It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday morning…

The rain hasn’t started yet although it is still in the forecast.  It actually is rather dry here as the temps have been in the 80s for the last week or so with no rain. 
I am expecting my daughter for lunch today.  Lasagna I think, Stouffer’s frozen.  I do love homemade lasagna but it is not worth my effort anymore.  If it wasn’t for TV dinners I don’t think I would eat anything.  Smile  I used to be a good cook, at least Jim always told me so.  That was quite an accomplishment for me since I couldn’t cook when we were first married.  My Betty Crocker cookbook which was a wedding gift was my teacher.  I still have that cookbook all bound together with masking tape and missing a few pages.  In the beginning I cooked everything from scratch including pies which I got to be halfway decent at.  My kids always loved the chocolate pudding cake recipe from the cookbook.  I haven’t made that for a long time and it is such an easy recipe.
I have things I should do around here but this week I am living by my motto of 100 years from now.  I did get my laundry done and that is something as there was a lot of it.

I hope you are all having a good week.  Enjoy each day as you never know what tomorrow will bring.
Red heart  Beth


  1. I have an overcast day out there..a few sprinkles yesterday afternoon and supposed to be some tonight. We need rain so that will be alright.

    Took the camera out this morning but our leaves are only just starting to turn, so the camera stayed in the case.

    The little miss is still comfortable but convinced she is headed back "there" I think because I am not in shorts. Long pants etc means v-e-t. Poor baby. So, she's hidden.

    I had a spider the size of a stage coach come across hers and my feet in here last night. I saved it for the pest control man this morning. UGH! They are not my fave insect, fer schure!

  2. Hi Beth,

    Pleased you are doing okay, but taking it a bit easy. Thank you for all your birthday wishes. Take Care - Hugs Nita

  3. 'tis cold hereabouts Beth, and I'm wondering if I should get the winter woollies on. Brrr...and It's only the beginning of Autumn..
    Chocolate pudding cake sounds just the ticket.. pass some over if you've made any!! ;-)
    take care, and good job on the laundry, haven't done mine yet, mind you when I dry it in the tumble drier it comes out lovely and warm... Heaven!! xPenx

  4. Good day, Beth. The pictures of fall you posted yesterday are breathtaking!I agree it won't matter a 100 years from now,and really...not even five years from now! I am 61, just retired from teaching and pretty much broke. But,hey, simplicity is therapeutic for me! Take care!Jackie(louisiana Bayou Lady)

  5. You will have all the rain you can handle soon enough along with that white stuff. Enjoy your Indian Summer!
    I know what you mean about TV dinners. They have improved alot over the years... Since those yucky Swanson fried chicken ones. Horrible!!
    Now that your laundry is done, kick back and enjoy the rest of your day.

    Ciao, Bob

  6. It sound rains all over my friends place and in here too,yesterday was 70% Australia has rains and some place has floods.
    This years spring time has more rainning than the last years that cause a little time for blossom my weeping Cherry but others still keeps pretty:-)

    Me too! about cooking and precious my memory now.
    Please take care yourselvs,

  7. Yes, I am the same. Next week, whilst K is in respite, I will be surviving on very little. Once you are on your own, its too much effort to begin to cook just for one.
    Been gorgeous here again, grass cutters have been out cutting the grass around the estate. So grass trailing in everywhere and I've just hoovered this morning! Blast!

  8. I enjoyed reading about your cooking days. That's what all women did back then...not saying it was a long time ago...just saying there weren't many other choices. I will say frozen dinners have improved about a million percent from the old days.

  9. I remember when I was a kid, once in a while we would have tv dinners and it was always a treat for us because we got to watch tv while we ate. We each got little tv tables to put our aluminum trays on. I can't imagine what the ingrediant lable would have looked like on one of those dinners.

  10. No rain here at the moment but steady drizzle fell most of the day and the weather guess is calling for 80% chance of heavy rain tomorrow and tomorrow night.
    I have a Betty Crocker Cookbook, handed down from my mom who got it as a wedding gift in 1953. I use more than the book these days and still do a lot of the cooking from scratch but with Laura out on her own we usually end up eating leftovers half the time because I still cook too much for 2.

  11. I only really cook..or mommy I mean, when her human kits are here. I like when they visit 'cause I get bacon ..wee little pieces just right to fit in my mouth. I get played with too.

  12. I will never forget the first steak I ever cooked after I was just married and in my 20's. To make things worse... we had company for dinner. The steak was a little over done to the point you couldn't chew it and had to throw it out. A little embarrassing I would say. I think we ordered in.
    Now many years later I laugh when I think of it, and now I make pretty darn good , steak dinners.
    I too have an old Betty Crocker cookbook that was pasted down to me. I love to cook when I have the time.
    Hope you are starting to feel better. You have been in my thoughts and prayers. Thankyou for stopping by today and leaving your comments.
    Take care and have a good rest of the week.
    Hugs, Dianne :)

  13. Hi Beth,
    I haven't hear from you for a while it seems we both have two space in here?
    I follow Admiral and I have be I confused you that I should one of closed?
    Have a great day,

  14. Hi Beth there is a real chill in the air today , no sun thats for sure. I have a variety of cookbooks , and love trying different things. Housework oh yes that ..... Hugs Sheila

  15. I knew you would pass with flying colors.


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