It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Should I?

Wish I could.  Yesterday morning after a little fright with my car (I thought it started funny) my daughter and I went to the Buick/Chevvy dealer.  While my car was being checked out my daughter and I checked out the new Buick Regal.


The Regal in the show room was right at $29,000.  The thought kept running through my mind as to what I could get for a trade in for my 2002 LeSabre  with 80,000 miles.  Fortunately for me the intelligent half of my brain talked me out of that really fast.  Also, the intelligent half of my brain reminded me that this was a white car and I would have to let that baby sit out and keep it clean. 

By this time the service advisor came out and told me that they could find nothing wrong.  They even checked the battery and I had watched them while they  checked several things under the hood.  When Tom (real name) said No Charge I about fainted.  Thanks Tom!!

It is another scorching hot muggy day in Central Illinois.  Will it ever end?  Yes, I know it will and the snow and ice is right around the corner.  I don’t mind the cold but I hate the ice and snow.  Plus, after August comes September, the birthday month, and I have vowed never to acknowledge another birthday.  Ice cream and cake is OK though.

I hope you are all having a great weekend.  Stay safe and be happy!!

Red heart  Beth


  1. No charge? Great man! Glad your car is alright. I too am thinking of Fall and cooler. Cake and ice cream sound good! Maybe an ice cream cake!

  2. Super! No charge is a good thing. Unusual but it happens once in awhile. Happy to hear your car is ok! It's another scorcher today :(

  3. Awesome no charge! My birthday is in Sept too. I want to go out and celebrate then open lots of presents then get sick on cake! yep I am a big kid! My family is lucky that I don't want to hire one of those bounce houses! on second thought... ;o)

    My car has been having some issues so I have been praying and hubby has been working on it to keep it alive til next year.
    Blessings, Joanne

  4. Who was a lucky lass then, ? perhaps you ought to go back there and make real friends with Tom, we could all do with a Tom in our lives, wouldn't that be nice? bet you'll be glad you didn.t get a white car, specially when the winter comes in. good news on your own buggy.

  5. Can't beat that price. Sure glad there was nothing wrong. The cost of vehicles is enough to scare anyone.

  6. Blessings....
    Yeah sometimes we have to let our more intellgnet rational self win or we'd be in the poor house or running from creditors.

    glad it was no charge.....
    peace have a blessed tomorrow, and the one after than and so on...

  7. The Regal is a very nice car. I've read a bit about it as cars are a passtime of mine. I am skeptical of dealerships over several past experiences. I have had the same mechanic since 1984. He has always been fair and accomidating to me so I have stayed loyal. Now I have a car that is still under factory warranty and the dealership is about a mile from my house and my mechanic is 20 miles from my house. The only service that I have ever recieved from a dealership is bad service. Still I'm glad no problems were found. Buying a car can be daunting. White cars and black cars show dirt well. I've had a white car and now I have a black car. Red is still my favorite though. Sorry I started a blog instead of leaving a comment.

  8. I admit to being tempted by newer cars once in a while...methinks that's a human thing. We've got a great mechanic that deals well with us too and that's a treat without a doubt. It's hot today here...very hot but like you I remind myself that winter is a tougher time in many ways. I suppose it's hard to see that when you're right in the middle of various temperature highs or lows. Have a great week my friend.

  9. Hi Beth, Glad to hear that your car got a good report and Tom didn't charge you for the check-up. It is very rare that one hears,"No Charge" these days. :)
    Well, I am not sure when the icecream and cake celebration will be, but do enjoy. Happy cake eating day. :)
    Have a great week ahead.
    Hugs, Dianne :)

  10. Imagine! you have has a beautiful smiles in your face:-) though If is in other stores that you could bought something automatically?
    Enjoy your day.

  11. You're one smart cookie! About the car, snow & ice and birthdays. Yup, a real smart lady!

  12. No charge is almost unheard of these days.Good place and GREAT GUY!! is bad and snow isn't much better..I think of the cold and love the heat better. Hope your week goes well.
    Take care Sis

  13. It is so tempting to look at cars. I'm glad you got all tuned up with no charge. Now you can keep puttering down the road to that day when you get to eat cake and ice cream.

  14. Hi Beth just catching up back from my sisters,. Good ol Tom what a guy news like that is good. Hugs Sheila :)


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