It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Use it or lose it…

Now how many times have I heard that phrase since I have been in my (shall we say) golden years?  Rae (my sis) and I have discussed it many times on the phone.  We have come to the conclusion that it is an accurate phrase.  You can put your own meaning on this phrase.  If you are young, of course you can think of all kinds of meanings.  If you are a senior it means use your brain and exercise your body as well as your mind.  If you sit down in the recliner or plunk your bottom end down on the sofa will you get up again?  Or will you just sit there and grow older letting body and mind atrophy?  I choose not to do that.  So even on days when it feels better just sitting down I force myself to get up and go.

With that thought in mind I finished the cleaning.  Sitting down every few minutes to rest my back.  Back surgery in 2000 did not cure my problems.  I would advise anyone with back problems to make surgery your very last option.

My SIL’s brother’s wife Val, brought more of those lovely big tomatoes in for me to share.  They are gorgeous and each tomato is huge and juicy.  THANKS!!!! to Tim and Val!  I have pulled my potted tomato plants as the hail storm killed them so I really appreciate the tomatoes from them.

I have to make a Kroger run this morning as soon as I have breakfast.  They are having the buy 10 at a reduced price and get $5 off your order.  I love that sale that they have quite often.  It is when I get stocked up and believe me, you had all better get stocked up because groceries are going sky high.  The drought in many of the states  will cause that.

If you notice the photo to the right of the post, it is my daughter on her first birthday chowing down on birthday cake.  And if you can’t see it clear enough I will post it here and you can click on it to enlarge it.


Remember, if you can, get up out of that chair and go somewhere.  Smile at everyone you meet and say hi.  Betcha get a smile or two in return.  Stay safe and be happy.

Red heart  Beth


  1. I should have said the photo to the left instead of to the right. Sorry, too lazy to go in and fix it. I have to get going here. LOL

  2. We had a Kroger once. A Kohl's food, Piggly Wiggly, Sentry, Cubs etc. Now we have Woodman's and WalMart, and I don't like either.

    Those first birthday pictures are just the best.

    You talked me into it. Going for a walk.

  3. What a motivating post! Yes I know you are right. Exercising your mind and body keeps you going. I agree with you about the groceries!
    Blessings, Joanne

  4. I just hit forty this year and I began to think about age a lot differently...I know what you're thinking but it's true. I value wisdom more than just about anything in the whole world and the only way you can have experience is to live longer and get out there and experience this golden years do indeed have the potential to be quite golden. I hear you with back things...I injured myself years ago in India and sometimes feel it when I'm weary or strain myself. I also have a nerve that acts up when I play the guitar for a long time...those are things about the golden years that I don't like so much.

  5. My aunt used to say to me ( use it or lose it) oh sich wisdom...I miss her every day of my life. She alway's say the silver lining in every thing. Thank you for reminding me to get with it and enjoy life.

  6. The birthday photo sure takes me back to my sons birthday cake eating. I spend too much time sitting, sorry to say. I do have work today, but trying to catch up here before the internet stick kicks off.

  7. Keep exercising the brain and body or turn into well, not pleasant. I best git shopping one of these days to stock up. Have fun eatin those wonderful maters!

  8. Hey Beth,

    I haven't visited in a while. It's good to see that you are just as positive and active as ever.

    Take care,

  9. I think its a good idea to try to keep on the move if you can.

  10. Beth you are so right. I watched what inactivity did to my dad. You gottah do something.
    Miss me? I'm ok. Just very little spare time these days.

  11. I have found that I must keep moving. When I don't, that which I have gained is gone and I must start all over again as with this accident.
    On my way to Charlotte this afternoon, Twin. See you when I get back. xoxox

  12. Dear Beth!
    Wishing you a happy weekend!

  13. Good advise, Beth - both about exercising and smiling. I tend to try to do both every day.

  14. As we getting old( are we are old :-) we must use our body too because we ate three times in a day..
    The back surgery: My best friend has a bad back problems in the 2000 and the doctor,s suggested to her to surgery her back but she doesn't wanted it and she is okay now.
    She has hurt her lower back spine and six weeks
    has been stayed in the bed.

    Please take care!

  15. Beth you are so right my gran was a sitter and hardly ever got up out of her chair. She got fat laughed a lot but I always hoped I would never turn out like her. Good to hear you managed to get some tomatoes yummy. Have a lovely weekend , still having trouble getting on here have to sign annoymous. Hugs Sheila and Wile- e x


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