It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Isn’t he cute??

My next door neighbors have put a squirrel feeder on the light pole behind my back door.  This little fella has been eating like a hog the few days it has been there.  What he doesn’t get the blackbirds are after.

taken 25 may 2011

Click on the pic to make it larger.  The date on the pic shows 2007.  After being here a year I finally found my other camera.  The battery was dead.  I didn’t change the date when I put the new battery in.  Mystery solved.  I think I have finally found all missing items that I lost when I moved.

The squirrels around front have been digging in my marigolds.  That is not very nice of them.  Last year they kept digging the petunias up.  I don’t think these squirrels are very cute.  Sad smile

It is cold here this morning at 51 degrees, supposed to get down to 45 degrees tonight.  The weather forecast for tomorrow is partly sunny so I am crossing my fingers for that.

We had severe thunderstorms last night and parts of my city was without power.  I was fortunate and so was my daughter and son in law as neither of us lost power.  For 1 & 1/2 hours the local channels on TV were broadcasting the weather’s progress.

What are you all doing for the holiday weekend?  I know that the American Legion at home that Jim was a member of puts flags on the graves of the military.  It is beautiful with all of the flags waving.

Gotta go now.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Stay safe and be happy!!

Red heart  Beth


  1. I, too, love to see flags displayed on holidays! Nothing wrong with showing your patriotism and besides, it's so colorful. Great pic of the squirrel too. Glad you found your camera and it's still working fine.
    Hope your holiday weekend is fun and the weather improves where you are---I think of you often with all those storms in IL. Stay safe!

  2. Hi Beth it's a nasty here today cold windy and drizzle. I don't see many squirrels here in the West Country can be a bit distructive I see. I have nothing planned over the Holiday just a bit of gardening I hope, weather permitting. Take care Hugs Sheila :) x

  3. He is kinda cute. The others need an attitude adjustment. Little buggers. Yucky here so far today. Not suppose to be much better tomorrow. Those flags always look so nice.

  4. Rain here too, Twin and I heard thunder. I hear the alert sound on the TV in the livingroom. I need to get up and see what it's saying.

    I have Erich and Neil here this Friday. Erich's birthday is the 29th but we are having cake and presents the 27th as Neil can be here. We'll all go out to supper. Erich will stay the night. You know how *I* feel about the rodents with the fuzzy tail. Yes, they look cute but picture that tail bare and that's what they are..large rats. They destroy my flower garden, senselessly digging this up and leaving them to die. OK-- I quit. Sorry, That as a rant.

  5. Hi Beth it's chilly here this morning too. Both of my parents are buried in the veteran's cemetery here in Washington. It is a very nice place, almost like a park. You're right, it's very beautiful when they put out all the flags.

  6. Squirrels are cute little critter but they are also big time trouble makers!

    Thank God for the sacrifice of so many of our Military men and women!

  7. He is sortah cute. That cob is almost all chewed off! We are frying out this weekend. Maybe you call it grilling. Keep warm Beth. I can't believe I said that in May!

  8. Those cute little squirels are now over running my place. They have mass produced in the last 3 years since I started feeding the. Right now they too are digging up my potted plants. Already distroyed a few of my tiny sunflower. I don't keep the feed bins full. I only put a little out everyday for the birds. Now it is getting so cold again. It tried to snow this morning. Should expect below freezing tonight. I had to haul all my hanging baskets back down to the greenhouse and wrap all my big pots outside to protect them. Then to top it off the wind is blowing like crazy. Well it does give me time to visit some here. Hugs Carrie

  9. It's something I admire you Americans for, the patriotism to your flag, I wish more Brits did.
    The weather here is OK, not as warm as I'd like, but I'm not happy under 20 deg.
    Bet you were relieved at finding your camera and stuff, I hate not knowing what happens to things.
    Squirrels are cute, I used to get a lot in the garden till they cut down a couple of trees, as there's only one Lime tree left, I don't see them anymore.
    Hope you keep safe from these storms, they sound real scary from what we've heard, over 500 people killed! not good.


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