It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Friday, December 6, 2013


The storm missed us so far.  My heart goes out to the ones it didn’t miss.  My sister in West Virginia got the torrential rains and my brother near St. Louis had some icing.  Right here and now in central Illinois it is 16 degrees with a wind chill of 5 degrees.  It is cloudy and a typical winter day although winter isn’t officially here yet.

I have given up on Christmas shopping.  For some reason the spirit has left me.  The fact that the UPS man delivered the wrong package to me a couple of days ago didn’t help.  I had to hurry and put on my coat and hat and go chasing the UPS truck 3 blocks to catch him and exchange the package that he gave me for the one that belonged to me.  He tried to argue with me and did aggravate me so that I called the main UPS number to complain.  If anyone needs that number I have it.  LOL!!

To cheer me up I took some pics this morning of the decorations I have here in my little ‘house’.


in front of my living room window.


sitting on top of my printer


my sister Rae gave this to me many years ago.  It still lights up Rae.


my ceramic Christmas tree from many years ago.  Still has all of its lights.


The light was shining wrong down on the picture of Jim but I like it anyway.  I have quite a few more Christmas music boxes other than the ones in this picture.


My kitchen window is still boarded up inside and out so on a cloudy day like today it is very dark in my kitchen.  I was promised my new window would be replaced within 2 weeks.  The 2 weeks is up on Saturday which is exactly 2 weeks from the time the insurance adjuster was here.  When I look out my living room window and see the devastation around me I tell myself to stand straight and thank God that I was one of the lucky ones.

Have a wonderful weekend all of you.  Do something nice for someone today.  You will feel better and so will they.  Stay safe and be happy!!



  1. Glad you are posting here..and glad to hear you have no ice storm there. So far we are lucky here in Michigan it passed us to the south. The cold is gripping us pretty bad though. Nice to see all the decorations you have there. I am GRATEFUL to GOD that you still have those and your place was unharmed pretty much. GOD is good and you still have your home. Prayers to you always for health and strength. XoXo

  2. Beth, Glad you didn't get the bad storm...we got an inch of snow but more is coming our way...still I am thankful we did not get the heavy ice and snows. I am praying for those that did. I just wish people would slow down on the bad roads...I do not understand why they think they can drive the same speeds as on a good day. Take care stay may have to give gift cards for Christmas...that's what I do. xoxo,Susie

  3. So happy the storm missed you Inger, it is a hard year for many and the spirit seems to be hard to find this year but you have such pretty decorations up and I think they will keep you smiling. I certainly would have loved to see you give that UPS man the what for:) Smile Beth life is good.....HUGs B

  4. Good advice, Beth! I'm taking it. Your decorations are so cheering. Just keep looking at them and they can't help but cheer a person. Thanks for the update on the window. I'll stop asking. Your story of chasing down the UPS man had me chuckling. You go, Gal!

  5. Good Morning Beth, I decided to do a little reading this morning instead of what I should really be doing. It has been extremely cold here. It is 9 degrees without the wind chill factored in. We only got a little snow so we were some of the lucky ones. I like your Christmas decorations. I remember making divinity with my mom. Have a wonderful day and stay warm. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

  6. I pray no one is hurt by the weather approaching them. So far we've miss about anything other than the cold, but they say snow is coming. Your decorations are beautiful.

  7. Your decoration are really pretty. Somehow the excitement of Christmas has left me too. Maybe closer to the time, it will come for both of us.

  8. I love your decorations - especially the snowman and woman! I hope your sister and brother get a reprieve from the weather and I hope it continues to miss you!

  9. Blessings Beth:
    Well it looks like you are in the spirit to me. Ran for 3 blocks, girl you are fast! six million dollar woman! well at least you knew it wasn't yours right away. Yeah if he didn't have the grace to apologize and thank you, I say report him, good for you.

    glad the storm passed you. keep being strong.
    stay blessed.

  10. glad all is well, there. we had freezing rain and power outages this morning.

  11. The devastation in your neighborhood must have happened while I was away....will have to backtrack to find out what happened! So glad you were spared all but a kitchen window!

    I love your little ceramic tree. My grandmother had one like that in the 90's. I miss her. Your boxes around Jim's pictures is endearing. I love that you are still in love with him. I will be the same should my Hubby leave this world before me. He is my life. I can tell Jim was yours. Hugs. And get that spirit back. Don't let UPS take it away!!!! Here.....I'll sing you a Christmas carol to bring that warm fuzzy feeling back......
    "let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me......
    The peace that was meant to be.
    With God as our father
    Brothers all are we.
    Let me walk with my brother
    In perfect harmony.

    Let peace begin with me
    Let this be the moment now.
    With every step i take
    Let this be my solemn vow.
    To take each moment
    And live each moment
    With peace eternally.
    Let there be peace on earth,
    And let it begin with me.

    Now, don't you feel more in the spirit? I hope so. Hugs again!!! So glad you are safe and sound!!!

