It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The oppressive heat..

won’t be back until tomorrow.  Then for the next several days we are under a heat advisory.  Summer is returning with a vengeance.  This means more days of non stop AC running. 

I was talking to my next door neighbor a couple of days ago.  I am on one side of her and a couple that is several years older (can you believe it?)  than me is on the other side.  Then directly across (catty corner) from me is a middle aged lady that lives alone.  To get back to my story, my next door neighbor said that she received a letter with her Ameren (utility) bill last month.  It stated that all 3 of her neighbors were conserving electricity while it appeared she was not.  I asked her what she kept her AC on and she told me 70 – 72 degrees.  I told her I kept mine on 80 degrees.  She pointed out to me that she and her husband liked to stay cool and I pointed out to her that her 3 neighbors were all living on a fixed income.    If they can afford it, I say more power to them.

The birds in the nest are barn swallows.  They were in a combative move as I was trying to do laundry today.  Swooping in and out at me like I was out to get them, so I got a very good look at them.

My daughter and I went to the opening day of the Big R here in town today.  I was used to the store because there is one a few miles from my old home that Jim and I liked to go to.  This store is quite a lot larger.

I ate my first tomato for supper last night wit h bacon and mayo on wheat bread.  It was delicious!
Stay cool, stay safe and be happy!

Red heart  Beth


  1. Aw you too with the tomato. I am so jealous. Whatever keeps a person comfortable and they can afford it, I guess more power to them. Never heard of the big "R". Haven't seen any around here.

  2. Hi Beth,
    We are told, we are going to have autumnal weather this weekend. So it is back to the warmer tops etc.

    Hope you have a good weekend - Hugs Nita.

  3. A tropical heat wave I think. Our ac is set at 74. Have a cool night.

  4. We have first sun shining this morning for last two weeks but only 5C..this afternoon would be a nice day if goes up to 15C? maybe after three O'clock ???
    you take care my friend.

  5. I'll bet that mater was great!

    We keep our A/C set at 72 when we have it on, usually only 3 or 4 hours a day when it's really bad outside. With my breathing problems I don't tolerate high heat and humidity very well. On the other hand, the thermostat stays welded on 68 all winter so that's when we conserve.

  6. Oh dear sorry to hear about the swallows Beth. Well it's cool here and drizzle and going to get worse over the weekend apparently. Enjoy your lovely tomatoes that sound so tasty . Hugs Sheila

  7. I'm with you I Keep the ac a bit higher too. I absolutely hate the sound of it!
    I bet that tomato was delicious!
    Blessings, Joanne

  8. only way to try to make you jealous is the tell you my green pepper plant is bearing!!! same weather here too, Twin.
    eat them 'maters!

  9. Your so lucky to tomatoes already Beth. We dont. Some are just in bloom except the people that have them in greenhouses.

  10. Oh and my garden is coming along slow. Tomorrow it might be our hottest day. Around 80. If all goes well I will have potatoes and carrots also onions for the whole winter. If not I guess I will need to buy them.


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