It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thirteen years ago…

in December 1997 I bought my first home PC.  Prior to that I worked with computers at the AF Base, strictly with data input.  I knew nothing about home PCs.  I had one friend that was halfway computer literate and he went with Jim and me to buy my first computer.  It was a Packard  Bell and it was approaching the $2,000 mark with the printer included.  I am self taught with the help of some online friends.  The first one to help me was a lovely lady by the name of Rose from Texas.  We have talked many times on the phone and she is my friend to this day.  Thank you Rose. 

What has brought me to this subject is the fact that when I first started on the computer the big thing was to get stationery for your emails.  That is how I met Rose.  She had a beautiful stationery site and I sent her an email to thank her.  Now it is so easy to get backgrounds for our blogging sites.  All of them except wordpress.  There is not much you can do with wordpress as it is so blah.  I don’t even like to post there although I know that some of my blogging friends do follow me there.

The snow here is about an inch, Peoria has several inches and where my son lives is much more snow.  I am getting ready now to go out with my niece to the post office and out to lunch.  I hope you all have a great weekend.

Red heart  Beth


  1. Isn't it astonishing how much cheaper and easier home computers have become? And so quickly! When I started as a computer programmer, we still wired big metal boards to create programs and the main compute at City Hall, where I worked, took up half the entire basement. Now a mobile phoe is more powerful than those old computer by many times over.

  2. Hi Beth,

    My snow has disappeared - hoorah - hope it doesn't reappear too soon. Hope you have a wonderful weekend - Hugs Nita

  3. Beth, I love your blogs. They are so upbeat and interesting. What city do you live in in Illinois? Have a great weekend and holiday season.

  4. Yeah, David, they were like the old Univac, HUGE!
    Beth, I'm self taught, too, and it wasn't easy. But that 15 yrs ago for me now, and although I can whip around the internet and do a lot of neat little things, I STILL can do headers and backgrounds that are already together. It just goes right over my head and I don't know why. Mine are all made, bit by bit, piece by piece by me in Adobe. I must spend half my life coloring, resizing, just never ends. What I want is YOUR page! G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S.
    I'm getting ready to take a longggggg nap as I didn't go to bed at all last night. A wild hair caught me after I bought all the batteries in the world and I did the outside of the house and the inside. Man, what a job.
    The next sound you hear will be ZZZZZZZzzzzzzz.

  5. ...and I can't type, either. Fixing the above, it was supposed to be: "But that WAS 15 yrs...", then, "I still CAN'T do headers...", then, "cutting" not cuting.
    Never type when your eyes are at half mast.

  6. I can't do anything unless it is all put together for me. I just get on google and type in free blog backgrounds. I am after the ones that don't use photobucket as a host.
    I think cuting sounds better. I thought it was a new word that you made up. I have a whole dictionary of words that I have made up.

  7. I remember stationery for your emails. Not sure when I bought my first PC. Used my youngest son's for a while, then he upgraded and sold it to me. Probably in same general time frame as you. Still remember Garry saying he had no need for a computer...then we got him started using one. Now he'd be lost without it. Me, too.

  8. we had computer in my hubby's office that is a long time ago and keeps in the special room and it was great big computer, we have espicial lady to handle the computer in that time.
    It come from Italy but I am not interest in that at all.
    But I am enjoy blogs with all help from our blogs family friends.

  9. I'm like Michiko..I get help from all of my blog family. And even then, you'd think most times I hadn't a brain in my head. I was telling JennyD that always turning to the boys worked against me in that I never had to learn and now, I'd likely strip gears if I had to do it on my own. :-)


  10. I love stationery! Pretty writing paper, writing materials, pens, pencils, stickers, envelopes.

    I also love online stationery, pretty background and all things to make your blogspot look A1.

    Sunday Blessings!

  11. I think we all learn mostly with the help of friends , that what make space so good, there is always someone willing to help
    Take care

  12. I love reading everyone's comments here. We've come a long way baby! Way, way back when I first started working, I was a keypunch operator. Remember the old IBM cards? Then it went to tape then floppy disks and now everyone and their brother have their own PC. One of the greatest inventions ever! Congrats on your 13th anniversary of being online.


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