It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Christmas shopping…

is started.  On Tuesday I was able to get some Christmas shopping done at Kohl's.  Just a beginning but it is a start.

Then Tuesday night the smoke detector beeped off and on all night beginning at 10 PM.  I got no sleep that night.  The smoke/carbon monoxide detector is located at the top of the wall and even standing on the top of my step stool I couldn’t reach it to take it loose.  Come to find out there was a broken wire in there and maintenance came right away and put a new one in, also changed the furnace filter.  Now that is set for winter.

Today I need to get oriented again as yesterday I walked around half asleep all day.  Not a good feeling at all.  I need to get my 8 hours of sleep each night or I am not good to go.

My SIL’s brother is keeping me in lovely tomatoes.  I had bacon and tomato sandwiches for supper last night.  I will be sorry to see the garden season finished.

It is a glorious morning!  It is 61 degrees and there is a nice breeze coming in the front door screen that I have opened to get some fresh air.

I will write more later.  Now I need to get the day started.  I hope it is a good one for you all!  Stay safe and be happy!!

Red heart  Beth


  1. I will have to wait a little for Christmas shopping. Going camping next weekend and have groceries to get for that, among other things.

    Glad it wasn't anything more than a broken wire and that all is fixed.

    Have a great day.

  2. Max's favorite sandwich in the world is BLT! Amazing that a teen would like that instead of PB&J. Enjoy your fresh garden tomatoes and keep shopping. I actually shop all year---when I see something special that I know a family member would love, I get it and stash it. Then, I have to remember WHERE I stash it! HA! Have a great day!

  3. I got frustrated with the detector in the night one time and hit it with the broom to stop the thing. Going with no sleep is the pits. Doing a lot of that lately, no fun. Shopping is not on my list of things this year, maybe later. Still waiting on my first tomato from the roadside stand. sheesh.. : (

  4. Oh no that darn thing beepin all night...I would've got the gun ;-)
    Never too late to Christmas shop I say. Have a good day Beth.

  5. I hate when the detector does that. We've got ours all connected in our house so if one has a beep going on you can hear it everywhere...ah modern inventions! Low battery is what it usually means. We will be out of the county by God's grace so I have no idea what we'll do about Christmas may be pretty sparse this year with that big trip planned but it always works out one way or another. Bless you my friend, have a good day.

  6. Hi Beth,

    Very early for Christmas shopping, I can't begin to think about it yet.

    Have a good weekend. Hugs - Nita.

  7. I have the least shopped for ever Usually I am almost done by now.

  8. Blessings....
    hmmmmm, like me, i get started early, usually when i get sales.

    have a good one

  9. I have to think for "The Christmas time"?
    Now I know why sometime you can sleeps.......
    Have a good night sleep tonight.

  10. Arrrgh!! Christmas? Yikes when does the countdown start Beth? It takes me forever to think on what to get. :-) and bacon 'n tomato sarnies? I should have dropped by much earlier it seems... I'm sure I can smell the gorgeous aroma even now. Now I know what I'm having for tea, thank you my friend. Take care and have a great week-end. xPenx

  11. I too shop all year round for Christmas, go a nice little stash put by already, trouble is I forget who's to get what LOL No fun having a bleep going off all night, when I looked after Barney, a friend's dog, he got spooked when the detector beeped and wouldn't come indoors, till I'd sorted it. I've had a very bad year for tomatoes.
    Thanks for lovely comments on my family birthday.

  12. Wow ! Isn't it amazing how just a few weeks ago it was stifling hot?!I can't even think of Christmas and maybe if I started early like you it wouldn't be so fill with anxiety! After the kids go back to school I think I will start too. Thanks for the incentive! Beth, Thank you for your sweet comment today on my blog and yes, you can use the post.
    Blessings, Joanne

  13. Christmas shopping I usually start in In September Beth. My tomatoes are surely doomed not good at all, too wet too cold for them I guess. I will be sorry to see the end of the growing season , mind you the potatoes are doing very well indeed. Hugs Sheila and Wile-e x


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