It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Warming up here…

all of the way up to 3 degrees here right now, wind chill still below zero.  I have sped with the speed of lightning over to the laundry room and did two loads of laundry, hardly felt the cold at all.  Smile

I need to go out, warm up my car and head over to the grocery store, mostly to get out of the house.  I am getting cabin fever.  Yesterday, I did get out long enough to go to the post office.  I am thoroughly aggravated with the postal service as I mailed an overseas package on Nov 26 and it hasn’t been received yet.  I was given a number to call for the 2nd time.  The package was sent first class and I was informed it should have been received in 6 – 10 business days.  I also was informed that there is nothing that can be done about it.  Sad smile

I called last night and talked to my old friend Chris who is in a nursing home.  She has neuropathy and has been in the nursing home for almost 4 years.  That gal has lots of courage and determination.  Her daughter is a nurse practitioner and has made very sure her mom has had the best of care.  She has made several trips to the Mayo Clinic and is due to go again in March.  Each time I talk to her she tells me of her accomplishments since we last talked.  She is able to walk a short distance now with a walker.  Bear in mind that when she first went in the nursing home she couldn’t walk at all and barely use her hands.  First it was a few steps between the bars and then finally up to over 2000 steps, and now the walker.  Makes me feel pretty small when I think I have something to complain about.  She is a devout Christian and that plays a huge part in her accomplishments.   Chris was my neighbor for many years back in the days when our children were small.

Speaking of old neighbors, my husband’s best friend is in stage 4 cancer and it is like reliving a very sad time in my life over again.  I spoke to him on the telephone this week and he is courageous and optimistic even though he is on antibiotics and recovering from the flu.  Prayers for you Bill.

OK, I have procrastinated enough, I need to get the car going.  There are only 96 days left till Spring!

Red heart  Beth


  1. Very good news about Chris but sad news about Bill. Both will be in my prayers -- no one can ever have enough prayers.
    We had 2 inches of snow day b4 yesterday and it was just this morning I needed to go out. I forgot about the really icy conditions and my entire car was frozen solid. I chipped away until my hands couldn't take anymore. Finally got a door open and blindly moved the car so that the sun would hit the windshield (can't believe I didn't crash into the house). An hour later, thank goodness the ice was melting and I could scrape the rest. What a morning. Every other car on the street was clean as a whistle, lol. XOXOXO

  2. Nice that Chris is improving, even it is bit by bit. Every little step helps. Sorry about Bill. Will send prayers. We ventured out just for hour yesterday and then right back home. More snow predicted for here tomorrow, but that will give a little rise in the temp. Hope so.

  3. 96 and counting. Shame about your parcel, maybe it will turn up at some point. snow is to return here and they are forecasting a certain white christmas. Hugs - Nita.

  4. We are right now at forty degrees and yes, I feel blessed. It's a strange turn of events when we are warmer here in Montana than other parts of the country. Mailing abroad can be a sticky business can't it? I've sure been there. Seeing the suffering of others is a sobering thing. Right now there are those in my life that have more mental issues than physical but it's none the less devastating. I've done nothing but run for days on end and that trend won't let up until Christmas for the most part...a day at home sounds really nice to me. Have a great day my friend.

  5. What a lovely tale of fortitude Beth, here's wishing the old lady continues to improve. Such courage at that age.
    Our post, here in UK or at least where I am, is bad and getting worse, I don't get a delivery until 5 pm and never on a Monday !
    but our weather isn't as bad as yours, for now, they forecast it will be getting worse by the week end, If I hear of just one person complaining of it being too hot in the summer I will strangle them.

  6. Happy for Chris and sorry about Bill. The mail does seem to crawl at times. My sis said at 6:00 AM, it was 10 F here, it had warmed to 12 F when Kassey and I got up about 7:00 AM. We may be getting rain, freezing rain tomorrow, don't doubt it with all the cold. I'm shopping online so I don't have to get out.

  7. This time of years always the parcel post get lost that I hope he will receive soon.
    We mustn't complained about ourself that a lots f people are having a bad time Beth.
    Enjoy your day.

  8. I have had that happens (so have we all) with parcels going off somewhere to and I went thru that! :-) The second parcel I said would be your Christmas gift. :-)

    I remember seeing Bill in your pictures. Love and prayers to him and Chris.

  9. 96 days till spring lol, you had better get busy!
    I hope your package arrives at the correct destination and soon. I always worry when i send something that it wont get there and the receiver will believe i didn't send it or didn't think of them,,,stressful for sure.
    Be so careful in this nasty weather when getting out side.

  10. We're cold up here but you're cooold!
    When I hear of people such as your friends, I always have to pause and realize how lucky I am. My problems are petty. This time of year can be tough for many people.

  11. Happy for Chris she has indeed achieved a lot , bravo I love to hear this kind of thing.Sorry to hear about Bill though.It's a fine day here today but the freeze is due back maybe as early as tomorrow in some parts of Eng.I shall be ringing my brother up tonight to see how he is coping. Well done on the laundry have loads here piling up..just can't get into it. xx

  12. I've sent lots of things all over the world and from what I can tell our mail service is really good compared to other countries. If there's a problem, it's most likely because they have such a poor mail system.

    Really sorry about your ex neighbor. It's so sad to lose good friends.

    Keep warm and I know you're thinking spring!


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