It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Another cold Tuesday…

checking in at 16 degrees.  I am looking forward to the warm up on Friday into the mid 50s.  Hopefully that will get rid of a lot of the ice and snow.  The side roads are still not salted or plowed.
I did make it to Wal * Mart yesterday where I got a few Christmas markdown things.  It was pretty well picked over after the first day.  I have to go out and clean my car off pretty soon as I need to make a grocery store run.
There is nothing much happening here right now and for that I am thankful.  Well, other than an unexpected bill from my hospital stay which should have been billed to Medicare and was billed to my supplemental insurance instead which denied it of course.  To say that I went in to shock would be putting it mildly as this happened twice last summer. I spent several hours on the phone getting that straightened out.  I am grateful that I have insurance as I know many people are not so fortunate.
I need to go eat my breakfast so I will catch you all later.

Red heart  Beth


  1. Oh single digits here. We got the hospital bill, just the hospital was 84,000 dollars! I sure hope medicare and the carve out policy pays!!!! It should warm up here which will be a relief. Breakfast here too!

  2. Suppose to warm up to 45 here Fri. too. Have to be wary of flooding when it does it that fast. Wouldn't you think that after doing it before they would get their act together?

  3. I woke up to brrrr cold weather,too, but also found that everyone in the world updated, so I'm sitting here trying to catch up and haven't even had my coffee yet. That same warm up is scheduled here for the weekend and I'm looking forward to it. The snow was great and gorgeous but I only wanted it around for a couple days, not a week.
    Stay warm, Beth, and keep an eye out for new sales going on. The news here said that because of the snow, their profits were down and it looked like the sales would be "redone". It's always something, isn't it.

  4. From blizzard stories to flood stories without a pause - ya gotta love the news. You are brave or foolish to venture out for the after Christmas rush - there is something very wrong about the huge rush to the stores after Christmas, I think. I think we are about a year away from declaring every day a "Holiday Special" day. Gimme a rest!

  5. I hope so, Beth, that the ice and snow melt away.
    We've not had it as bad as some towns In America, but it's lingered for so long here that It's almost depressing. Today though it RAINED.... yaaaay!! Thank goodness....BUT more snow forecast. :-(
    take care, my friend, and good to read you had a lovely Christmas. I keep my decorations up for the 12 days, Christmas Eve to 3rd January. Just a personal thing, I have no idea why.

  6. Hi Beth,

    My snow has albiet disappeared, but at the moment we have fog, hopefully that will go too. There was some mention of more snow, but maybe it will pass us by this time. Hope yours disappears soon too. Hugs Nita

  7. My dad fights an endless war over the insurance and hospitals...even the smallest thing seems to be difficult. Grace to you in that situation. It's nearly forty degrees here but the weather threatens to turn far worse and the winter storm watch is through Thursday. Bless you my friend.

  8. Happy HOlidays and blessings my dear friend.

    It would seem that everyone across the globe is getting their fair share of weather chills, spills and challenges. At least you are home in your cozy house unlike those poor souls stock in the airports.

    Have a great old year into new.

  9. Don't you just hate when they send you the bill instead of the insurance company.

  10. The snow began to melt today. We are also looking for it to warm up by the weekend.

    It makes you wonder why there are such screw ups. Did somebody just make a mistake or do the hospitals do it on purpose and see if they can collect from as many sources as possible?

  11. May the New Year bring you Luck for 2011,
    May all you wish for be yours,
    Happy New Year my friend,
    Big Kiss
    Lady Jude

  12. Ouch Beth that was a sock for you glad you eventually got it sorted out. Lovely to hear you had a lovely Christmas and received many goodies. Thaw here as the rain came in Monday Evening, very foggy though. Take care hugs Sheilax

  13. Oh 99,99% have insurance here Beth
    i know its diff in ur home land.
    Is it that
    No insurance --- no hospital help??
    i wish u a wonderful new year

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  15. Hi Beth,
    Stay warm. Its very very cold here in my part of Canada . Im almost house bound and havent been out for days. I need to get out I think and will tomorrow no matter how cold it is.
    Happy New Years to you Beth. All the best.
    Much Love Beth and Hugs
    Lisa xo

  16. G'day Beth! Aha, I was wondering if you managed to get out to the shops to search for a bargain. With all the rain we've had here we have road closures everywhere! We took a trip into the city to take a look at the Christian Book Store, which is my favorite place to shop. I did end up buying another nativity set. It's so beautiful - resistance was useless. It was $99.95, reduced to $49.95 then down another 20% to %39.95. So, I'm pretty chuffed with my bargain. Rather funny though, we have never had a nativity set till this year and now we have two! Gotta love that! Now, what a silly blunder by the hospital. Such a nuisance for you, now that you have to sort it out. I hope the matter will be fixed quickly, without being transferred to ten different people on the phone before someone can actually help fix the problem. Hope you enjoyed your breakfast. I've just had mine - weetbix. I love them. Now go put your feet up, and enjoy a good book. With love and care from Kerrie and Jaiden. xOx

  17. Hello Beth... things just wouldn't seem right if I didn't seek you out and wish you another 365 days of nonstop laughter and good cheers in 2011.
    Even though buying insurance can be a large expenditure, it is a necessary. The cost of medical care is climbing every year. The cost of not having insurance can far exceed the cost of purchasing coverage before something happens. I feel so deeply for those who have very little/none at all. Here's hoping that things continue to go smooth for you. All my best in the New Year!!!

  18. 16 degrees would about kill us in Louisiana if we had to get out in it! WE are gonns get a cold front after this tornadic weather today. For temps in the thirties, I wear a jacket ,coat, and scarf!


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