It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


the back door is finished and it looks great.  I just need to shorten my curtain for it and it will be all done.  And, he used lots of permanent weatherstripping.  I do have the stuff I bought at Menards and I am going to see if there are any little places that need winterproofing on the front door and the windows. 
I have been over to my daughter’s this morning for a cup of tea, then on the way home I stopped by Kroger and brought Halloween candy @ $2 a bag.  Doggone it, it is all good stuff so I hid it away until the time for the ghosts and goblins. 
My next door neighbor has decorated outdoors for the fall.  It looks beautiful.  Below are pictures.
I thought this was so pretty that I took it from all angles.
We had a huge frost last night.  When I looked at the stretch of ground separating me from the cemetery it was all white with frost.  Supposed to warm up to above 80 on Friday and Saturday.  Put away the jeans and dig out the shorts for a couple of days.
You know what, this is a really nice day and I am thoroughly enjoying being a part of it.  I hope you all are too.
Footnote for Paul:  Stool also referred to as commode where my sis lives in WV, potty by the kiddies and toilet for the rest.  What is it called in Boston?  ;-)


  1. I'm happy you finally got your back door fixed and maybe you can relax now. If I bought Halloween candy I'd have to hide it too, as it seems to taste better at Halloween. Don't know if we got frost or not, haven't heard and haven't peeped out to see my petunias. Your neighbor has a nice display, love the fawn statue..

  2. Great halloween decorations.

  3. Yaa the door is done! Great news. I think Paul referred to them as movers and urinals as shakers ;-O
    I am enjoying my day very mucho. Neighbor has a pretty Fall decor going there.

  4. Lovely,colourful photo's Beth, and yes, great news about the door..And you;re warming up eh?..we're heading in Autumn with cooler frosts at I'll share your warmth?. lol.

  5. Nice to get some decorations so close. Glad the door project is done!

  6. Stool is the word I grew up with and because of Yankees I had to eventually change it to toilet. Sheesh! There's no accountin' for yankees.

  7. I think the proper word is 'Terlet'! lol

    Great Halloween decoration pics and I never tire of the witch crashing into the tree.

    Glad you finally got that door fixed and that you have extra weatherstripping to place where it's needed. Just don't ask 'The Kid' to do it!
    Have a nice week and enjoy your weather.


  8. Hi Beth, Pleased you are well and happy, having a good time and that your door is fixed. hugs - Nita

  9. I knew what the word was referring too, I just found it amusing since the word has another meaning as well. I guess we just call it the toilet though there are plenty of slang words for it that I wouldn't use on your blog except maybe this one. The tragectory chamber.

  10. First glad to hear you got the door fixed. Now for the stool, or throne as some may call it, hope that gets repaired ASAP.

    Beautiful mums, pumpkins and other decorations that your neighbor put out.

  11. Love the mums, they are so pretty. I don't decorate for Halloween. I use to when the kids were small but I haven't now for a long time.
    It was a nice day here but I was kind of bored lol.

  12. Hi Beth, I always enjoy the fall decorations as well. What a colorful time of year! It sounds like you had a great day, congrats on the door. Now time to decorate eh.
    Oh BTW, I've always enjoyed calling it the White House. Whew! Excuse me. I have an urgent call from the President.

  13. Ha! I love the don't drink and fly picture up above. :)
    Glad your door is finally done and you had such a wonderful day and the decor photo at your neighbors looks great.
    Thanks for stopping by Beth.
    Have a great rest of the week.
    xx's Dianne :)

  14. so glad you finally got the door fixed. I love all those fall decorations. I would love to do that but I would want to be where people could drive by and see it. I could put it down by our gate but someone might steal it. My flowers are still blooming. I have been covering them everynight. today was just beautiful but at this time of the year it means cold nights. We will be getting that killer frost tonight. It will get well below freezing. We have had it right at freezing quite a few times already.. I picked all our plums today didn't want them getting caught tonight in the heavy frost. Oh I so need to get all my ranching and gardening blogs moved over to A Window to my world. I need a few days without hubby home to get it done in one shot. I still have to figure out why my updates aren't showing in the reading panes also. Sometimes I get writing comments at peoples blogs when I know I should be blogging about it. Anyway my dear thanks for always stopping in. Have a great rest of the week.. Hugs Carrie

  15. I like the decoration pictures, very cute!

  16. Lovely what a lovely way to Welcome the Fall those Crysathinains are sooo pretty. There are a lot for sale here in the garden centres at the moment. Great to hear and I bet you are releived the doors on Beth,yipee...Sheila

  17. Just wanted to thank you for viisting my blog and your gracious comments; To God be the Glory!

  18. THat,s great that you got that door fixed. You sure waited long enough. That a beautiful display she has. Hope you have a great week. :)

  19. Hi Beth!
    Glad to hear you got that door fixed before winter.That's a beautiful picture of fall colours.Have a great week.
    Hugs Margaret

  20. Hi Beth, Your neighbors garden display is so pretty. I love the bale of hay, and the mother and baby deer, and of course the fabulous flowers. It's funny to see the witch on the tree. You'd never believe it, just yesterday I was looking for some pictures of Dorothy's ruby slippers. One can never tire of the Wizard Of Oz. Yahoo Buckaroo! I know how glad you'd be feeling to finally have your back door repair finished. Hope the rest of the week is out of this world! Much love, JAK. xOx

  21. I thought I had been in here to comment?
    Maybe you have in other space?
    I have made up mind to more working in here.
    because I had transpot my blog Archives at
    But I do noticed up there has NO Friends lists..
    You have great post in here Beth.
    Although more importants things is your back door being fixed...
    Have a great day,

  22. Neighbor really did a nice job. Don't decorate for Halloween. Don't buy candy either. Son gets a big bag full of Cheetos from work. Neighbor kids love 'em.


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