It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Yay, another running day...

This life I am leading here is far different than it was in my old little town. There I went to the fitness center to workout 5 days a week and to the post office to check my mail every day. Once a week to Champaign to get groceries etc. No family within 100 miles in 2 different directions. Here I have family, lots of stores to choose from and many places to eat, plus a Kroger store. I love Kroger's, not quite as much as Meijer but close. I miss my home and friends and visiting the cemetery. I am hoping Marcia will go with me in May to put some flowers on Jim’s grave.

Today my daughter and I went to East Peoria to check the dollar stores. She is looking for some wooden spoon for a craft to use at church.

No luck finding the spoons, we stopped by Kohl's. Something about that store is magnetic. It just draws you inside and invites you to spend money. I bought a couple of things, some potting soil, etc.

Next on to my favorite eating spot, 8th Street Station aka Grumpy Pete’s where we had the buffet. Fried chicken, meat loaf, BBQ beef ribs, mashed potatoes and green beans plus the soup and salad bar.

Click on pictures to biggify.

By now I have missed Y & R so I am going to have to watch it on the DVR. The nice thing about the DVR is that you can fast forward through all commercials.

I am looking forward to a visit from my son on Saturday. I have to make lemon cream cheese bars on Friday which he always requests.

I am on my way to see what you all have been up to. I hope you have all been good. If not Santa won’t bring you anything.



  1. Hi.. stopped by to say hello sounds like you have been plenty busy. Hope your son's visit goes well and the weather stays nice too. : )

  2. Oh Twin, life is good there isn't it? I love reading of your happiness and good family life.

  3. I'm really happy to hear you say this. I wasn't really sure if you liked living there or not. Grumpy Pete's sounds like a place I'd like...probably like too much. :)

  4. I've told you many times that I'm so happy for you to lived close by your daughter:-)
    Just keep it up your healthy life.
    But don't work too hard in garden....
    Enjoy your day.

  5. I happen to like Kohls. Did you know that Kroger is the largest Supermarket Chain in the country. There are none around my way though. As Carole said it's good to hear that you have settled in a place that ads convenience to your life.
    Love the name Grumpy Pete's.
    Catch you on the flip flop, whatever that means.

  6. Yes this is good news to hear you say that Beth, it's good to have your daughter near to. Hope all goes well on Saturday with your son.Plenty of places to choose from for eating out and shopping can't have too much of that. Hugs Sheila xx

  7. Kohls is one of the favorites here and though I'm not one to shop alot, always go through there when at the mall. Grumpy Pete's sounds great. Being closer to you family is the best part of the new place.

  8. Have a safe and enjoyable trip to visit your son Beth.
    Gotta watch those magnetic stores – they drain your purse/wallet in a heart beat. I think we all have one or two favorites that fall into that category. My problem is, most of those toys are expensive and my wife Pat try’s to encourage me to only visit monthly – but that can be dangerous also – might be having a withdrawal fever for not visit for a long period of time and feel the need to buy more to make up for lost time. Terry

  9. Sounds like you are keeping busy and getting around. You are lucky to have family near you. Mine are all MILES away! Take care.

  10. Hi Beth, I'm having Chicken tonight, and most probably will be sitting there faced with begging eyes from you know who, (who'll have already have had her's but Oh no, what I eat must be so much better!!) Not that I mind, really, just proves she's got a healthy appetite still and thank goodness for that!
    Happiness shines through in your words, Beth, and I am so glad to read of it. Have a great time with your son, and I hope the weather is kind to you. Um, .... if you want a taster for the Lemon Cream Cheese bars, (just typing the name has my taste bugs tingling) I'm your woman!!... take care you, lots of hugs from me and her maj.xx


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