It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The day after..

and this afternoon I thought it would be a good idea to put the Christmas decorations away and do some major cleaning.  I did this and now I am frazzled out.  My house looks really good though.

Christmas Day I had lunch with my daughter and son in law and a gift exchange.  Santa brought me all of the things I have been hinting for the last few weeks.  Two new Farberware skillets, a muffin tin for the jumbo muffins, an indoor outdoor thermometer and a 13X9 Farberware baking pan.  After reading about the glass pans exploding I decided I wanted a metal pan.  Then in the evening I went with my daughter and son in law to his brother’s house for supper.  I was made to feel welcome again.  I enjoyed it very much.

Still lots of snow on the ground.  The official total was 7 inches and a bit more fell last night.  My car is covered again and today I just left it alone.  I would have gone to the after Christmas sales except the streets are not plowed, just the main roads.  Just as well, I got my house cleaned and saved some money.  I think I will brave it tomorrow though and see if there is anything left on sale.

I hope you all have a wonderful week.  Stay safe and be happy!!

Red heart  Beth


  1. Beth, I want to officially thank you for your sharing nature to those you love. The snow is very nice and as it tumbles down from the sky, you can hear it say, "..woooooshhhhhh beth sent meeeee..."
    Oh yes, I owe you, lol. All those sales and no way to get out of the driveway or drive on any of our neighborhood roads.
    What's this about glass pans exploding? Pyrex? CorningWare? Good lord, I hadn't heard. I'll look it up (isn't the internet great?).
    I almost envy you for taking the Christmas decor down because now your house is all straight. Mine won't be even close to straight until January 1st. I dread it. Packing it all and lugging it to the basement in airtight containers; it's not an easy job.
    Ok, I see I'm blogging here and time to stop. I'll go get that cocoa and cookies and enjoy this lovely "Snow d'Beth" -- we'll make it gourmet. XOXOXO

  2. Wow, the exploding is real. For anyone that wants to ck it out, go here:

  3. Hi Beth, How about that? I have just sat down with a bottle of water and a bowl of cherries, after tiring myself out putting away the decorations too. I like them up, but I also like it when there away. I'm not one who likes to be surrounded by clutter. I can be a hoarder - but I usually have a good clean out every few months. I'm so happy that you had a wonderful Christmas, as did we. Nice presents you received. I hope you have fun cooking up a storm using your new cookware. You have snow, while we are melting. Gosh, it's hot! We are in our fourth week of rain. It always rains on school holidays. Just for fun, Jaiden is in the middle of writing a story today, called "The Bear and The Beagle". We've also been going over the two and five times tables - but that is not for fun, he co-operates, but would prefer to be doing something else. Anyway, like Jenny, I see I'm blogging here too. LOL. Happy Sunday! With love and care from Kerrie. xOx

  4. Oops - some bad grammar - should be... "when they're away". "Me bad" as Jaiden says, which drives me crazy. What sort of talk is that?

  5. I Had a good Christmas Beth. As I write this comment we are in the middle of a blizzard. We might get 18 inches of snow. I don't care. I can't change it.

  6. I am so glad you had a wonderful Christmas Beth.
    I wonder why they didn't plow the streets. Budget cuts? You rest up tonight.

  7. Hi Beth,

    Pleased to see that both you and Kerrie, had a good Christmas, I did too, so thank the lord for all his gifts. Your Christmas Day sounded good, so glad you had an enjoyable family time, you must be so pleased you now live nearer your daughter and son in law.

    Our Christmas decs, normally stay up until the 5th night, or 6th January. Sometimes I take them down before, but not usually until we are into the new year. Have busy couple of days ahead as Amanda is again working. Snow still on ground here and it seems we may get more overnight. Getting reports of bad snow in u.s.a. and cyclones and bad flooding in Queensland Australia, both have been making our headline news.

    So here's hoping, trusting and praying that you will all stay safe. Have fun in the sales Beth, but take care, I am putting on my snowboats and George and I are taking Callum round the shops. Zac is staying with his Dad.
    Well guess I am starting to write a blog too, so until I get round to doing one with a couple of pics on my space, bye for now. Hugs - Nita.

  8. We had a good Christmas here. It's always such a fun time with all the kids. Will be putting away the decorations today after I get back from the yearly checkup. Hate the thought as the holidays haven't help the scales go down.

  9. Hi Beth

    I hope you and your family had a Wonderful Christmas celebration.

    Happy New Year from Southern California. No snow here but a lot of flooding and record breaking rain! :-(

    God Bless You, ~Ron :-)

  10. Wow, hadn't heard about the exploding glassware. Will check out that link too. I'll be hitting the stores for after-Christmas sales, mostly on Christmas stuff for next year. That's how I get all my paper for wrapping, and tags, etc. Hope you can get out SAFELY in the snow and watch out for the crazy drivers out there. Have a Happy New Year!

  11. I tgoo hadn't heard about exploding glassware, scary, I haven't got any so I can relax.
    Your CHristmas sounded like it was all you wished for and it was a good holiday for you. That's it till next year, looking forward to spring now.. The snow has gone from my place, but when I went to my daughter's Christmas day she is still white and icy. No sales for me as I'm having a kitchen make over, so the purse strings are closed till that's paid for.
    Love the pics on the side, your Jim was quite a looker.,and you both look so young in your first apartment. Happy days.

  12. My tree is still up and not sure when I will get to taking it down. Not spending much time at home these days with mom in hospital. I always like a clean clean house right down to the sheets and blankets for the new year. If nothing else it makes a good goal to have. We got little snow and by the weeks end with a warm up coming I bet it is all gone by the new year. Glad to see it go.. I hate shoveling! Take care Sis!! HAPPY 2011!!

  13. Hi Beth Marie,I just read your last three posts. I haven't been on lately,just too busy.From what I read,you had a great weekend and Christmas!

  14. Glad to hear your Christmas was enjoyable
    Have a happy New Year
    Hugs Lady Jude

  15. We have around the same amount of snow here. Anything over a dusting is too much IMO. Glad you had a good Christmas. Hope you have a Happy New Year too.

  16. Hey, can I borrow you? On a temporary basis? I could certainly use some of your expertise in domestic chores/management. The pay is not very good but I have a cute outfit for you. Just joking of course.
    Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas Day and walked away with quite the haul of goodies, and that makes me happy.
    I haven't thought of putting away any of my Christmas decorations yet. Perhaps if I stop banging on this keyboard, I could find the time.


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