It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Oh no, more snow to come…

and lots of it.  I listen to the weather channel on the scanner each morning while I am making my bed.  What I heard this morning made me want to crawl right back in bed.  More snow to come starting Tuesday through Wednesday with a significant amount.  Winds to pick up to blizzard proportion Wednesday afternoon and 8 below zero F, real temp by Wednesday night.  And I was just beginning to see some grass (and unraked leaves) under the remaining snow on the ground.  I feel for Gertie the Groundhog.  I bet she will go right back to bed too.

Yesterday was not an exciting day.  Toodie told us the cleaning bug had bitten her so she sent it over to me.  I cleaned the dreaded bathroom thoroughly, not liking one minute of it.  Now I don’t like bugs anyway so I am sending this bug on along to anyone who will take it.  Paul can you use it?  I know Carole doesn’t need it as she cleans her house from top to bottom every Sunday after church.  Oh shoot, I guess that means I am stuck with it so tomorrow I will clean some more.  Baring teeth smile

Enough silliness and I have to get ready to go out.  On my way back I will stop at the store and stock up on necessities for the storm.  Bread, milk, stuff from the deli counter.  Paul knows the drill, after all Boston is buried under mega inches of snow.

I will catch you all later.

Red heart  Beth


  1. We had reports of similar weather. The snow that's arrived thus far isn't as much as it could have been but the advisory goes through tomorrow...let's hope it stays mild for you too. It's eight degrees right now...that's what bothers me the most. Lovely is out of town until tomorrow too so that makes me less than thrilled with the weather right now. Stay warm my friend.

  2. Good Morning Beth, I absolutely love your header, and your blog. Even with these cold dreary days, your blog is so bright and cheary!
    Hey! Maybe you could scoot that cleaning bug right on out the door in the cold, or just maybe since the weather is going to be so bad, you could go ahead and do some of that Spring cleaning, and get prepared for all those sunny bright spring days that will come, even if it is still a ways off.
    What ever you decide, have a Blessed Day, and week ahead.
    Love those pansys.
    Hugs, Dianne :)

  3. Beth I was able to divert that bug some. I was asked to paint three signs. I finished them and the bug is now overwhelming ;-(
    Oh this doggone snow and storms is sickening!

  4. Oh, Beth, those pansies in your header are to die for! I just starred at them for the longest time. New background, too! Perfect jewels -- ohhh for Spring.
    We were supposed to get another round of snow this coming week, but now they are saying rain instead. We will actually have ONE whole day with high 60's and then back down again. I don't envy your forecast. Come on over here. I won't even make you clean ;)

  5. Hi Beth,

    Oh do love those pansies, need them for my balcony box. Hope the snow is not too bad and doesn't last too long. I need to catch the cleaning bug too tomorrow. Take care - Hugs Nita.

  6. Beth the snow is headed our way Tuesday and Wednesday. Right now we're atr 60 inches for the winter but we have a ways to go to top our most ever which was over 100 inches in 97-98. Still It's worse snowwise living in Buffalo or Minnesota though at the moment we have more snow on the ground than they do in Minneapolis. On the other hand we still have Feb. and Mar. to deal with.
    Don't forget the 4 cases of bottled war, 4 or 5 loaves of bread and plenty of perishables that will spoil if you lose power. Not you. Your house.

  7. It seems your pansies are a big hit Beth, meet another fan, they dispel any chill thoughts of the snow, well nearly!
    I had to have the cleaning bug on Saturday as I had friends for dinner, and you can't take the chance of a stray bit of dust poking it's head up, when you've done.
    Thanks for visiting and kind comments. I'm going to give YOU a recipe for a change. hop over to your other blog.

  8. If listening to the weather scanner in the morning makes you want to crawl under the bed, why not turn it off? I actually moved back to NY because I missed snow, and I am kind of glad to see it. Especially since I don't have to drive to work every day. Or ever. Hmm - maybe it is not the snow that is making me feel so happy. Perhaps you can have snow and grass, too. I know the combination makes me feel VERY mellow...

  9. We've got a not so nice forecast too. Ugh! But we had sun today and it sure felt good.

  10. We had two perfect days. Yesterday it got to like 57..sunny all day. I even had the moon roof cracked open some on the car and today, over 60. I was on the deck sunning and enjoying the Sunday paper! However..that will change of course but we had 2 days in which to revel and hold to while the rain/snow/ sleet come again.
    (I didn't do the bathroom yet..just the vanity and toilet.)(so it's waiting for me.)

  11. Dear Beth Marie, Going to visit Kroger on Monday for provisions to ride out the storm. Sure am yearning for spring. As ever be well

  12. looks like spring here...and George Jones is back...
    we finally had some sun yesterday, not so much today, but a little...was in the low forties, though...
    keep that storm out there...

  13. Beth, I love Love your Pansys at the top . How stunning. Thank you for coming by. Im taking you in my heart with me.
    Hugs Beth. Stay warm and safe.

  14. Oh and we here on the Praries tonight are going to freeze to death its that cold and Im sure snow coming in. I saw sundogs today. There days and a change in the weather for sure. I know that one.
    Hugs xoxo

  15. So sorry you having a cold weather and in here
    40C pretty hot everyday...
    Just wait for couple of weeks???
    take care.

  16. Seems like we were both writing about the weather today. Hope yours improves soon. Be well,

  17. Hi here Beth,
    just listening to the music, Choices, always difficult to live with the choices we made in the past, but live with them we must, the past is gone, the future has to be lived , and more choices to come...
    I must have been bitten by that cleaning bug too, 'cos I did the whole of the house, through, with Bess barking in accompaniment ...She's one who hates dusters!! Maybe she was a cleaner in a previous life? lol!!
    I hope the snow either doesn't arrive, or goes as quickly as it came....Faint hope I know... but I do try!! xPenx

  18. Hello dear Beth!
    Here is the snow on thawing out. But winter is not over yet.
    Wishing you a wonderful week! Hugs Ann

  19. Guess hibernation is in the forecast for this week. If the bug had to show up I suppose this is as good a time as any. Maybe it will get buried under the snow or blown away in the storm.

  20. We've had more snow this winter and more often than we have in a long time. I am SO looking forward to spring. I love your flowers on your blog. It helps us realize spring is just around the corner. Stay safe and warm!


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