It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Saturday, March 31, 2012


I was neither struck by lightning last night nor did I win any part of the Mega Millions.   There were 3 winners, one of them being from Illinois in a little town called Red Bud which is near St Louis.  My brother lives in that area of Illinois.  Sigh…

Now on to more important things such as what I am going to do with this new day that I have been granted.  I should clean, and maybe I will.

I definitely am going to have to do some new television hunting.  My Samsung  TV will be 5 years old in April.  For the last few weeks it has been acting really odd when I turn it on.  It clicks numerous times(for several minutes)  until it finally turns on.  I checked it out on Google and I found that this is a known problem with Samsung.  This just reinforces to me that Murphy has never left me, in fact I think he is madly in love with me. 

I called the lone TV repairman here in town and he was well acquainted with the problem.  He told me it was a quite common occurrence with many TVs.  He said he could fix it, probably for under $200.  Now here is the catch.  I have to deliver the TV and pick it up when it is finished.  The turn around time could be a week or more depending on if he had to order a part.  I am not going to go through all of that hassle.  I will buy a new TV and I will buy it where it will be delivered and set up and the old one taken away.  And that is my rant for the day Auntie.  Why do all of the TV manufacturers  put the el cheapo capacitors made in China in the TVs??  When in the world are we ever going to be able to buy MANY things made in America instead of just a few.  Which leads me to another rant, outsourcing, but I won’t get into that now as that really torques my jaw.

It is nippy out this morning and the temp stands at 42 degrees right now.  It is to be in the mid 80s tomorrow and upper 80s on Monday.  This changing weather is not good for the flu season which got a really late start this year.

I cook on the weekends and today I am fixing spaghetti with meat sauce for my lunch.  I need to close this off so that I can see about getting the sauce started.

I hope you all are having a great day.  Stay safe and be happy!!



  1. OH darn Sis I was hoping someone I knew got rich..shoot. Well anyway if I was doing it I would just get a new TV. Things change so fast fixing an old one just wont last. Cool here too but didnt hear anything about 80 here next week yet. Hope your lunch is tasty! XXOO

  2. Hi, I'm over here from Auntie's blog.
    We didn't win either. My husband went in and bought tickets with 9 of his coworkers.

  3. Hi Beth,

    Our T.V. is full of news about your lottery, next time for you maybe.

    Have a blessed Sunday.

    Hugs Nita

  4. I saw that about the lottery last night, no loss for me since neither I nor my wife got one...the odds were cataclysmic for that thing anyway as you mentioned so I guess no surprise right? We bought a new tv...last year or the year before. It's a big flat screen and it's been a real joy. I hear you completely on the trials of trying to get one fixed. It seems ridiculous don't you think? I expect we'll run this one into the ground then get a 3D one that they've been touting these days when they are cheaper. They do have an amazing picture...even no the bluray disks are amazing to see. Today will be the warm one then a cool down that lasts for some time...not looking forward to that. Have a good weekend my friend.

  5. Torques MY jaw too and I may go off into a good rant about it in my human blog very soon!


  6. Hi Beth, My TV does the same thing sometimes but not too often.
    Yes it is a Samsung also but I love my TV... We have had it for 3 years now so as long as it only does it sometimes I think I will keep it longer... When it starts doing it every time I turn the TV on then I will but a new one.. Love you Beth.
    Happy day.. big hug big smile :-)

  7. Hi Beth - TVs are the work of the devil - along with cars. he he - both are so necessary, yet not fool proof when it comes to dependability. Good luck with that one.

  8. I hate to say this but the TV problem is built in so that you have to buy new things as often as possible. It is called planned obsolescence. It keeps the companies in business and reaping great amounts of money.

    1. I tend to agree with you Horst. Not fair!!

  9. Hooray Beth!!!!! That was multiple rants! Good for you!!!

    Get the new tv delivered, etc.!!!

    Crap from China! Yeahhhhhh....

    Made in USA? Hardly anything is.


    But! You didn't rant on anything controversial. Tsk tsk tsk... You'll have to try again. -grin-


  10. I have a Samsung TV, too, and it makes some kind of noise I can rarely ever hear (thank goodness) that drives Dagan and Leah nuts when they come over. It won't switch back from the DVD player to the TV without shutting it completely off and then turning it on again so it can reprogram its brain. If I am so lucky as to get hearing aids one day, I hope I no longer have the Samsung--LOL! ;)

  11. We have a Samsung plasma hd tv that we bought last October at Sams. I am in LOVE with it. You have never seen such a beautiful picture. It is 52" and it was only $600. I can read the mouths of people in the crowd at a Mavericks basketball game when my son watches it here with me. I have so much fun watching the crowd. It looks like you could just reach out and grab them. I don't care if it quit tomorrow, I would have to go and buy another just like it.

    Our hospital recently outsourced our transcription department yet AGAIN...but this time instead of to Florida, they outsourced it to India. What? We don't have enough unemployed people here???? There are so many people who could do that job here....we used to have our own transcription department. I am sure that those people in India are well qualified, but sheesh....when are we going to quit sending all the jobs overseas and start helping the folks out that live in the good old USA????? This is a really sore spot with me, as well. When I called Time Warner about my cable yesterday, it was an oriental guy that helped me. I am sure he was not here in the US...he was polite and did fix the problem, but again, don't we have enough unemployed people here already???? Doesn't ANYONE care about our country ANYMORE????

  12. Hi Beth. Sounds like you have had a few rough days, with Murphy breathing down your back. I hope you get a nice new TV with a few extra perks from what you have.

    We have had the 4th wettest March in history and it could turn into the 3rd by midnight. The next 7 days are supposed to rain. Temps are in the 40's here in the Seattle area.

    I have a new blog out today. Hope you enjoy it. Beach Gal Bertie

  13. It's so annoying when things break! I made a little change at my blog, but don't worry, your invite is in your email. :)


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