It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The day after not winning the lottery..

dawned bright and clear with the sun shining in my bedroom window reminding me that I had overslept.  And this aggravated me a bit because I had lots of things to do today.
My son was to visit today, but plans changed and he is to come tomorrow.  So I decided to start getting things ready.  Instead of eating out I have cooked a spiral sliced ham, made potato salad and have mac and cheese and baked beans ready to put in the oven.  I have the fridge full of food so that I can pack a cooler for him to take back home with him tomorrow evening.  We mothers are like that.  Nobody takes better care of our kids than we do.  Winking smile
Today has turned out to be beautiful, 52 degrees and bright sunshine.  I have finished everything I planned to do today.  Now I think I will sit down and rest a bit and watch an episode of Bones.  I am so hooked on that show.  I keep waiting for Bones and Booth to hook up but I think it ain’t  gonna  happen.  I downloaded one of Kathy Reichs books to my Nook thinking I would like it.  I found it to be boring.  I was expecting it to be more exciting since the Bones series is based on Kathy’s Temprance Brennan series.   Emily Deschanel who plays Dr. Brennan in the series actually favors Kathy a lot.  David Boreanaz  is really easy on the eyes.  He plays Booth on the show.  And that is my celebrity lesson for you all today.  Pop quiz tomorrow.
You can tell from all of this chattering that I have nothing newsworthy to report.  I hope you all are having a lovely peaceful weekend.  Stay safe and be happy!!
Red heart  Beth


  1. Now that meal is fit for a king. I didn't win the lottery

  2. NO lottery win at all Beth? and here's me hot footing over to um.. borrow a few pounds .. (dollars) :-) As if!!
    I hope you have a great day with your son, sounds like you can feed him fit to burst, so any leftovers and me an' Bess'll be right over!!
    It's been a peaceful, sunny day here, and Bess has had a good day, still a bit shaky on her back legs, but she's willing to play, which says a lot about her strength of character. I'm willing her on too, for many more days to come.
    Hugs to you and yours Beth, and catch up soon..
    xPen and her Maj.x

  3. I agree that the Kathy Reichs books are not as interesting as the Bones TV series.

    Saw your comment over at OLD GEEZER and I liked that you are not bored either. I cannot honestly remember being bored a day in my life.

    Too much to do, and to think, and to read....
    have a good day.

  4. Hi Beth,

    Have a good day tomorrow with your son. It is mother's day here tomorrow.

    Hugs Nita.

  5. Hello Beautiful Miss. Beth! Sorry to hear that there was a delay in your son's visit, but I am sure that he's just as disappointed. We sons do love our momma's and we look forward to the home cooking too! Does he bring his laundry home with him... cause I would hate to think that I was the only one that did that.
    I didn't win the lottery here either, then again, my chance was next till nil as I didn't even buy a ticket. Uuugh! For the record, I started watching Bones, and I do enjoy the show myself. Enjoy your weekend.

  6. So sorry you didn't win the lottery. The food sounds delish. Your son is very lucky to have a Mom like you. Have a nice visit tomorrow.

  7. I have to say that I like that show as well. The on again off again romance is similar to the series Moonlighting in the 80's. Another show I liked very much except everyone seemed to do their best to kill that show and they succeeded. That show has some of the most beautiful women on television. We have something else in common. I didn't win the lottery either! Yay!

  8. I didn't win the lottery either and by golly one day I may actually enter the thing and try!
    Oh your son will be delighted. MINE would be delighted. Now thems good eatin'! *I* would be delighted. hey, can Erich and I come for supper?


  9. What a great mom thing to do! You're an inspiration Beth :)

  10. Hope you have a good visit with your son and good weekend Beth
    Take care

  11. Hi Beth pleased you woke to a beautiful day , sorry about the lottery. Have a smashing day on Sunday with your son, he is so lucky to have a mum like you. Enjoy, Hugs Sheila x

  12. It's been another fairly quiet week for blogging...even FB was more quiet than usual. My MIL made it back to the Philippines so that's a load off our shoulders right now. I teach today at the church so it won't be a slow day for me today. Have a great Sunday my friend!

  13. Too bad you didn't win the lottery! Oh well, there's always next time. Hey, sleeping in was probably just what you needed. Besides, you don't have to panic so much with your son coming a day later. Hope you all have a great visit. Spring is here (HERE anyway) and if the weather permits, I hope you and he can go for a walk outside before he has to go. You ARE a good Mom to send him home with some homemade goodies!!!

  14. Enjoy your visit with your son. As fir the lottery, I never buy a ticket, since from everything I've seen and read, winning can be a greater curse than a benefit. Maybe that's the kind of thinking that kept me from ever being rich :-)
    Be well,

  15. Mums always look after their sons, my daughter does the same for Craig, but I'm lucky, cos daughters are very good at looking after their mums. One daughter took me out yesterday for lunch, and the other had me over for lunch as it was Mothering Sunday here, I am now full as an egg.
    Thanks for your visits to e Beth, where would I be without you and my other two good friends. BTW I gave up doing the lottery, one can only take so much disappointment without losing the will to live.:-(

  16. Hoe your having a wonderful day Beth.

  17. Drats! Double Drats!! Triple Drats!!!

    You may not have won the lottery this time... but I can feel something in my bones.

    Hehe... Bones, get it.

    Ah, I'm terrible at comedy. Anyway Beth, Jaiden and I watch Bones and we love it! I want Bones and Booth to hook up too. Hehe.

    Even though you slept in I'm glad you were able to do all you wanted. Plans do sometimes change. Change is not something I'm good at.

    Wishing you and your son a special day filled with God's blessings.

    Much love always, Kerrie

  18. Thanks for your visits Beth.
    Enjoy your day.
    Much love always, Ann

  19. It is nice to you had a good night sleep though after that you must have full energy today..
    All mother were spoil our children and they spoil us too.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  20. Good morning Beth,
    I believe your always a winner playing the lottery - fair amount of that money goes to education, and from my perspective, that is a good deal. Mom's and some Dad's always take special care of their children and grandchildren. Trust that the visit with your son was a good one.

  21. Did your son get enought to eat? lol I'll bet he did. I would have been overstuffed enjoying all that good food. I love Bones. One of my favs.


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