It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sunshine and 64 degrees…


and the Irish half of me wants to wish you all a very happy St. Patrick’s Day.  Well, I guess the Dutch half of me wants to wish you a happy day too. 

I have been out gallivanting all morning.  First to pay my cable bill, then to Wal*mart  and finally stopping by Eighth Street Station, formerly known as Grumpy Pete’s for lunch.  Lots of good things to eat on the buffet today.  BBQ beef ribs, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, fried chicken, lasagna plus the salad bar and cream of chicken soup.  Of course I didn’t eat all of these things but I will say the ribs were luscious!!

It is a beautiful day today, 64 degrees and bright sunshine.  I went out without a jacket this morning for the first time in many months.  The countdown to Spring is 3 days, 6 hours, 52 minutes and 2 seconds as I am typing this.  I am in the mood to do more spring cleaning, but not today as I ate too much lunch. 

I still find it hard to believe I have been here a year.  My cable company is raising my Triple Play rates and I need to check into that.  I hate to change companies as it involves a bunch of kaka, otherwise known as crap, so I guess I will stick with Comcast but I am going to try and get the deal I was promised for my second year.  Whew, that was a long sentence.  The English professor in me tells me to go back and change it and the lazy part of me says to forget it as it is fine just as it is.

I hope you all have a peaceful day.  Stay safe and be happy.

Red heart  Beth


  1. G'day Beth, Right back at cha - Happy St Patrick's Day! I actually forgot about St Paddy's day this year. Yesterday I was busy getting orange colored things ready for Jaiden to wear today for the National Day against Bullying. I'm so passionate about this to the point that I feel like starting a picket line. Of course, I wouldn't do that. (I think.) I like the name of the eatery - Eighth Street Station, has a certain positive feel to it. I'd go for the ribs too. Mmm, mmm. Good to hear the weather is finally warming up in your part of the world. Enjoy your beautiful day to the max!!! All our love always, Kerrie and Jaiden. xOx

  2. Glorious weather you have that right.. it's a wonderfully warm St Pat's day here sun shining.. I love it.. back to packing up.. (sigh) it never ends.. heh

  3. 64degrees wow Beth thats great, it was the same temp here in the West Country , on Monday and Tuesday.Lunch sounds tasty so much to choose from yummy. Happy St PATRICK'S Day take care xSheila x

  4. It is a glorious day and I couldn't be happier! Has it been a whole year already? Gosh it seems like it was just a couple months ago that you moved there.
    Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you too Beth!

  5. The weather has been really nice here too and I'm loving it. I hope it continues and then get warmer. Don't ask for much do I, ;-).

    Happy Saint Patricks Day to you.

  6. We haven't had it that warm here yet Beth, but it's trying, at least we haven't had any frost for about a week, though it was only at night.
    All that food sounds lush, I'd be spoiled for choice, any one would suit me.
    St Patricks day is my son in law's birthday, so I can't forget it.
    Pretty background Beth

  7. It was 74 here today and strong sun all the live long day. I was out in it some but only inspired for one picture. I may post it in a bit.

    I was ready for some good eats after reading that! Can I slope on over to your door?

  8. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you too :-) I'm glad to hear you are having some nice weather :-)

    Take care Beth and have a great day :-)


  9. It was a gorgeous day here. Sunshine and 75 degrees. Although, it was a mite on the windy side. I hung our sheets outside...smelled so good.

  10. Glad you finally had some sunshine ;-)
    Staying with Comcast? Lordy you are a glutin for punishment...ha haa. Have a luck O' Thee Irish half of ya's today!

  11. Sounds like you had a wonderful, Saint Patricks Day, Beth. It was 50 degrees here today, and it felt good compared to what we have had. It was warm enough to barbecue, and sit on the deck, and have a nice hot cup of tea, with a light jacket on. Our temps are slowly climbing but not as hot as your neck of the woods.
    Nice to see the Spring count down. Yep it is almost here and we survived another winter!
    Take care and enjoy those nice warm days.
    Dianne :)

  12. Did you said With out jacket it must be nice day.
    And enjoy Saint Patrick's Day.
    My friends wear all the green color a top from bottom and she has really enjoy the day.
    Take care Beth,

  13. Today it's supposed to go up to 72 degrees and I am in HEAVEN! Good luck with the cable company. MAke sure you have alot of chocolate on hand when talking to'll make you feel better! Blessings, Joanne

  14. Well a happy post St. Patricks day to you Beth! I was a little busy yesterdday to visit. As I write this I am enjoying a cup of coffee with the chocolate mousse cannoli I bought yesterday. Not very Irish of me but then again I did have corned beef and cabbage yesterday for lunch.

    I dumped Comcast 10 years ago. I have been with DishTV for 3 and a half years after a horrible experience with DirectTV. So far they have been the best of the bunch.

    As always I thank you for your support. I guess that sounds like I'm running for office.

  15. Its warming up here very very slow. We have so much snow to melt . I feel like Im still in winter with no hope of spring. You lunch sounded wonderful and your outing. I dont think Ive been out much in the last week . Im sure I will be out and about again and soon.
    Enjoy your weather Beth. Thanks for the welcome home.
    Much Love
    and time goes by so fast. A Year already.


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