It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


and I completely lost track of the morning.  I have been to the pharmacy, Food Depot and Kroger where I spent money at each of them.  I have a Wednesday rant concerning the pharmacy.  This is the second month in a row where they haven’t had the meds needed to fill all of my scripts.  This means I have to make another trip in a couple of days to pick them up.  I don’t like this as I only go to my pharmacy once or twice a month.  This is a huge 24 hour pharmacy and I think they should keep better track of their ordering.  But, this is just one of those small things that isn’t worth getting excited over, not worth the effort.  Not gonna matter a tiddleypoop 100 years from now.

It is bitter cold this morning and very windy.  We had snow flurries yesterday that did settle some on the ground and on the windshield of my car.  I think it must be time for me to start my countdown to Spring.  Winking smile  I don’t do winter well, but since I am not wealthy I can’t afford to live in the south in the winter time. 

I think I have the Christmas present thing all wrapped up and I mean literally.  Today I got gift cards to send to my brother and SIL.  I don’t have any cards addressed yet but I will get to that this weekend to go into the mail on Monday.  I received my first Christmas card a couple of days ago.  It was beautiful.  I opened the card up and inside was advertising and a free coupon to allow me to have a hearing test for free.  Where do these places get our addresses??  I have received numerous pieces of mail addressed to me and to Jim to from businesses at home that I did not leave a forwarding address with.  They all have the correct address for me now.  I guess this is another rant because I confess it irritates me having to shred up all of that stuff.

I made peanut butter fudge and chocolate fudge yesterday.  I have one more candy to make and that is peppermint bark candy.  The peppermint tastes just like Fannie Mae peppermint melts.  Just melt a package of Nestle’s  white chocolate chips in the microwave.  Add crushed peppermint candy canes and spread on a cookie sheet that you have sprayed with pan spray or buttered.  When hardened break into pieces.  YUMMMMMMMMMMM!  Next week I make cookies and chex mix.  The plans now are for my son to come home on the 11th and that will be our first Christmas.  Have to have everything ready to send goodie packages home.

I hope you are all having a great day.

Red heart  Beth


  1. You would think the pharmacy would be well stocked wouldn't you. One of those things that may you go GRRRRRR! Finished all shopping for Christmas with the exception of Jack. Think a kiss and hug will do ;-)? I have a complaint too. I was a WalMart and the did NOT have my dark chocolate KLONDIKE bars. Another GRRRRRR!

  2. What an out and out belly laugh you gave me with the first Christmas card of the season! I've often wondered what goes on in the mind of the folks that think that stuff up for the holidays. Next we'll see new ads with Christmas trees all over them saying, "We know what a grand time you had at that Thanksgiving feast. Now come with us to the grandest party of them all. Ex-LAX! Yes, let us do the dirty work for you!"
    Sorry, I'm a real sicko and you got me going, lol. XOXOXO

  3. Ohhhhh that candy cane bark sounds yummy, I'll have to try that!

  4. Oh wow. That bark sounds fabulous! I will do that for the kids this Christmas.

    I have all the Christmas gifts wrapped as of today. I just have 2 gift cards to get.

    I have had the dealie with them not having the medicine..that stinks! Only a few timers but each time is an inconvenience and as you said...ORDER for pete sakes! Don't they have inventory control? Rant over.


  5. I am guessing that a smaller pharmacy would actually be more efficient. I go to the pharmacy once a month and it is a highlight (maybe THE highlight in a less-than-action-packed existence), with its staff who know me, commiserate over pill prices, and even help me find good deals - my co-pay was cut in half two months ago when they pointed me to a program by which one large drug company shared the co-pay (i.e. discounted it) on high-end drugs.

    Much as I hate crap mail, I find I feel even worse when there is nothing in the box. So I guess, the fake cards are the lesser of two evils, since no one writes real letters anymore - at least not to me.

    And congrats on living in Kroger country - their baked goods - especially cookies are fantastic and their Chocolate Almond Indulgence ice cream almost makes me wish I was back in Texas, where I met it.

  6. Hi Beth.

    I have received 3 christmas cards so far, one yesterday and 2 today, all from friends. One of the cards I received today was from you, so thank you, love the picture on the front. I haven't sent any yet, well only to Kerrie and Jaiden and that was because I included them in the package sent for her birthday. So must at least do overseas ones next week. Well I am at Amanda's and its bedtime so take care - Hugs Nita

  7. I go to any pharmacy to buy my two scripts.
    You made me big smile in my face your first Christmas card was free a hearing test:-)

    This time of year always I get trash letters and donation letters they even put price to from $10 as you said how they get my address?

    Take care,

  8. The christmas song by Tony Benntt that was very nice Thank you Beth!

  9. You had my heart miss a beat when I read that the pharmacy didn't have the medicine you required. I've never ever heard of such an occurance. About your junk mail. Do you ever enter competitions where you have to write you name and address down? Many of those names end up on a big list for everyone to use. I very rarely get junk mail, which I am thankful for! BTW - No packages have arrived yet. I'll make a note of the peppermint bark candy for JL's teacher - sounds like quite the Christmas treat!

  10. far the only pharmacy that hasn't caused me trouble is Kmart their auto-refill it is so nice. Other places are just a pain. Sounds like your Christmas list of baked things is right on target, you are well on your way to being finished soon. Working on it here..making fudge mostly. Have a better rest of the week!

  11. That bark sounds really good, anything candy. I'm planning on homemade pecan pies for the boys/family. Andy had to wait for a prescription at walmart.

  12. That's a nuisance Beth at the pharmist they should get thier act together.I bet you are looking forward to the 11th sound like a lovely family gathering. xx

  13. We get mail addressed to my brothers and neither ever lived here, they have different last names and it's a total mystery how this happens.

    Good to hear you're so ready for Christmas already. Not me, but there's still lots of time.


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