It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

This ain’t my first rodeo…

or my second or my third.  The point is, I’ve lived through a lot of rodeos.  This morning I can feel every one of them.  Smile with tongue out  I set the alarm for 6 so I could get an early  start on the day.  I haven’t been sleeping well lately and have tossed and turned until the wee hours of the morning before dozing off.  This means I am starting my day later than I like.  So this morning I am up at 6 and ready to start the day.  The only thing is, my body is tired. 

Well, enough complaining even though this is Wednesday and has been officially declared rant day.  I want to get a start on some of the spring cleaning.  I planned to yesterday but I ended up going to Walgreens, Wal*Mart and Kroger.  I meant to buy a lotto ticket and I forgot.  I will check and see if it rolled over, if so I will get one today.  My daughter is coming over tomorrow to help me get the curtains down and washed, so maybe I will even wait until tomorrow to start anything.  That means I will have plenty of time today to go get that lotto ticket. 

I noticed signs yesterday all over town of Spring.  The forsythia is blooming and the trees are budding out.  the weeping willows are green and my front yard is still covered with oak leaves.  I looked out my window yesterday and there was my daughter out there raking away.  I asked her what she was doing and she said she was tired of leaves being up to my door jam each time she came over.  I did ask her to stop as it is maintenance’s job to clean the yard.



This is the way the yard looks even after all of the raking.  Click on pictures to biggify them.

I should close for now as I am procrastinating again, which is one of my worst faults.  And that was a New Year’s resolution to stop doing that.

Red heart  Beth


  1. Hi Beth. We have snow still and its melting.
    It does look like spring is sprung around your place and how beautiful that is .
    Have a wonderful day. Good luck with the ticket. Hope you can get one.

  2. Hi Beth,

    It is like summer here today, I have just returned from my home group meeting and we had it out in the garden, it was so warm and sunny. Yesterday, was wet and cold, so no predicting at the moment, but for today, it is gorgeous. Take care and sleep well tonight, Hugs Nita

  3. I guess we have ah few rodeo's under our belts but weren't they worth it all? Weather is changin an body can feel it. Have ah nice day and don't git pervoked if you procrastinate ah weebit ;-)

  4. Hi there Beth, first off I think a bit of procrastination never did anyone any harm.(Can you tell I'm a sufferer myself?) and secondly, I just hope I typed it right... ;-)
    I've been sitting in the sunshine with Bess, it's like a warm summer day here, and I'm lapping up the time with my girl. After the vets yesterday I'm still teary, 'cos they took her bloods and phoned me later with the results.
    Not good ones, and I won't go into details or I'll start crying again, but where there's life there's hope and I am full of hope.
    I hope the lottery ticket comes up for you, I keep trying and it gives an extra lift to the day wondering if maybe my numbers have come up. So my fingers are crossed for you. Take care my friend, hugs from Bess and me...xx

  5. I'm very much a night owl so I'm up too late to ever justify getting up at 6:00 AM...even with coffee. I see some signs of spring around here...mostly a bit of the grass turning green and a few tightly wrapped buds but it's slow in coming along this year...not a single blooming flower to be seen...I'm thinking May perhaps...but then I can get pretty grim when I see low forties still out there in the forecast. I hope you get to sleeping better my friend...lack of sleep is for the birds.

  6. Girl friend, I know that tossing and turning! But sounds like you're getting a good dose of spring at long long last. I have been off enjoying the flowers myself but I didn't take the camera as a friend and I went off to the big city where we furniture shopped. Had lunch at Applebee's too. Yum. Chicken fingers.

  7. Not many signs of spring up here. Robins and some of the other birds have arrived. Too bad the ground is still frozen and patches of snow and ice all over the place.

  8. You have a nice site Beth

  9. I thought the spring times has make you put you on to sleepy?
    I wondering you might need to calm down a bit?
    maybe just do nothing and read a books at the under sun...
    Big Hugs,

  10. My New Years resolution was to stop making resolutions. I too am a procrastinator. I was off today and though I had things to do and I did nothing. It was great. Not so greta when I finally am forced to do what I have to do. OK I'm just babbling now. Bedtime in a bit then it's off to deal with the public in the morning. Oh joy.

  11. When the clocks go forward I find I am weary , it takes a while to pick myself up. Your lovely daughter she is a little gem, leaves yes I know what you mean. ah!!Lovely day here today so off out in the garden to guess what.... clear some leaves from under the bushes . Hugs Sheila take care xx

  12. Hi Beth
    I' Know how you feel things are really baddd this spring,I feel for you!!!!
    Just hang in there!

  13. Those rodeos can be really hard on the body.

  14. Dear Beth, I'm sorry to hear you haven't had many good nights sleep of late. You remain in my prayers. Those leaves do make for a messy yard. When I think of oak trees, my mind goes to that lovely song "Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree", perhaps you could do that so the maintenance crew would hopefully notice the ribbon and the mound of leaves that need to be cleaned. On the happy side, finally Spring is starting to bloom in your neighbourhood. Wishing you a pleasant day! With love and care from Kerrie. xOx

  15. Hi Beth, Thank you for your nice visit. I too am haveing a hard time sleeping some nights also. Hope you are sleeping better dear friend.The weather changing is making my spine hurt more but I just have to keep moving so as not to freeze up haha. love you dear friend take care, hugs


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