jail for life
    Afghanistan always make me think of Vietnam and what happen there,
    hope it cool down for you soon
    Take care


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