It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hot and muggy…

again today.  It reached the lower 90s yesterday which was about 15 degrees above normal.  I really enjoyed the mild winter but I am not looking forward to a hot humid summer.  The weather forecasters are saying this will be a well above normal hot summer so I best quit complaining and enjoy it.

I am cooking this morning as my daughter and son in law are stopping by after church to eat with me.  Potato salad, BBQ ribs, baked beans and strawberry shortcake with whipped topping.  I have the ribs in the oven right now and the AC turned up high to accommodate.  I should have just gone to KFC and bought some fried chicken.  But then I had these ribs in the freezer and wanted to get them out of there.

No garage sales for me this past  week.  I really do enjoy them although I rarely buy anything.  It is just fun to look and talk to people.

Just a quick hi to you all as I have to get back in the kitchen.  Be good, Stay safe and be happy!!



  1. Aren't the temperatures crazy? Here in Minneapolis we are going through the same thing -- no winter, and above-normal temps already...


  2. It has turned out a rather lovely day here Beth after a cloudy cold start. Have a Lovely time with your family. Hope the day turns out just great Enjoy.
    Hugs Sheila and Wile-e xx

  3. We just had the 90s and then dropped down into the 60s. We've had a very wet spring to make up for little or no snow all winter, I guess. Yup! We have to just accept whatever we are given with the weather, that's for sure. I bless the people who invented air conditioning and furnaces! ;)

    Have a lovely day!!

  4. Dinner sounds great!
    It's a perfectly beautiful sunny day here. In the high seventies with a breeze.

  5. Hi Beth

    Hope you enjoyed your day

    Hugs Nita

  6. Heck yes I expected that place at the table!

    Hot here toi and humid but not as bad as yours.

  7. The heat really gets to me too. I hate to even be outside in the heat and humidiiy. We hit 92 on Saturday, and I'm not sure what today, but I heard it was 90 at one point. This is not normal for us!!

  8. I am not a fan of the heat; never was, even in my "younger years."
    Sounds like you have had some very good lunch company. Ribs and potato salad - two of my favorites!


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