It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Countdown to Spring…

is 70 days.  Why you know we will just turn around good and Spring will be here.  No more snow, ice and bitter cold.  I have learned however that it is better not to hold my breath while I am waiting.  It was 6 degrees this morning when I got up at 7:30.  I have no idea what the wind chill is but it is breezy so I imagine it is below zero.  It has climbed all of the way up to 16 now.

My daughter came over yesterday, bringing me a lunch of fried chicken, etc.  Yumm!!  Then she cleaned the snow off my car and took it on a run to the pharmacy to pick up a script for me.  Next she changed my bedding and did the load of laundry.  Thank you Marcia!!!  Everyone should be blessed with a daughter as kind as mine.

I am walking better today and the pain is not as bad.  I am not ready to run in a marathon though.  I will wait a day or two for that.  I need to go check out the kitchen for something to eat.  I learned yesterday that if I run my toaster oven and microwave at the same time it will trip a circuit breaker as the maintenance guy patiently pointed out to me.  Smile  I am always delighted to give maintenance a way to earn their salary on a Saturday.

I finally took down my clock that plays a Christmas song on the hour as it was beginning to get on my last nerve.  There is a time for all good things and the time for that clock is past until this coming December.

Have a peaceful day all of you.  Stay safe and be happy!

Red heart  Beth


  1. Good to see you're getting better and that was really nice of Marcia to come over and pamper you like that. It feels like spring is miles away, but I have noticed the days are getting a little longer...just a little.

  2. Hi Beth,
    Pleased you are being looked after and feeling a bit better. Hugs Nita

  3. It's cold here..was 4 around 6am. I am so looking forward to spring.
    I'm so glad you have Marcia close. What a blessing for you both. Glad to hear the pain isn't as bad today.

  4. Hey, sweetie, I'm catching up on a long overdue blog walk today. First I read about your pain, and then the doc appt, and then I was getting scared. Luckily the next post was about the diagnosis, and although I hate the fact of such crappy arthritis, well, I was relieved, too (you know...) Once warm weather gets here, that will really help your pain. My knees are crying out for some warmth.
    I agreed with you about Ryan's wife. She should never have to be alone at the end of her days because of something he did. I am glad he will be able to be with her. He can go back to jail afterwards.
    Tell Marcia we are all hugging her half to death for doing all those wonderful things for you. Yes, indeed, she is a treasure!
    See you soon, Beth, and keep those bones WARM.

  5. You are so blessed Beth with such a caring daughter. I am glad she is watching out for you. Take care today and hope the results tomorrow says you need chocolate! We can only hope right? Hugs my friend.

  6. We that have daughters that help are so blessed Beth. Hope you feel better and stronger with each day.
    And 70 days to spring seems too long. Its cold here with over three feet of snow and the snow will be here until spring.
    Im coming down with a cold now. Go figure that one. I guess Im run down from so much that has happened.
    Stay warm. Get well
    and keep the count down going

  7. It not so long ago that you having a winter time
    but I can understand that you don't wanred anymore.
    So glad you are getting a better today and getting in you were hungry thats good sign Beth.

    Please take care.

  8. Fresh sheets are a blessing in themselves! I agree with Toodie, hot chocolate is in order here.

  9. I know that there's no point getting too worked up about spring yet but a little hope goes a long way in the cold months of winter! I'm glad to hear you're doing a bit better and have some help there. Starting the week over again..can you believe it's Monday rolling around again?

  10. Good to hear you are having a pain free day Beth, and yes you are truly blessed with that wonderful daughter. Cold wet and windy here and getting darker as I write. Enjoy your Monday and hope the weather improves hugs Sheila.

  11. Glad the pain has eased Beth, and Marcia sounds like a treasure, and also a much appreciated one I'm sure.
    May the Christmas clock enjoy a lovely rest, 'til it's needed again next time...
    Hope you have a wonderful week....xPenx

  12. You certainly are living in a blessed clime if Spring means "No more snow, ice and bitter cold". Up here in WNY we'll be seeing at least another month of the snow and ice - although the cold may be a tad less bitter. I do know that if it is 6 degrees out, the wind chill doesn't make a whole lot of difference to me - not much chance of my venturing out in my bathing suit.

    I've noticed that good daughters tend to have been raised by good mothers. Not always, but usually.

    I can see why the clock would drive you nuts. Especially since the Christmas songs in the malls start about October - that is a lot of time to be hearing the same damn songs.

  13. Beth, It's good to hear your pain isn't as bad and I hope it'll go away soon. You're very fortunate to have a loving Daughter. I never had a Daughter, but I have 3 sweet sons.

  14. I was starting to think that you are invincible. It's good to know that you are human afterall. :) Looking forward to you getting back to your invincible self, and I am so hoping that as the days go by, you will experience less and less pain. I just don't like to see someone as nice as you in so much discomfort/pain. So, I'm writing you a prescription to get better. Don't forget to take your medicine.

  15. It would be nice to have a daughter...but a granddaughter will do...the daughters-in-law are pretty good, too...
    I'm glad you have someone close by now...

  16. That is so sweet of your that yummy fried chicken!Take it easy!


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