It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday morning…

and rain is on its way.  After a good nights sleep I was up this morning at 6AM.  I headed to the grocery store after breakfast for a couple of things.  The trees I saw on the way are gorgeous.
The leaves are falling quickly.  Oh no, snow will be here before I turn around good.
A tree behind my daughter and son in law’s house.  I will keep an eye on it so that I can get a picture when all of the leaves have turned.
Nothing much on my schedule today except thinking about the test on Friday.  I had this same stress test done a few years ago which led to a heart cath.  Which is one reason I am thinking about it.  Winking smile Because I know what to expect.  Then I see my primary care doctor on Monday afternoon and that doctor that thought that he was sent from heaven on the 28th.  Then I hope to be done.  Oh wait, I forgot, I am having my teeth cleaned on Nov. 9.  Not looking forward to that either.  Sad smile   I am very thankful that I am here to complain.
Hey, I kind of like the new features of live writer 11.  If you haven’t updated yet, you should.  Thank you Kerrie for telling me about it.  It still will not accept my word press blogs for some reason.
I hope you are all having a good week.  Stay safe and above all, be happy!


  1. Those trees are so pretty. Looks like sprinkles maybe today. Worrying about tests is not good. I hope you keep busy and relax. Is that an oxy moron? Stay on the sunny side of life. Hugs.

  2. Those trees look kinda like mine here.. seems the colors are now pretty vivid aren't they! Testing is such a hard thing on the body sometimes.I sure hope that it goes well with you this time. As for the Live writer.. heheh I am so far behind it isn't funny I didn't even load the first one!LOL Have a great day! : )

  3. Beth I left a comment but didn't show up.

  4. Those trees are so pretty, haven't seen many here. I guess I need to go another way instead of my same pig trail.. Beth, I sure hope your stress test is easy on you.

  5. LW 11? I must update! The photos are wonderful! Hope the stress test goes well. I'm holding you in my prayers and crossing fingers, toes, eyes....well you get the picture.

  6. Love the colours of the trees! Ours haven't quite turned yet. Hope your test goes well. Which Wordpress theme are you using? Let me know, and I'll check it out and try it myself.
    I usually keep trying if I ever have bother with it syncing correctly with a theme.
    Check that you are using the right URL , username and password as well.

  7. I figured no use in ever using LW again as MSN is gone it moulders there.

  8. Hi Beth
    Pretty trees, hope you tests go well - I am not sure how to update live writer, I dont really want to post on wordpress at the moment anyway, but thought the update might be better on here too. take care, hugs - Nita.

  9. Beautiful photos Beth. Our trees here go from green to gone!! Not much rain...yet, and never snow.

    I hope your stress test is stress-free and that you come through with flying colors.

    Off to upgrade LW11! Thanks for the heads up!

  10. The trees are beautiful. The oaks are barely beginning to turn here, although our maples look a lot like those.
    Live Writer accepted my Word Press blog, but just won't accept the blogspot one: I'll have to try updating LW and see if that helps.
    Will be praying for you and your Friday test.

  11. Your colors are better than ours! Mostly green and a bit of yellow.
    Beth do you use live writer for here?

  12. Hi hon, I hope your test go well. Thank you for coming by to gimme a pinch and let me know I'm Things are the same here..Hubby goes in this week for a Bone test and another scan.He has developed a huge hernia right in his belly button,but they can't operate b/c of the cancer.God is holding me up...Hugs to you Sweet friend.Please tc of Beth..

  13. Beautiful Fall Pics. Our trees are just starting to turn. As far as Live Writer, I use the 2009 version as I am still on XP and you can use the 2011 on it. I hope you have a nice week :)

  14. A beautiful an autumn season trees it seems not so long ago you had on WLS...
    This time your daughter place one they are very nice big trees.
    The stress you have? we are not younger anymore?? therfore even just a little things will affect on our sensitivity mind???
    because if I have worry it cause itcy in my skin these things happents me.
    Not worry Beth,
    Have a big bowl of ice cream tonight:-)

  15. Those trees are just awesome. Praying all the tests go well. I have only used LW a couple times as I forget I have it. Now there is an update. Just can keep up. Have a good day.

  16. I am in a land that is without season. It is either hot here or hot and rainy. I sometimes feel that I am caught in the Twilight Zone where you know time is passing simply because the calandar tells you so...the temperature outside doesn't. I'm almost astounded to see the season moving on there in America. The beauty of the change of the season is exquisite...I think that I may have taken that for granted...but seeing your more!


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