It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blagojevich, another go round…

Rolling eyes and sighing.  Sarcastic smile  Former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich’s new trial begins today.  The same defendant, the same courthouse, the same judge, even the same ridiculous hair.
AP photo at interview at the Chicago home of Blagojevich.

It seems totally appropriate that I should be writing this post today, Wednesday, which we in the blogging family officially declared rant day several years ago.  Of course my local paper, the Peoria Journal Star, is filled with many articles about this today, including an interview with the lone holdout juror in his trial last year.  The charges have been trimmed down from 24 to 20 and one defendant, his brother, is not being charged again.  Some of you may never have heard of Blagojevich, although if you live in the United States of America you would have to be totally out of it not to know who this man is.  In fact, I do believe he is known world wide for his shenanigans.  He along with George Ryan and a couple of other disgraced Illinois governors has brought Illinois to its largest debt in history.  In other words, we are broke.

There are two topics I rarely touch on in my blog, and that is politics and religion.  I do take both of these topics very seriously though.  I have a deep abiding faith and I follow politics very closely, but these are personal to me.  However, when the welfare of my state is involved I will speak out.  Our federal government will be paying for the prosecuting attorneys so that means all of us. The state of Illinois will be paying for the defendant’s attorneys which means me and the others citizens of Illinois.

Well, now I have said my piece so I will wait and see what happens with this trial.  It really is a good thing for Blago that the trial is being held in Chicago.  Chicagoans are more forgiving of their politicians than we are downstate.

And that is my Wednesday rant.

You all stay safe and be happy!!

Red heart  Beth


  1. It's never ending isn't it? Just don't let it get your blood pressure up. Take a deep breath and find something nice to do and think about.

  2. I agree with Terry. There's always something going on between the loopholes and greed. I hope justice is done to Blago.

  3. You'd think this idiot would end up in the circus for life to work off his debt to society...I won't be holding my breath on that one. These days it seems that nobody is held accountable...for all the talk about social justice we sure don't see anything even close to justice in cases like this. I hear you on politics and religion...though I'd call true Christianity relationship rather than religion. The struggle to remain relevant yet not hardly be able to talk about anything that matters because of the firestorms this creates...ah yes, I know this all too well.

  4. Dear Beth,
    I wish you a Happy Easter!
    Take care

  5. I love what Joe said..I just love it. I say ditto, Twin.

  6. I wish a very happy Easter with your loved ones!
    Please take care and you have a Diamond days every day.

  7. A Happy Easter Wish to you and yours Beth,
    and I hope the trial brings forth a ruling of accountability, although I'm not holding by breath. take care my friend, the sun is shining her and Bess is outside asleep, I keep checking her breathing every now and again, aren't I silly? For what can I do, but watch and wait, and smile when she's awake. Every day is a bonus.
    x Pen and Her Maj. x

  8. Hi Beth

    May you and your loved ones be blessed this Easter weekend! May Christ’s message of eternal life fill you with love.

    ♥... In His Love, Kerrie

  9. Hi Beth,

    Just stopping by to wish you A Happy, Peaceful, Easter.

    Hugs Nita

  10. It does seem like he has been in the news alot this past two years and you would think by now this entire situation would be over with, i do however believe there are more involved in this and some are now working in the White House so that makes it more drawn out as they work hard to hide the truth and find a way to make this guy the only fall guy here. ALong with you i hope its over soon and its sad the people have to pay the bill for this.

  11. Sad the state has to go through all of it again. I still remember having such hopes when he was elected...sure seemed like a good guy. Except for that hair. And, no I didn't vote for him. :)

  12. Oh Beth, you can be so feisty! I like it!

    I'll bet his main argument was that "everybody else does it". It is pretty bad when elected officials get caught in "questionable" activities, but it is much worse when they can not even recognize that what they were doing is basically wrong. On the other hand he would have a point in that it would be harder to find an honest politician than a needle in a haystack. The real question is: just how has the political process gotten so bad?

    Of course he is guilty ... and will begin to sing as soon as he starts serving time ... which is why he won't! Only one holdout juror...that person should be investigated. Unusual bank deposits etc.


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