It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Walkin’ to Missouri…

Sammy Kaye
Peaked at # 11 in 1952
Words and music by Bob Merrill, 1952

Poor little robin walkin', walkin', WALKIN' TO MISSOURI;
He can't afford to fly.
Got a penny for a Poor little robin, walkin' walkin' WALKIN' TO MISSOURI
Got a teardrop in his eye.

The above is the chorus for the three verses which follow:

1.  I hope my story don't make you cry,
But this birdie flew too high;
He flew from his old Missouri home.
He fell right into the city ways, like dancin' in cabarets,
>From party to party he would roam.


2.  He met a birdie who looked so nice,
A real bird of paradise,
Good lookin' but fickle in the heart.
She gave him kisses and gave him sighs,
But oh, how she told him lies,
'Cause she loved another from the start.


3.  His dreams are battered, his feathers bent,
Now he hasn't got a cent;
He feels like his heart is gonna break.
So if he ever walks up to you,
Please throw him a crumb or two,
'Cause you could have made the same mistake.
I was reading Toodie’s blog this morning and it made me feel very nostalgic.  I was born in a log cabin in Missouri in the age of the dinosaur.  It has been many years since I have visited, actually was the funeral of my oldest sister 25 years ago.  I would love to visit the place of my birth again.
Red heart  Beth


  1. As soon as I saw the title of your post, I knew you were getting nostalgic after visiting over at Toodie's :) I think I see a trip coming on, do you? I wonder if the log cabin is still there, do you know? That would be so great if you could see that and take photos of it. Make it a family affair to go there and celebrate your life. Things like this are so wonderful, Beth :) XOXOXO

  2. Jenny, I would love to gather the family around and do this but it will never happen. My sis is in WV and my brother lives close to STL. Since Jim died it is impossible to get us all together. I still have my hopes though.

  3. Hi Beth,

    Your blog has made me smile, I love your references to your age, (smile) happy nostalgia is good. Hope one day you will be able to visit your birthplace, do take a picture of a dinosaur if you pass one, lol. Thank you for making me smile on a cold dreary day, Hugs Nita

  4. Oh Beth you made me nostalgic for my home in WI. I have been thinking of Mom today and how she would cook and bake from scratch. My folks being German showed love in food. I hope you do go visit home. A bus ride and motel and sit at the diner there an chat up ah storm. Big hugs Beth. My house smells like turkey and bread!!!!

  5. A happy nostakgia is okay than sad ones...
    Enjoy your weekend,

  6. I was about a year old when that record came out. Boy how popular music has changed! I've never been to the middle of the country. I've flown over it on my way to the west coast. This time of year always brings up the past. I go through the same thing when I see how the holiday family gatherings have changed. I think of all the people who aren't here any more. I suppose we all do this to one degree or another.

  7. It's a good thing to remember where we came from and like Michiko said comes the sadness from all the changes.

  8. What a great old song. I was 6 years old in 1952. Thanks for the memories :-)



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