It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

And the countdown to Spring…

is 4 days, 10 hours, 54 minutes and 9 seconds as I am typing this.  This is to be a beautiful almost Spring like  day topping out at a sunny 68 degrees.  If this happens it will be the warmest day so far this year.  Right now it is hovering at 32 degrees so I am impatiently waiting.  Not holding my breath, mind you, just waiting.

I think I have spring fever as I don’t want to do anything today.  It is just like I am in limbo, waiting for the other shoe to fall.  I just hope it doesn’t fall on top of my head.  I need to get up the energy to go to the store in a few minutes as I am out of some things.

My mind is filled with the terrible happenings in Japan.  So very heartbreaking.  My thoughts and prayers are with those affected.  So very sad!

Not much happening here in my little corner of America and for that I am thankful.  I survived the ultrasound Winking smile as I knew I would and now I am waiting for the results. 

I am heading out for a little while.  I will catch you all when I get back.

Red heart  Beth


  1. Hi Beth, I hope your winter day brings you all the happiness and joy of a sunny spring day! With love and care from Kerrie. xOx

  2. hoping for good results, Beth...we'll be in the fifties, today...

  3. spring fever
    we had 2 days temp around 16 C and everyones running outside and working in the gardens
    i hope Beth u will get good results

  4. I hear you Beth, I haven't felt much like doing anything either. Just a few more days and lets hope Spring springs nicely and then maybe we'll get some get up and go.
    Those poor people in Japan just make your heart break.

  5. Japan is ever on my thoughts. Lovely has spoken with her mother there in Tokyo...we are working to get her out of there...God's grace to all involved. I pray that you get good results from your tests my friend. God bless you.

  6. I got the fever too Beth. Tomorrow (Wed.) will be the warmest day so far around here and I'm headed into town to have lunch at a place "where everybody knows your name." I'm taking the camera.

  7. Today was a nice day here. Started out cloudy and cool, then the sun came out about mid day. Tomorrow is to be sunny. I'm hoping to be able to hang our sheets outside.
    Japan is in my thoughts a lot...I feel so badly for all those people and what they're going through.

  8. I feel so sorry about the Japanese people who having a bad time now that made me really heart brakes..
    then what can I do about it? only prayed for them it going to be a long time to recovery from this tragedy things.

    Hope you get a good results Beth.

  9. Hi there Beth, I'm with you on the waiting stage, it seems there's a 'feeling' in the air right now. Maybe Japan has centered our thoughts and prayers. So much devastation has occurred and still it's not over, more to come with the nuclear situation. We can only wait and watch with bated breath for the outcome. Prayers must help I feel.
    I too, hope your results are fine, my friend, take care and catch up soon...xPen and her Majx

  10. Blessings.....
    I echo your sentiment for the people of Japan.
    I guess you can't wait for spring huh...:-)

    I am slowing closing my wordpress blog by moving over my posts, i am also moving over the comments so if you see your comments on days you have not visited my page that is why.

    Peace...stay blessed.

  11. They say it will get to 59 here today, I hope they are right. I need to get to the store myself darn it. We are out of milk and other things. I feel so bad for the Japanese and what they are going through. I can't imagine that kind of fear and losing so many. It's heartbreaking!

  12. We are just so lucky here in UK although we complain about the weather, what's happened in Japan puts everything into perspective and makes us reflect on our favoured situation. It must be absolute hell there.
    I've missed out that you were having an ultrasound, Hope all is well.


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