It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Thursday, May 24, 2012

My cemetery vandalized…

vandalism pekin

Photo by ~Josh Bradshaw / Times staff~

“Pekin Police investigators collect evidence in Lakeside Cemetary Tuesday morning following the vandalism of over 100 gravestones.”  Quote from the Pekin Daily Times.

This is the cemetery directly behind me that I take walks in.  On one of the newscasts I could see my building in the background.  This is a huge cemetery and it is heartbreaking when something like this happens, especially so close to Memorial Day.  I can’t think of a punishment bad enough to fit this crime.  And I will not be surprised if these are young adults rather than juveniles.

Since yesterday was doctor day and the day before was cleaning day today is running day.  Hooray!! 

Just writing this post has made me distraught so I guess I will sign off and start running.


adj \di-ˈstrȯt\

Definition of DISTRAUGHT


: agitated with doubt or mental conflict or pain <distraught mourners>


: mentally deranged : crazed <as if thou wert distraught and mad with terror — Shakespeare>

— dis·traught·ly adverb

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Examples of DISTRAUGHT

  1. Distraught relatives are waiting for news of the missing children.
  2. She was distraught over the death of her partner.

Have a wonderful weekend.  Stay safe and be happy!!



  1. Twin, that happens here too with disturbing frequency. Usually not all year long but often enough and like you..I say it's adults. It's a pity they were not reared with some respect for others. Of course one day someone will do that to their grave as well.

  2. There was just a report on our news about brass vases being stolen from local cemetery' the hundreds. I find it so distressing! I hope they find the culprits.

  3. DRUGGED,or Drunk adults is my opinion..just so wrong and sick of them to deface things like that. Hard to believe it. Do hope they catch them somehow..take care XXOO

  4. It seems to me we had something like this happen a while back and I don't even remember if they caught those responsible. It's pretty sick to even consider doing something like this.

  5. I just don't understand the thrill or fun they have doing such things. It really is immaturity at it's highest and I'll bet these idiots think they're grown up. They should be put to work repairing followed by jail.

  6. I love your dictionary section of your blog're....I can't think of a word to describe how I feel about you....can you tell me one for "neat" " cool" that would be more descriptive? lol I don't have a thesaurus. Maybe I should invest in one.

    We had vandals ravage our cemetary years ago, turning over some of the oldest headstones that dated back in the early 1800's....they shattered to was a terrible crime. They caught several young "adults" (I think they were 18 and 19) who thought this was really funny, but they didn't for long. I don't remember what they ended up doing to them, but it seemed pretty severe, as my memory serves me. I think they do these kinds of things when they have been drinking or doing drugs and then dare each other to do some kind of stupid feat. Maybe even an induction into some gang.....who knows....but they ought to have to do enough community service to replace what was destroyed!!!

  7. That is so sad. I hate it when people vandalize like that. I also hate it when people steal the flowers off graves. There are many people who have absolutely no respect for anyone or anything these days. *sigh*

  8. So sad to have the cemetery vandalized.

    You chose an appropriate word for word study today.

    Do you actually run? I had progressed to that point when my achy knees rudely interrupted my progress!:(

    Enjoy your week-end!

    1. No, by running I mean just going shopping, etc. and killing time.

  9. That is just so disrespectful to vandalize graves like that!! Sad that people do it.

    Funny we both posted about cemeteries today!

  10. OMGosh that is horrible!! People really are messed up!

  11. Hi Beth

    How sad and mind boggling, why would anyone want to do this

    Hugs Nita

  12. I cannot understand a lot of the dumb and mean crimes that happen these days. How could doing that bring anyone pleasure. If they were asked to work half as hard as the energy expended on crimes like this, they would balk.

    This morning I enjoyed time with a friend just talking and then going out to lunch. That is always such a pleasure.BGB

  13. I'll bet the little rampage in the cemetery was fueled by alcohol. More useless memebers of society.

    I didn't know you were a runner? What's your best time?

  14. I am not a runner. When I say running I mean going shopping, etc. It is a midwestern term. ;-)

  15. Hi Beth,
    I attempted to leave a comment a few minutes ago, but it didn't work!

    These people scare me! A person who would do something like this is crazy, truly nuts!

    Please stay safe!

  16. Senseless vandalism is just so sad....

    I feel a little deranged myself from time to did some running myself today!!

  17. Very sad this Beth why anyone would want to do this is beyond me. Enjoy your Shopping
    Hugs Sheila and Wile-e xx

  18. How sad!! And pointless! :(

    Have fun running today. Enjoy!! :)

  19. Oh I hate hearing about this...It makes me sick to my stomach. I wonder how they would feel if their parents graves were treated like that. Don't worry Beth, Karma has a way of biting people back!Hopefully it won't take long to get these guys.
    Blessings, Joanne


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