  12. Beth, I love all your cute decorations. I can see you chasing the UPS man. :) Oh they can make us crazy at times. When it's close to holidays our patience gets thin...not that I have a lot to start with.:) I have been trying to keep a smile on my face, even when it's almost impossible. Glad you didn't get the nasty weather...we have been abit lucky here and I am praying our luck holds out.Blessings dear friend, stay warm, xoxo,Susie

  13. Okay I love your header. Love your ceramic tree. You know I find some Christmases I get more in the feeling of then others. Glad you found your right package. sandie

  14. Beth,
    I found your blog on Country Side Poet. I love your Christmas decorations. They are beautiful. I've been watching on TV about the storms out west. I hope you stay safe and the blizzards miss you. I am remembering you in my prayers that the horrible weather will pass. I hope you have a blessed Christmas.

  15. Your decorations are beautiful. Franklin is showing off our decorations on his blog post today. I will pray that your window is replaced soon and that you have no more trouble with UPS.


  16. Hi Beth! We used to have a ceramics shop in our neighborhood and my mom made a tree like yours. Memories! I have been out of the loop on my blog-reading, but I hope you didn't lose your window in the tornado that destroyed so many homes up your way.

    1. I did lose my window in the tornado and there was a lot of destruction in my immediate area.

  17. Beth, I'm sorry I haven't been around as much as I should have been, you can send me a cyber smack if you want to. I deserve it, I do wish I had your tenacity for blogging, but if I had a few more followers it would maybe make it worthwhile sharing my world, I'm ashamed to say it , but it seems easier on FB.
    I do hope you get you Christmas spirit back, you mustn't let a couple of incidents spoil it for you.
    Hope you get your little house all back to normal, so you can have light in your kitchen.
    I do love your ornaments, I'm quite jealous ! seeing the lovely Christmassy blogs has jolted me into thinking to get out of my rut and start on my cards etc.
    Take care sweet lady XX

  18. Your house is looking very pretty and festive.
    We are getting the rain right now, but it is supposed to get colder and turn to snow.

  19. oh beth i so enjoyed seeing your christmas decorations. i have the exact same green ceramic christmas tree. my mom gave it to me 35 years ago. i did not put it out this year but perhaps now i will!!

    i wish you well beth and i hope the bad weather stay away from your area. you guys have suffered enough!! it so warm her so we are still getting rain but i think that's going to change on sunday!!

  20. Interesting about the UPS delivery. Our daughter's wedding invitations were actually delivered two yeas ago to the incorrect address on our street! Did he think you didn't know your own address?

    It is good that you have escaped the ice that has been moving across the US. We expect a clearing on Saturday before the rain returns on Sunday.

    I hope your window is replaced soon!

    xo Nellie

  21. What wicked weather the south is experiencing! My in-laws in Arkansas are snowed in! I still love those ceramic trees. My one is white with colored lights. Stay warm, it sure is cold out there!!!

  22. Pretty decorations! Love you advice and it is so true. :)
    hugs & blessings,

  23. So many Christmas decorations have happy memories. Yours are lovely. Stay safe, and enjoy those happy times in the past and present. Bertie

  24. Your decorations do look lovely, thanks for sharing them.
    I feel for those people who haven't a place to live or their house is damaged and not repaired before the holiday season...hope your window gets fixed very soon.

  25. We may get snow this weekend. Stay warm and safe. Hugs.

  26. Dearest Twin...I understand how you feel. I am in a similar state of mind. BUT we will prevail and we do have the Lord's help and Presence. xoxoxox

  27. I'm glad you reported the UPS guy!
    Love your decorations. I am glad you have your home and just need a window replaced. It is a holiday season to be extra grateful! *hugs*

  28. Hi Beth, I am happy you gave that UPS guy a run for his money! You are an inspiration friend I haven't even started decorating yet. Happy weekend, Anna

  29. The Christmas Spirit will come - relax. Your decorations are so very sweet. My ceramic tree is dated by the friend who made it in 1972. So glad you didn't have terrible ice storm and we only had a bit of snow. Keep warm!

  30. At least you noticed you had the wrong package straight after he left, but it really pisses me off when they make mistakes and try to turn it back onto us as if we made the mistake. Good on you for reporting him

  31. I'm glad the ice storm missed you but like you I pray for the ones that wasn't so lucky. I love your decorations and I can just see you chasing that UPS guy .. lol. Blessings

  32. I got a nice surprise in my mail today! Not UPS, sorry you had to chase him.
    Thankyou for the wonderful gift Beth. My heart got all puffy. Love you!
    Keep warm. I thank God you have survived many battles and can still chase down a UPS man. HUGS!

  33. I love your little Christmas decorations Beth, so very pretty. Sorry you had to run for the post , hope you got the right one . Enjoy , I think it looks very festive over here.
    Hugs Sheila x

  34. Ahhh I love all your Christmas decorations, maybe that is what I need to do to get me in the mood!

    Glad the storm missed you.


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