It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Friday, January 21, 2011

It’s finally Friday…

and it is bitter cold in central Illinois this morning.  Checking in at this very minute at 6 below zero with a wind chill of minus 11 with snow on the way for this afternoon.
I made the cookies yesterday and they are now winging their way to Chicago via a priority mail box and an outlay of $10.95. 
Click on the pictures for a bigger view.  I couldn’t get them all in the box.  The container in the middle picture I gave to my daughter and son in law.  They were kind enough to mail the package for me.  The ones on the paper plate I kept for me.  Smile
I had to smile at a comment left for me from David yesterday.  I had mentioned I would be glad to see warmer weather so that I could explore the cemetery again.  He wanted to know if I was checking out my future home.  No David, I know where I am praying my future home will be.  I know for a fact that my ashes will be next to Jims in the little cemetery at home.  It is just interesting to walk in a cemetery and look at the stones.  I have never gotten to the oldest part yet.  This is a huge cemetery and stretches for miles. 
Since we are under a wind chill advisory today I doubt if I will venture out.  I think I will forego the TV dinner and cook a decent meal today.  You know I did that last weekend, chicken and noodles, etc.  and I ate that for 3 days.  It just isn’t as good after it is frozen. 
WAIT! I am changing my mind as I am typing.  A pot of chili, and that is good after it is frozen.  Mind made up!!
I need to close this now so I can do some visiting.  I hope you are all home and will offer me a cup of tea.  I’m bringing my plate of cookies.
Red heart  Beth


  1. Good Morning Twin. I am trying to out wait the Boss so as to get her to the v-e-t.

    I LOVE the look of those cookies. I wish I was there. I would definitely help you devour them. Well, I will would nibble.

    Not that bad here as it is where you are. They said we would have a fast moving snow come thru last night and it did. It left nothing on the ground. However, there is snow predicted three times at least, next week. :-(

    Enjoy the chili. I would if I had any.

  2. brr - hope you manage to keep warm and safe. It is getting a bit colder here, but today the sun is shining and we have no snow. cup of tea always ready and the cookies look great. Hugs Nita

  3. Mmmmch!!...Sorry Beth, got my mouth full nibbling on your cookies, lovely!! .... Checking out your future home? ;-) ..Sheeesh!! not for a long time yet..
    It's turned quite frosty here again, but Bess quite likes it, with her thick Border Collie fur, I'm tempted to put her round my shoulders for warmth, but I think she'd find it a tad uncomfortable. Hope you enjoyed the Chili,
    have yourself a great week-end, xPenx

  4. Good frosty morning Beth. It says it's -15 here this morning, too darn cold for me. It would be a great day to bake something though but since you already made cookies come on over, I'll put on a pot of tea or would you rather have hot chocolate?

  5. Below zero here too this morning. It's UP to '0' right now. Good day for chili, great idea! I will make some too. Your son will love your package. Those cookies look so good. I made the Eskimo cookies yesterday....they are too good. Keep warm today.

  6. Must not look at cookies.......this 1500 calorie a day diet the doc put me on is tough enough to stick to as it is.

    :: Picks up a carrot stick. fixes it with a steely look::

    "You are a cookie!"

  7. Those cookies look absolutely wonderful! We stand at thirty-eight degrees today so I guess we're pretty darn blessed! We will be having meetings in Chicago come next month so I hope it warms up in those parts a bit. I don't think I could bear the irony of leaving the cold here for colder weather there!

  8. Oh I want a cookie Beth! Once again the weather from the middle of the country is heading our way. 0 on Sunday. Oooo you said chilli! Why am I always salivating when I leave here?

  9. I can't believe I broke down and enlarged those pictures. I am done for now. I MUST have those cookies!
    I remember you saying they were oatmeal/raisin, right? Delish, no doubt, but when I looked at the pics, they almost looked like oatmeal/cranberry. I've never even heard of oatmeal/cranberry, but now that's sounding good, too! XOXOXO

  10. Those cookies are very tempting? If I have one after that I can't stopped...
    I watching Tennis on TV now just I would like to have one.
    Please send me by express post:-)

  11. I just love chilli Beth and yes it dies indeed taste just great after been frozen. Those cookies look lovely.Wind chill oh crikey hate that bites right into to your cheeks. Enjoy your weekend hugs Sheilax

  12. I love myself when I make chili - I don't have to cook for days. I don't freeze it, I just refrigerate it and eat it every day until it is gone. (Just now I am doing that same thing with an awesome potato salad I made 2 days ago - 3 lbs of potatoes and a dozen eggs' worth of salad. Not only do 'mixed up' foods taste better as they age, but the added knowledge that I don't have to cook today combine to make each bite a pleasure (maybe not as great as those cookies, though).
    Glad you enjoyed my cemetery comment (you never know; hope JennyD sees this as proof that you don't HAVE to add, "LOL" - trust your reader!) I too love cemeteries - the peace and order and the quiet aura of love and loss, of great emotions stilled. I always check the dates, compute the ages and wonder a great deal about those who died young. Just the simple fact of the age speaks more eloquently of sorrow than all the lamb or angel monuments and heart-broken inscriptions and soggy stuffed animals can do.

  13. yummmmmmmmmmmmy! *plunges face into cookies* I loooooove cookies!!

  14. I always find it interesting how many people think cemeteries are creepy places because I always thought they were very beautiful and I love walking through them and looking at all the stones/graves and everything. It's one of my favorite places for a little 'soul searchiong'/thinking. It's very peaceful and relaxing to me.


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