It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Clocks synchronized everyone??

The day is here.  It is the big day.  Our friend, Paul, from the Boston area is celebrating his birthday today.  It is also my wedding anniversary.  Our blogging family is joining me in a salute to him at 7 PM CST (8 PM EST).  I will be having diet 7 UP, Carole is having sparkling water, Jenny is going for 7-7.  Your choice of drink is up to you.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all be together in person to celebrate?  Happy Birthday Paul!!

Speaking of being together in person, today I am remembering our troops all around the world who are unselfishly putting their lives on hold to serve and protect our country.  Do you remember me mentioning the young army reservist who is currently serving his 4th tour of duty in Iraq?  I received a message from him last night just about the time I was ready to go to bed.  Yesterday was a bit tough on me as it was the anniversary of my Jim’s death.  I don’t normally mention things like this because life is for the living and that is the way Jim would have wanted it.  I hope this young man won’t mind that I am going to use an excerpt from his message in my blog today.

“I received your message on the 16th of November, but decided to wait until THIS day to reply, if only to... in my small way... commemorate your late husband.

For what little my words may be worth, I give you my thanks and appreciation for the fine example you and Jim set for a true life-long partnership.
How many couples... not just in this generation, but ANY generation... can proclaim a marital bond of FIFTY-ONE years?? Very few, I'm certain.
That's a tremendous accomplishment and although I married fairly late (36), I hope my wife and I can say the same one day as well.
Also may I say this to you one day early, even though he rests in a different and better place now, have a Happy and Peaceful Anniversary tomorrow and God be with you always.”

This message touched me so much!  While we are celebrating our blogging friend’s birthday this evening let us also raise our glasses in a toast to our troops.  May God be with them all.  May the world find peace.

Red heart  Beth


  1. Such a nice message from the young man and our thoughts and toasts are always with ou troops. His statement of your anniversary is, I'm sure, one we all wish you.

    Oh yes, how nice it would be for us all to be together to celebrate a online friends birthday. What fun we could have. Happy Birthday to Paul and hope it's a wonderful fun.

  2. Oh, Beth. Your post is the very first thing I've read this morning, and although I will make it a point to toast Paul at 8pm my time, it was you that touched my heart. With an arm around you and then a big hug, I wish you a happy anniversary as it will always be your anniversary whatever the circumstance. And from reading you from back on WLS, I know for a fact just how in love you and Jim were with each other from the beginning to the end. You both saw it through just as the vows command and promise, and did a fine, fine job of it. Your young serviceman was right when he said it was commemorating your husband, but Beth, this was the commemoration of a lifetime of YOU. Yes, indeed, you are one rare find and how lucky we all are to be in your life.
    Love today and always from me to you. XOXOXO

  3. What a nice guy. My guess is that he and the lucky wife will stick together also. He sounds steady - and a late marriage is often a wise one. And I see no need to avoid mention of Jim in your blog - not moaning and groaning, but the happy things that joined in making you who you are.

  4. That's absolutely beautiful! I hope you don't mind my adding that yesterday would have been my dad's 87th birthday. I can see him now, in his dress blues, raising a toast with Sam at his side.

  5. I will be there at 8PM, beautiful stemmed glass in hand for Paul's Birthday toast. I hope he will for yours and mine come next year.

    That was a dear and precious note you got from your friend. I wish I could hug him for sending it to you. A day to remember, dearest Beth and a loving note.


  6. Yesterday would have been mom's 82nd birthday. I'll be toasting with you all at 7.

    Great note from the young man.

  7. Beth you're such a sweetie! Thank you so much! And thank you to the other ladies as well. I am lucky to have such wonderful friends.

    Beth you show your kindness again by friending one of our servicemwn overseas.

    Nice Beth, nice.

  8. Very touching letter. I'm not a friend of Paul's, but hope you all have a happy time tonight.

  9. Happy your wedding aniversary Beth, your young
    serviceman have a beautiful mind and very thoughtful a message sent to you.

    Enjoy with you all friends tonight as same time
    I thinking of you:-)

  10. Hey Beth....
    I already stopped by Paul's place and sang him happy birthday in words (lol). Happy anniversary to you, may you have many more crowded with endless joy and love.


  11. I was there at 8:06 my time. Darn phone rang, but that wasn't TOO late, was it?


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