It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Waiting for Irene…

The following is today’s post from my blogging friend Joanne in New York.  If you have a minute, please stop by and let her know that you are thinking of her.


“I know I wrote that I wasn't going to post on the weekends anymore , but right now I can't sleep and I thought maybe if I sat here and wrote it would help.

It is so quiet right now. Everyone in the house is asleep and even the dog came out for only a second to check on me. He too is sleeping soundly now.

Tomorrow the bad weather will begin introducing us to a very bad Hurricane. The real damage will come Sunday when the heart of Irene will make its debut here.

Today was a beautiful day. It almost gave you a false sense of security. I mean how can such a bad storm follow such a beautiful day?

Everyone is trying to remain cool and confident, but just one look at the empty store shelves shares how people are feeling...a bit scared. There's been a mandatory evacuation of the coastline and it makes me wonder how bad is this going to really be? Outside right now it is so eerily quiet. I am waiting. I hate this wait. It worries me to think of flooding and damage and God forbid people getting hurt or worse.

We managed to make an emergency kit. Years ago my Hubby bought a cool little radio that runs on a rechargeable battery and a crank. I am grateful for that because all of those kind of items have long ago left the shelves of stores. We bought as much water as we could and also bought some canned goods ...just in case. We have matches and a first aid kit. Our phones are fully charged and we brought into the garage the swing and hammock from the back yard.

After all that I am still not feeling prepared. I am praying for all those people that are being affected by Irene right now and in the days to come.

There is nothing more to do, so now I will try to calmly listen to this silence.

                                  The quiet before the storm.”


Jo’s post touched me so much.  My heart goes out to all who are in harm’s way from the storm.  I was happy to see that Boston Boy did a short post to let us know that he was OK and didn’t expect anything serious where he is located.  Prayers are being said for you all!

Red heart  Beth


  1. It never does hurt to be prepared. Sometimes I'm amazed that after so many devastating storms over the years the shelves still get emptied out. I would expect mostly people have things that they need should this happen again. I hope things don't end up being the catastrophe some predict it may be. Somehow I don't think it will be...I really do pray I'm right. God's protection my friend. God bless you.

  2. Yes, prayers are being made for your friends' safety, and for my relatives who live in Connecticut too. The radio may be very useful for your friends' family and the water of course.

  3. I feel for anyone who is affected by this and I do hope it just fizzles out without harming people, pets and property. We can only trust that it'll be OK.

  4. Wish for the hurricanes going slowdown? I try to visit your friends but it is hard to getting her place.
    So glad you has post this other wise you will be very tired from worried about last night.
    Hope everything is okay for everybody.
    Please you take care,

  5. I am praying for those in the path.

  6. Hi Beth. As of 11:55 am on Sunday morning it has been stormy. Wind gusts are at about 45 to 50 mph at the moment. As I was reading this very blog I lost power. That was at 11:50. Obviously it's back on. So far so good but there is more to come. I'm fine and I am prepared. I'll blog about it when all is said and done.

  7. Hi Beth I hope by the time you read this things will have quietened down and you and friends and neighbours escaped without any or too much damage.
    Reading on our BBC news tonight that it has lost much of it's ferocity and is now just a hurricane, JUST A HURRICANE! phew for the damage I see I'm glad it wasn't a full blown tropical storm. I tried your friend's link and was warned off by MacAfee so hope she's OK, Keep safe and thanks for visiting me. Beth. take care

  8. I'm just glad the storm wasn't as deadly or damaging as the predictors anticipated. Power will be restored and the flood waters will recede. Thank God it wasn't as bad as it could've been.

  9. I hope by the time you read this Beth the storm has calmed down, have been watching it on daytime TV. Your friends blog , I do hope they have got over the worst. Stay safe Hugs Sheila x

  10. I hope everything is well with you Beth Marie since the storm and you weren't to badly affected....


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