It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Did you ever…

have something happen that brightened your day and left a big smile on your face?  I had that happen to me yesterday.  I received my first birthday present (my birthday is not till next month) in the mail.  It was a hobo bag from my sister Rae.  THANKS RAE!!  I have it all filled and ready to carry.  Note the extra wide shoulder strap.  I love that!!



Click photo to make larger.  These beautiful bags can be found online at  Do check this site out as it has some really neat stuff on there.  In fact, I have already found something to order from there. 

It is a lovely morning here with much lower humidity.  I have the front screen open again letting some fresh air in the house.  Right now the temp stands at 70 degrees F.

I showed you all my tomato crop yesterday and then my daughter told me that my SIL’s brother had given them a sack of lovely huge tomatoes.  I got to share in those and being the good neighbor that I am I took my smaller tomatoes to share with Deb and Joe and Myrna and Don.  Then for supper last night I had this huge bread, butter and tomato sandwich!  It was awesome.

I did some shopping at Bergners yesterday.  They have some really good sales going on right now.  It is really nice having a Bergners right here in town.  Kohls is several miles down the road on 29 which is a road that I hate.  The traffic on there is terrible and there is always construction.

I have already done laundry this morning.  Next on the agenda is figuring out what I am going to eat today.

Stay safe and be happy!!  Have a wonderful day!

Red heart  Beth


  1. Love the bag! Hope you have a great birthday planned---can't wait until our tomatoes ripen some. My son has been raiding the pear tomatoes already---I have to slap his hands before he gets them all!

  2. I love the bag. What a nice gift. I hope your birthday was fab.

  3. Man, am I ever glad that page didn't have camo, photo or fishing gear because THE BOSS would have something else to yell at me about!

  4. Oh, no, I typed too soon! T-shirts!!!! THE BOSS is gonna kill me when the credit card bill gets here!

  5. I LOVE tomato sandwiches! We have been growing Oxheart heritage variety from seeds for years. They are huge, sweet, non-acidic and meaty! The only difference here is that we like our sandwiches slathered with mayo instead of butter.

    You bag is neat! I also checked out Bergner's and have never hear of that store. Researched and found that hey are only located way south of us up here. Every day is a day to learn, isn't it?

  6. So are you going to take the bag and ride the rails?

  7. It is very nice your birthday present a nice bag though your sisters thinking of you all the times
    that I like that very much..
    Enjoy your day and everyday,

  8. Oh I love the bag Beth so pretty and unusual will check out that site. Hope you have a lovely Birthday Planned. Hugs Sheila :) x


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