It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Would you?

go back in time if you could?  I mean back to a time in your life when everything was bright and you were really happy.  Well, I have had a lot of happiness in my life and quite a bit of sadness too.  So yes, just for a little while I would like to go back…  Have any of you seen the movie ‘Peggy Sue Got Married?’  I have the DVD and I have watched that movie so many times.  Every time I run across it on TV I stop and watch it again. 
Movie trailer…

What time in your life would you choose?  I would choose the year that my daughter was ten and my son was seven years old.  Jim and I were so happy.  I worked most of my married life but at this particular time I wasn’t working.  Jim was working a full time job at an AFB and working part time at the local Firestone store.  I so much enjoyed cooking and baking, even cleaning.  In those days I made everything from scratch.  Box mixes were rare although even at that time there was Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Dinner in the blue box.  I am not the least bit embarrassed to say that to this day I still like the stuff even though homemade is lots better.

So here I am back in the real world and my children are grown and Jim is gone.  I still try to have a positive outlook on life and live one day at a time.

You all stay safe and be happy!!
Red heart  Beth


  1. Sometimes I think I would and then others not so much. Why, I'm not sure. Probably because I couldn't think of one time that was better than another. The birth of each child, my wedding, etc.

  2. Twin, I can think of many moments that I would like to re-live but the trouble have to come back to your own time presumably. If you are re-living something so sweet or might be hard to go back to reality. But I would say the magic years of childhood age 5 and under...and when the kids were born. Very joyful for me.

  3. It does have little tiny tiny white flowers on it. Can you tell me anything about it?

  4. Hi Beth,

    I haven't seen the movie "Peggy Sue Got Married", but I'll make certain to hire it out from the video store.

    To answer your question, would I go back in time? Never. However the memories I have forever. I hold on to the wonderful times and try my best to rid my mind of sadder times.

    But, I praise God for both good and bad, those experiences have molded and shaped me into the person God wants me to be.

    Stay safe and happy too! ♥... Kerrie

  5. I love this question! I would choose 1986. My Dad was alive and we were all home and rooting for our home team. It was weeks where we would all run home to hang out and watch the games on tv and be silly. I could still hear my Dad's laughter. It was the best. I have such beautiful fun memories of that time!

    Beth, thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. They do mean so much. I think of you and I think of my own Husband and I can't imagine how much you miss your Jim. God Bless you! Blessings, Joanne

  6. I loved my years as a free spirit child, riding bikes, playing street games, playing war games in the woods, trading comic books, cards,marbles, collecting newspapers to have money to buy ice cream from the Good Humor man. There was street rollerskating and polywog catching. I could go on forever. Oh! Not a worry in the world, then.............My parents only required that I be home when the 5 o'clock whistle at the firehouse blew, and I'm sure they didn't really know what I was doing or where I was most of the time.

    My dad, as he aged, always said that "My memories are my very own and I'm taking them with me when I go." How true.

  7. I have always been a forward thinking person though like you I've had ups and downs I think for sure I'd be right where I am right here and now. My kids are still here at home and not out of school yet and I love them and my wife so much. I don't know what I'd do without them. There's grace for every single thing my dear friend and I know for sure we are never alone though it may seem like it sometimes. God's remarkable blessings to you.

  8. If I could relive my life over sometimes I'd wonder how much I could change..

  9. I don't know if I would want to go back in time or not! But if I did I would go back to when Tina was 1 year old at her first birthday. I will never forget that day. It was a wonderful day. Yes I have saw Peggy Sue got married several times, I also love that movie

  10. Peggy Sue loved the film Beth , yes I would love to go back to my teens just for a week. Great time then no worries and mum was here we would laugh together so much, such a sense of humour. Hugs Sheila enjoy your day Beth take care. xx

  11. NO won't go back if I could UNLESS it would be to see and talk to my Brother who has been gone for 20 years today.. if I went back I think I would want to stay..

  12. It was a good an old days and I always looking back at a lovely time we have has with our family.
    I was an old fashion thoughtful woman and a good wife and mum for kids.

    I don't work because my husband own the Export & Import company from his father.
    But I have been go with all my friends as same way they do thought only way you have a true friends.

    My two son's has follows after his father steps
    I'm 100% happy with my family.
    I love to be back when my children were younger age that I think precious times....

    I wish Happy Easter to you and your family.
    Take care and don't forget have an exercise:-)

  13. I too have had a lot of happiness in the past and a lot of heartaches and disappointments. I am one of the many that would love to travel back in time to re-experience some of my more happier moments or to make better decisions. However, if traveling back in time meant that I would have to give up the people that I have in my life now, or lose memories of all that I have experienced (good and bad0… I don’t think that I would be packing to take that trip anytime soon. Everything that has come before is what was necessary for my life to turn out the way it has, and I like my life, so I'll suffer through the occasional bouts of regret over past mistakes, lost loved ones, broken heart, etc. because I wouldn't want to give up any of the good in my life.
    Time travel and its consequences are so unpredictable, though, so it is really a fascinating topic to ponder.


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